Last Chapter

Captain Falcon and Dr. Mario are hiding behind some crates, trying to escape the thing that attacked them. "I can't believe it's him," says Dr. Mario in a scared tone. "I swear I saw Marth cutting him into pieces," added Captain Falcon.

Suddenly, the crates are smashed away by the thing and it approaches them. CF and Doc made a run for it. The thing bashes around wildly, destroying everything in sight. When there is no more place to hide, CF suggested that they fight back.

CF runs toward the thing and smashes it with Raptor Boost and Dr. Mario throw vitamin pills at it. The thing doesn't seem to be hurt by their attacks, so it knocks them away with its hand. CF jumps into the sky and plunges downward its head using Falcon Kick. The kick knocks the thing to the ground, but its arm grabs CF and throws him away.

Meanwhile, the other Smashers are zooming towards the warehouse. "We're almost there!" says Fox.

The thing had CF and Doc cornered. "Now to finish you both!" says the thing in a frightening voice. Just then, the Smash limousine crashes through the wall and charges straight into the thing, knocking it the ground.

"We're hea to save-a you!" says Mario in his usual accent.

"Are you all right?" Roy asks them.

"Well, just right" replies CF. "But we still have to deal with him."

Suddenly, the lights turned on and Punk jumps down from the ceiling. "You guys are going to get what you've done long ago!" With the lights on, the Smashers got a clear view of the thing. They all gasped, "RIDLEY!!!!!!"

Indeed, it is Ridley. His left eye is like a cyborg's. His left arm is mechanical and his tail has three fingers at its tip (Think Doc Ock from Spider-man). The rest of his body also looks like machine.

"He should be dead!" cries Bowser.

"I killed him already!" cries Marth also.

"But I found his remains," Punk tells them. "So I was able to rebuild him. Now he is going to take revenge!"

Now following my story tradition. Whenever facing a big enemy, this will happen...

!!!!!!!!!BOSS BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!


!!!!!!!!!BOSS BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!

Ridley says evilly, "This is for what happened that time!" His tail strikes forward and grabs Bowser, lifting him up to the air.

"Bowser!!!!" shout the Smashers in panic.

"Don't worry! I still have one free hand!" Bowser tells them. "Koopa Fire-Burst!" The koopa pulls out a Molotov cocktail out of nowhere and throws it at Ridley's head. Ridley screams and drops Bowser to the ground. Link, Marth, and Roy charges forward and stabs his body with their swords, but instead of piercing through, the swords bent! "You cannot cut through my metallic body!" Ridley tells them.

Ridley left arm transforms into a sword! He strikes his arm... I mean sword... at them, but the three swordsmen does a back flip to jump over the strike.

Samus blasts a missile at Ridley. The missile hits him, but it isn't enough to scratch him. Ridley's left arm transform into a gun and starts firing bazooka shells. The explosion sends the Smashers flying everywhere.

Ridley flies straight towards Mario and grabs him. "Now die!" he tells Mario evilly. Mewtwo quickly blasts Shadow Ball at Ridley, making him drop Mario. Ridley swipes his sharp claws at Mewtwo, but he quickly floats up and hits Ridley in the chin, followed by blasting an energy beam in his face. CF and Ganondorf jump into the sky and kicks downward at his head, smashing him to the ground. Ridley gets back up and swings his tail at CF, who quickly jumps backwards to avoid getting hit. Ridley proceeds to pick up a steel piece and throws it at him. Just as the steel approaches him, CF unleashes a powerful Falcon Punch, sending it flying back into Ridley and smashing him into the wall.

Meanwhile, Fox and Falco is dealing with Punk. Punk uses his ninja techniques to create illusion of himself and moving around very fast. "We'll never be able to get a clear aim of him!" complains Falco. Punk starts firing lasers at them, but they quickly put up their reflectors to reflect it, and it happens to hit right back into Punk! Punk collapse to the ground, and immediately, Fox and Falco starts bashing him and throw him out the window.

Ridley opens his mouth and breathes fire everywhere, setting the entire place on fire.

"We're never be able to defeat him!" cries Roy.

"Right!" cries Luigi in fear. "I should've stay home in the first place!"

Samus looks up at the ceiling, "I've got an idea!" She turns to Link, "I need your help! Use your hook shot and grapple the steel girders above Ridley!"

Link did as she said, and Samus also grapples the girder using her grapple beam. "Somebody keep his attention away!" she yells.

Mario taunts Ridley, "Ova hea! Ya big-a ugly thing-a!" Ridley keeps firing beams at Mario, but he keeps on evading it and deflecting it with his cape.

The other Smashers are using all their strength to pull down the entire ceiling using Link's hook shot and Samus's grapple beam. "We might need to give the ceiling a good blasting!" she says. Bowser quickly pulls out his Koopa Fire-Burst and throws it up towards the ceiling. The ceiling explodes and steel girders all fall down. Ridley looks up just in time as the girders all collapse on him. The weight of the girders is so heavy that the floor breaks open and everything falls into the sea below, as this warehouse is built above the sea.


The Smashers walk over to the big hole on the floor and look into the sea. "Yeah!" shouts Samus in joy. "We drowned him!"


Then Luigi interrupts the cheering by saying, "The limousine is broken..."

"Never mind," says Doc. "We can walk home on feet. Walking is good for you."

Having said that, the Smashers walk out the warehouse and into the starry night, towards their home.

Outside the warehouse, Punk gets back up and says, "What happened? Are those Smashers dead yet?"

Then Ridley rises up from the sea. "Whoa! You surprised me!" says Punk. "Did you get them?"

"Grrrrr..." growled Ridley. "Someday... someday... I will get them! Gack!" He starts coughing and finally coughs a fish out of his mouth. "I WILL GET THEM!!!!"







The dog greedily accepts the evil offer so that he can get rid of his enemy, the cat.