Title: Pulsepoint
Author: Amy Fortuna (amyfortuna@yahoo.com)
Rating: PG
Archive: Sure.
Category: First time, Angst
Warnings: I picture an underage Obi-Wan here, but it's really up to you. This is definite slash, don't read it if it offends you.
Feedback: Always, any kind.
Summary: Short sweet mush for Valentine's Day.


The vision has always been blurry, as if tear-stained, but I know what it is -- you in my arms, eyes so gentle, my hand resting on the pulsepoint of your throat, my other hand cradling your head, the floor so cold beneath us.

And I awaken at the point of tears, knowing, knowing each day brings us inexorably closer to that final moment. Still I cannot bring myself to tell you I love you, for the words flash to my lips, then stick in my throat.

Is is merely imagination that your eyes go soft dark blue when you look at me? Or do I see a lovelight truly shining in your eyes?

My hands go cold when I think of a confession; I am so unskilled in the arts of seduction, but I know this -- I cannot let you leave me before I tell you that I love you.

The moment of truth comes without warning; one morning early the words tumble out of my mouth, without a plan, without any forethought at all. I merely turn to hand you something and suddenly I can bear it no longer.

"I love you, Qui-Gon," I say, my hands reaching out to you as you go still, eyes wide. And my confession pours out like water.

"Really love you," I whisper. "Forever-love kind." My arms go up around your waist, and you let me embrace you, your arms coming around me in turn. You lay your cheek against my hair.

"Oh, my Obi-Wan," you sigh, a sweetness in your voice that has of late been so rare. "I love you too."

My lips come up to drown in your kiss and your heart beats hard against me.

I vow in my heart that dreams shall not rule my life, that I shall bind you to me with cords of love, and forever our hearts shall beat as one.

You, Qui-Gon, shall henceforth be my pulsepoint.