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Darkest Before The Dawn Chapter 1 Sheep in wolfs clothing.

Harry woke stifling a groan as his awareness brought back the pain from the last few days. Deatheaters had captured him in the park two days ago after Voldemort possessed him forcing him out of the protection of his Aunts house. Dumbledore had warned him not to leave without one of his relatives.

Struggling to feign unconsciousness and assess his surroundings, he started when a cool hand touched his brow. "I never would have thought you capable of such Slytherin tactics, Mr. Potter." The smooth baritone washed over him in a hushed tone, and he recognized the voice as that of his Potions Professor. "You can open your eyes boy we are the only ones here"

Harry debated for a minute if he should listen to the man. On one hand, he could be lying so that Harry could be aware of the coming of his death, but on the other, the man had never lied to him before. Opening his eyes slowly he was met with the blurry black form of his Professor. "Sir." He whispered hoarsely in acknowledgment, which caused him to start coughing.
Snape frowned when Potter started coughing, biting his tongue to stop himself from yelling at the boy for making so much noise. Instead, he waited for the coughs to stop and lifted the injured child's head.

Harry winced as his head moved; trying to use his arms for support, he found that they where still bound to the floor as they had been when he had passed out. Feeling the cool lip of a vile pressed against his lips he pursed them. "Potter..." Snape sneered not that Harry could see him but he did not have to it showed in the man's tone. Harry shivered and submitted to the potion masters firm but gentle ministrations.
Severus shook his head at how easily the battered teen complied with him, if it had been anyone else; he hoped that the child would have put up more of a fight. Feeding the boy three potions without a fight, he lowered his head carefully to the floor.

If Snape had expected anything from his kindness to the boy, this was not it. Normally vibrant green eyes stared at him glazed and unseeing, and whatever inopportune questions he expected were not asked. Potter just lay there the occasional shiver tracing its way over barely clothed skin. If it was not for the slow rise and fall of his chest Snape would have thought him dead. "Hold on boy, you can not give up yet." Snape whispered which caused the teen to give him a puzzled gaze. "Just a little longer Potter, and one way or the other this adventure will be over for the both of us"
Harry watched as the blur he recognized as Snape left the room. Closing his eyes, he fought the fear trying to grip his heart. What had Snape meant one way or the other? Was the stoic man honestly going to give up his position as a spy to save him? Why, why would he do that, Snape hated him did he not?

Severus sat in his rooms at Riddle manor; they were filthy and uninviting even for him. He fiddled with a talisman about the size of his palm. It was a powerful portkey that would allow him to get Potter out at least he hoped it would. He had never used it before now, although he had made it for just such a purpose when he became a spy. He could have used it when he gave Potter his potions but why give the boy false hope. If it did not work then Harry would give up and he would have to continue with this little charade. No it would be much better to do it when he could end it quickly for the child and then face death himself. Of course, the dark lord was giving him the "privilege" of killing the boy any way, but he would not miss any attempt to save the bane of his existence.

Glancing at the clock on the wall he sighed, he had a half an hour before he played his part in the golden boy's torture. He hoped that Lily's son had half the head on his shoulders as his mother and reacted well to what he was about to learn. Lifting himself from his chair he went to prepare, it had been a long time since he had preformed the act he was about to, and it wouldn't do for him to kill the boy accidentally whilst trying to save him.
Harry lay on the floor biting his lip, Death eaters surrounded him and the were taking turns putting the Cruciatus on him for brief moments as the Dark Lord was watching and he didn't want Harry insane when he died. The pain in his forehead coupled with the pain of the curse brought him to the brink of passing out but they would always stop wait and then start again. After about the third time he could not hold back the scream and the Death Eaters chuckled in delight as it passed his lips.

Snape watched from the back wincing when the boy finally screamed, it was a horrific sound made that much worse by his overly sensitive hearing. Finally, the Dark Lord stopped them and gave him a fatherly smile; he held back the sneer that reflexively tried to come to his lips. "Now Potter I have a treat for you..." The Dark Lord hissed, at the panting child on the floor. He released the boy's bonds and two masked Death Eaters hulled the boy to his feet only to have him fall back to his knees. The Dark Lord smirked, "Bind his arms." There was a sickening crack, as Potters already battered and dislocated arms were bound none too gently behind him.
Harry felt like he was going to be sick from pain, his head spun and the ground seemed to be lurching out from under him. In fact if it were not for the Death Eater supporting him he would have fell. "You should feel honored Potter." The Dark Lord crooned taking Harry's chin and lifting his head from were it rested against his chest. "Not many people get the privilege of dying by the hands of my little black viper." Voldemort gestured with his free arm to Snape where he stood a few feet away his mask off and a strange silverish glint to his eyes Harry never noticed before. "He does not particularly care for the normal activities of his peers, considering once blood spills he tends to get a bit...shall we say lusty." Voldemort gestured for Snape to approach stepping back to allow his "black viper" work.

As he stopped before the two of them, a sneer crossed his lip revealing pearly white fangs where his eyeteeth belonged. Realization dawned and Harry struggled not to panic, this was his salvation and as much as he hated to admit it, he would rather die by Snape's hands...Or fangs rather... than at Riddle's.

Snape watched as the realization of what he was flit across Potters face, but to his surprise it was quickly replace with acceptance. Then Potter let his head drop back to his chest apparently not having the strength to hold it up. The dark lord motioned for him to start and he ran his thumb across the pendant in his hand, kneeling before the boy.

"It has been along time since I've had human blood Potter, yours will be a well enjoyed meal." He spat forcing his weary pray to look him in the eyes, where he found liquid fear staring at him behind emerald green portals. 'Don't be afraid.' He whispered into the boy's mind, occluding them both from the Dark Lord.Harry closed his eye's still feeling Snape in his head; his heart was beating so fast he thought it would burst through his chest. Snape was a vampire, and he was going to feed off him. 'Potter you have to calm down.' The potion masters voice echoed through his head. He felt the man tilt his head to one side, bracing him with his other arm around the back, Snape's cool hand flat between his shoulder blades something bitingly cold against the skin between the man's hand and his own flesh. Harry whimpered before he could stop himself and heard the Death Eaters and their lord chuckle. "Calm down boy, you don't want to die too quickly." Snape's silky voice sent fans of hot air against his neck.Letting go a shuddered breath he wasn't prepared for the pain as Snape sunk his fangs into the tender flesh of his neck. Crying out in alarm, he opened his eyes to find Voldemort leaning over them an evil glint in his eyes.

"Goodbye, Potter." He hissed, and Harry squeezed his eyes shut.Snape could feel the boy tensing up; his breathing was becoming erratic with fear and his heart was pushing the boy's blood through his veins at sugh a rate he feared the child would bleed out if he didn't end this soon. Shifting his hold on the Young man, he positioned him so that he was almost laying across his lap, the hand with the pendent pressed firmly against the boy's lower back. Supporting Potters head with his other arm he took the child's mind and lifted his mouth from the boy's neck. Looking up at the Dark Lord he smiled, and spoke the trigger word for the port key. "Preserver"Voldemort stared at the vacant spot where his Black viper and the 'bloody-boy-who-lived' had just moments ago sat. His features curled in rage and he started hexing the nearest death eaters. "Wormtail!" He bellowed storming out of the torture chamber, with the Rat scrabbling after him.

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