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Title: Drifting Innocence

Genre: Romance/Angst

Couples: Yuugi/Atemu, Yuugi/ ??? (means you're not going to find out until later!)

Summary: Atemu feels Yuugi slipping away from him, so he decides to tighten the bond. What happens when he finds someone else has stolen Yuugi's heart?

"Blah Blah"- Talking

Blah Blah – Thinking

'Blah Blah'- Mind Link

So dat there's no confusion on the names, I've decided to fill ya in:

Yami Yuugi- Atemu

O.o;;;;;;; ...and dat's all I can think of...



Yuugi let out another moan as the shadowy figure between his spread legs sucked him harder. The figure played with one of his hard nubs, which caused another moan from the boy. The figure seemed pleased with how he made the shorter moan in pleasure and shake with excitement.

The figure made Yuugi's mind all cloudy and fogged with pleasure and lust that he didn't even notice the familiar voice calling for him from downstairs.

"Yuugi? Are you home?"

"Oh shit!" Yuugi pulled back from the figure and quickly put his boxers and pajamas on. "You gotta get out of here!"

"Aw, so soon?" Yuugi pushed the figure towards the window in which his playmate entered but was stopped when he remembered.

"Shit, ass, fuck." Yuugi cursed both out loud and mentally at his horrible luck. Outside of the game shop stood Jou, waiting for the cross walk. There was no way for Yuugi's little visitor to get out of the window without making some amount of noise that would attract Jou's attention. In other words, he was screwed. "You'll have to hide then. In the closet!" Yuugi hurriedly pushed his friend into his and Atemu's joined closest and shut it tightly.

"Yuugi? Are you up there?" Atemu's voice rang out again along with the sound of footsteps on the stairs.

"Er...Yes Atemu! I'm up here!" Yuugi ran over to his bed, got in, pulled the covers over him and picked up the book on the nightstand next to him to 'read'.

Not a moment after he had opened the book, Atemu walked into their room. "There you are. I thought you had gone out."

"Oh...sorry about that. I guess I was so wrapped up in my book that I didn't hear you the first time." Yuugi smiled sweetly up at the spirit. "How did it go?"

"It went fine, actually." Atemu took off his jacket and threw it onto a nearby chair. "I didn't like the running part though."

"Well, you DID agree to go running in the park with Jou. It's your fault."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm going to go take a shower...maybe a bath." Atemu walked into their joined bathroom before shutting and locking the door. "Oh, and Grandpa went to the store and he'd be back in about an hour okay?" was his response through the door.

"Okay." Yuugi waited until he heard the bath water running and was sure Jou was gone before running back over to the closet and dragging his friend out. "Hurry up." Yuugi lead the figure down the stairs and out of the game shop.

"If you need my services again, just call me okay?" The figure smiled before walking down the street.

Yuugi stared of after him, one thought traveling through his mind. I'm so sorry Atemu...


Atemu on the other hand, was feeling his lowest low sitting in the tub, steam rising and fogging the mirror. He had heard Yuugi running around. Yuugi...

For a while now, he had felt Yuugi pulling away from him. In fact their love life had gone down severely in the last couple of weeks. Atemu noticed it almost immediately and this really bothered him. He wanted to please his light in any way possible but it was getting harder and harder to do. Yuugi wouldn't tell him about it. He refused to tell Atemu what he had done to push him away.

Atemu let out another sigh. His light was unhappy and it was his fault. He had to tell Yuugi something. Perhaps an 'I'm sorry' will help a little...or it could push Yuugi even further away. And that was something that he couldn't risk.

Atemu slowly slipped under the water and began to blow bubbles. It was a strange habit that helped calm him. For some unexplained reason, being underwater seemed to please him. And with everything falling down an ever-lasting tube of darkness, he needed to think long and hard about what action he had to take.


Yuugi decided to stay downstairs and watch T.V. As he was sitting down on the couch he was reminded about his still throbbing, painful erection. This wasn't good considering he wasn't one to jack-off. He preferred to have someone else do it for him. But since Atemu had come home a couple minutes earlier, he wasn't able to come.

Yuugi's reasoning: Atemu was the one who caused this, so Atemu was going to fix it, whether Atemu liked it or not.

"...shit this..." He gave a frustrated growl. "Why can't things ever go right?! Now I'm going to have to put on a show for him so it doesn't look suspicious. Fuck...it..." The last part was said in a dangerously low tone. "...or...fuck him..."

He got up and went back up to their shared room and slumped onto his bed. He was going to wait until Atemu got out the bath before approaching him. The only real challenge about this was whether or not he could get Atemu turned on. Who was he trying to kid? With those innocent, freakishly big eyes of his, he could become ruler of the entire world! And if he could become ruler of the world with them, then he could certainly get Atemu to obey his every command.

Smiling, he laid on his bed stomach first, and continued to plot his plan. Chuckling out loud every once in a while at what he could get Atemu to do.

Oh the wonderful choices!


Yuugi's head jerked over to the bathroom. He knew what happened, Atemu had forgot he put soap in the tub and opened his eyes while under the water. He must have thrown the soap...again. "Atemu?"

"I'm fine...the soap was just being mean...that's all..." Atemu's voice was shaky as he pulled the drain. "I threw it somewhere though...shit..."

"Did it land in the toilet again?" Yuugi held in a laugh as he thought about all the other times they had to fish the soap out of the toilet. Every time one of them flushed the toilet, they'd see little soap bubbles.

"...Yes..." Atemu walked out of the bathroom with his towel wrapped around his waist. "I don't even know why they put it there in the first place."

Yuugi practically starting drooling at the sight before him: Atemu stood in the doorway using another towel to dry his hair while his nicely toned figure shimmered with the lightest coat of water he neglected to dry off. Somehow it made Yuugi's little problem get even worse. He growled silently. He wasn't suppose to get turned on, Atemu was! Wonderful...

Atemu glanced over at Yuugi and caught him starring. "See something you like?"

Yuugi could feel the crimson color rushing to his cheeks. "Um...uh...well... yeah..." Yuugi brought his gaze down to the bed as he felt his cheeks getting hotter.

A smile crept onto Atemu's face as he walked over to the boy and sat down next to him on the bed. "I do believe you're blushing."

"N-No! I'm not!" He began to blush more.

"Yes you are." Atemu took hold of Yuugi's chin and turned him so that Atemu was looking into Yuugi's eyes. "See? You are blushing."

"That's not fair!" Yuugi whined lightly.

"Yes it's fair." Atemu replied huskily. "Everything's fair."

"You're so mean to me!" Yuugi couldn't control himself and hurriedly pressed his lips against Atemu's.

Atemu was quite shocked at what had happened, but that didn't mean he was going to waste it. He eagerly accepted the kiss and pressed his tongue against Yuugi's for entrance; entrance easily gained.

Within minutes, Atemu had dominated the kiss and was pulling Yuugi closer to him. Yuugi grabbed Atemu's towel and was slightly pulling on it, signaling his rising desire. Atemu knew what he was suggesting and starting working on his pajama bottoms. They didn't get very far before they broke the kiss for air.

Atemu starred into Yuugi's eyes. In them, he could see lust, love, and want. All the things Atemu thought Yuugi had lost for him. But maybe that wasn't true after all.



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