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Darkest Before The Dawn

Chapter 7

Severus could tell that they had left him. He could still smell their blood but it seemed very far away. Without the pounding of heartbeats in his ears or the overwhelming scent of blood, his control returned slightly. Not enough that he would be safe to be around, the second another living thing entered the room he would undoubtedly pounce on it.

Growling under his breath tested the binding charms, they broke easily under his focus, and started to get up. He staggered across the room into the adjoining bathroom. Slapping his hand against the wall beside the mirror a panel slid back revealing a potions cabinet, pulling a bottle from its shelf's he slid to the floor beside the tub. Before he had a chance to uncork it however the sent of another vampire reached him. His mother was here.

Frowning Severus downed half the vile before struggling to his feet. If Dumbledore had been concerned enough to contact his mother she was not going to be pleased.


When Professor McGonagall led them into Snape's quarters, the other four where standing in the sitting room discussing what to do. "This is how you help my son when he is endangering himself and others?" Lady Prince asked entering the room as though she lived there.

"Ahh, Lady Prince, I'm glad you could come. I am sorry but we have never had to handle Severus when he has gone in to full bloodlust." Dumbledore greeted the Vampiress.

"You never asked where he kept is potions for a situation like this?" Lady Prince sneered. "I thought you knew of the precautions he took to keep this from happening. How I ever let him convince me to let him come here is beyond me. When you are so lax about his life and the life of the children he teaches."

"Lady, this has never been a problem before. We had no reason to believe it would ever be one." Dumbledore soothed.

"Half-breed or not he is a Vampire there is always reason to take caution. Thank Vlad this happened while the school wasn't full of students. He could have killed a dozen of them before he regained enough control of himself to return to his rooms!"

::Mother, stop yelling at them. It isn't helping resolve the issue.:: Eileen stiffened suddenly, and a small smirk formed on her face.

"Luckily for you my son has enough presence of mind to make it to his precautionary stores." She said stalking to the bedroom door, and entering. Everyone stared after her in bewilderment.


Severus grimaced when his mother opened the bedroom door. His potion was working but it wasn't enough to keep him from wanting to lung at the scents of those in the other room. ::Severus?:: She asked, as she closed the door behind her.

::In here mother.:: He responded, and she came to him. Kneeling next to him she assessed the damage. He knew what she would find, and shrugged her hands away. ::Most of it has already healed:: She ignored him and continued her examination.

::You will still need to feed, fiul meu.:: She asserted as she helped him strip off is shredded clothing.

::I know, mother.:: He sighed, normally he would not allow anyone to fuss over him like this, but it was his mother. She could have forced him even if he hadn't been so tired. He hadn't been this weak in along time, but it was always his mother who took care of him when he was.

:: Which of these, humans will give you blood so that you are strong enough to go out and hunt?:: She asked helping him into the shower. The warm spray felt wonderful against his cold skin.

::None of them. I will not risk hurting them, should I loose what little control I have.::

::You've already fed from the boy.::

::To save him from Voldemort. I only took enough to be convincing.::

::He is Lily's, is he not?:: His mother observed, leaning against the wall outside the bathroom.

::He is, but his trust of me is tentative at best. I would rather not ask this of him, not yet.:: Severus still a bit shaky on his feet replied exiting the bathroom in his black bathrobe. Going to his armoire he brought out clean cloths and laid them on the bed. :: Besides I don't know if I would be able to stop myself once I started. He still has the protection gifted to him through his mother, but it is very faint. As I am now I don't wish to risk killing or even hurting him.:: Once he dressed he put the head phones back on, not caring that he looked stupid, the sounds of the six heartbeats outside his bedroom door had been difficult to ignore. If it had not been for his mothers presence and the potion he had ingested he would have probably killed all six of them before they knew what had happened. ::If you can get them to leave, I will go hunt.::

::Don't be ridiculous Severus. You can barely stand, even in full blood lust your likely to get hurt or caught. We both know you don't want to hurt any innocence. Let me go and find one of your death eater friends, they may not taste as good, but at least you know that they deserve their fate.: Patting his shoulder his mother slipped out of the room, shutting and warding the door behind her. Sagging in relief he dropped back on the bed, grateful for the extra precaution. He loved his mother, she was the only one who understood his need to protect those around him from what he was. Most vampires didn't care who they killed, if Severus had to kill at all he preferred that they be deserving of their fate.


When Lady Prince stepped into the room she found all eyes focused on her. The concern coming from the six was not something she expected. Especially from the werewolf. Dumbledore stood as she walked towards the door. "Lady, is everything alright?"

She paused for a moment. "He needs to feed. So unless one of you are willing to risk it, I need to find a suitable subject." For a moment Dumbledore looked like he was going to volunteer, but she felt her sons mental stirrings and knew that he had forbid the elderly headmaster. "It would be best if you cut your numbers. Perhaps Professor's McGonagall and Flitwick should leave. Madam Pompfrey perhaps you should wait in your office. It will make it less tempting for him to come out."

"I believe it would be safest if Mr. Potter come with us." Professor McGonagall said as she rose, Fillius following her.

"No, he stays. He is the only one Severus won't kill should he lose control." She felt a warning growl from her son. "The three of you will leave, the Headmaster, Lily's son and the wolf will stay. I don't have time to sit here and argue with you. You called me here to deal with my son, trust me to do so!" Then she was out the door, leaving them to stare after her in shock.

Albus turned to Minerva patting her arm. "Do as she said. I'll call you Poppy should we have need." Looking at him, the woman with clear disapproval on there faces; they nodded and left. After sitting in silence for a few moments Dumbledore got up and moved to the chair that Professor Flitwick had been sitting in by the fire place. "Now then Remus if you would move to that chair between Harry and the door to Severus room." Remus quickly complied, and the headmaster had Dobby bring them up some lunch.


Severus could smell the werewolf stronger then the other scents in the living room which meant that Dumbledore used his common sense and put the wolf between him and the others in the room. Vampires wouldn't normally tangle with a werewolf no matter what form they were in. Being that Remus was also a wizard gave the others a good measure of protection from him should his control slip. Not that he planned on it slipping.


Harry watched the flames dancing in the hearth, questions dancing around his mind.

Fiul Meu- 'My son' in Romanian.