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One normal day in Onett, Roy and Fox walked into a café and sat down at one of the chairs. Roy notices a napkin on the table with some writings on it. He says, "Hey look! The last person here wrote a haiku on his napkin." So he begins to read the haiku, which writes:

I came here to wait,

For my cool boyfriend,

But he did not come,

So I got pissed off and went back home.

"OH MY GOD!!!!!" cries Roy out loud after reading the haiku. "Do you know what I'm thinking!?"

Fox replies, "The last line has too many syllables?"

But Roy says, "Lilina wrote is haiku! I'm supposed to meet her here four hours ago! She can't wait anymore so she left! I ruined the date!!!!"

Outside, the two electric mice, Pikachu and Pichu, are taking a stroll through the town. "All right," Pikachu says. "We're supposed to buy new light bulbs. What a waste that Falco had done. He mistaken the bulbs for eggs and cracked them all!"

Pichu says, "He should wear glasses."

"Yeah, but he still claims he has keen vision, jut like all birds of prey. But he's watching too much TV, so eyesight is going down."

"Why don't we go to that store? Let's buy some bulbs there."

In the store, two mysterious figures saw them coming. "They're here," one of them said. "Let's act quick." They beat up the storeowner and toss him into the closet. Pikachu and Pichu come into the store and ask the 'storeowner', "Do you have some 100-watt light bulbs?"

"Yes we have," replies the storeowner. "Wait here."

Pichu notices a big fat cat in the corner, "That cat of yours is really fat and big!"

The storeowner says, "Yeah, he's an expert mouser."

Just then, a mouse runs across the floor and the storeowner tells his cat to catch it. The cat pounces at the mouse, only to slam headfirst into the wall.

"Expert mouser... Yeah right," says Pichu.

The storeowner got the light bulb for Pikachu. "See if it's the one you're looking for," says the owner as he gives Pikachu the box. Pikachu opens the box and takes out the bulb. Then bulb electrocutes Pikachu! But being an electric mouse, he isn't bothered by the electricity.

"How come you didn't get zapped!" exclaims the owner.

"That's because I have electricity stored inside me already, that's why," replies Pikachu.

"Darn!" says the owner angrily. "I should've thought of this!"

The storeowner takes out his disguise, revealing him self as Pix.

"You!" cries Pikachu.

Then the fat cat burst open, revealing itself as Pork in disguise.

"You too!" cries Pichu.

Pix says, "It's time to die!"

The two electric mice quickly run out the store with the two Space Pirates chasing them. They run across the street, running and bumping down anything in their way. Pix sees some bicycles for rental and asks the owner, "I'll rent your bicycle for a while!"

So Pix got onto a bike and zooms after the mice. Pork also rents a bicycle, but when he sits on it, it collapses due to his weight.

Pikachu and Pichu run across the street in panic and Pix is behind them and is firing laser beams. The two of them jump out of the way of a laser beam and it hits a fire hydrant, causing water to burst forth and into Pix, thus changing him into his cursed form, a chicken. Being a chicken in his current state, he isn't able to ride a bike so he crashes. Pikachu and Pichu continue running, but Pork got in front of them.

"Got you!" says Pork.

The two mice blast him with their electric attacks.


After getting zapped, Pork lost his consciousness and walks around awkwardly, and finally he falls into the manhole and a splash is heard.

The two mice see an angry chicken coming after them with a knife, so they continue running. A cow, which is actually Pork's cursed form, climbs up from the manhole and accompanies Pix the chicken. The two mice run into a toy store, so the two villains run in also. They looked around but couldn't find them two. If they have looked closer, they can see that Pikachu and Pichu are hiding among the stuffed dolls, pretending to be one.

After a while, a little girl tells her mother, "Mommy, I wanna buy that Pikachu and Pichu doll! It's so cute!"

"You're right," says the mother. "They're so cute!"

So they bought the two 'stuffed dolls' and returns to their home.


Then Pikachu and Pichu run out the house.

Pikachu says, "Phew... That was quite a run. Let's get back home quick."

In a base hidden somewhere even I don't know, Pix and Pork, now in their normal form, enters it.

Pix says wearily, "Darn... We lost track of those rats. They're too elusive."

Pork says, "True... All those running made me hungry."

"All you think of is eat."

"That's how I get my strength."

They enter the main room and were surprised upon seeing something.

Pix says in amazement, "Tha... tha... ta... that's....!"

Punk tells him, "Yes, it indeed is him."

Pork asks, "Where did you find him?"

Punk replies, "Death Mountain, where else?"

Pix says with joy, "With him, we will have a chance of beating the Smashers!"

Punk says, "Yes, I'm sure of it. It is time for him to take revenge."

Then Punk laughs evilly.