"There is NO way that I'm meditating in a room of pink."

"But the pink colour makes the room look bright and happy, does it not?" Starfire said gleefully.

"A meditation room is supposed to be peaceful and calm, Starfire, not overly ecstatic" Raven said, sighing at the monstrosity that was their meditation room.

When Starfire had proposed that they convert one of the spare rooms into a meditation room, Raven had been quite agreeable. After all, if Robin had a gym and Cyborg had a garage, why couldn't they have a meditation room? The boys cleared out the junk in the room for them and helped with the disposal of cobwebs and other "creepy disgusting earth creatures" so quoted from Starfire. Now it was up to Raven and Starfire to decorate the room, which was an idea hatched in hell considering how far apart and different their designing instincts were.

"Ok then, what about this other colour?" Starfire suggested, and threw the pint of paint at Raven.

Raven caught it, but she hadn't calculated the force of the throw and fell back to hit something hard and…warm?

"I thought you girls were supposed to be painting, not playing catch," said a voice from under her.

Raven quickly jumped to her feet, spun around and saw Robin push himself up into a sitting position. He gave her an adorable smile that sent her heart thumping faster.

Raven silently cursed the betraying blush on her cheeks and the fact that she couldn't hide her face. Starfire had sensibly proposed that they wear comfortable, old, clothes for the painting of the room and the fool that she was, agreed. Now she wished she had the safety of her cloak as it was rather hard to hide her flushed face behind a light cotton shirt and khaki slacks. It also didn't help that the boy on the ground was giving her one of his piercing stares.

"Robin! Oh it is fortunate that you were there to catch friend Raven," Starfire said cheerfully, "What brings you to our new meditation room?"

"I came to see what was taking you girls so long," Robin said, reluctantly averting his eyes from Raven to study the sparse, dark walls of the room. He got up and placed his hands on his hips, "just as I thought. You both are still stuck on choosing paint."

Starfire grabbed a can of bright pink paint and said brightly, "It is too hard a decision to make for ourselves. Would you please choose for us?"

Robin looked to Raven to see if she minded.

"I don't care what you choose, as long as it is not pink," Raven said in a tired voice.

"Alright," Robin said, and inspected the wide range of colors before finally picking up two cans, "you girls should go halves."

"Yellow and violet!" Starfire said, "Oh thank you Robin, they are most wonderful colors!" Glancing at Raven, she asked, "do you like them Raven?"

"They're not pink." She said with a shrug.

Laughing happily, Star hugged Robin; turning him the most peculiar shade of blue.

"Anytime Star," Robin said when she finally released him. Then he noticed that Raven hadn't said anything and put on his most reproachful expression.

'Don't look at him. Do NOT look at him…' she said to herself. She looked.

Raven could feel her iron clad will melt at the sight of his sad face. She imagined that if he hadn't had his mask on, she would have been overwhelmed by the full force of an injured puppy-dog stare.

"You're such an idiot," Raven said with a sigh, rolling her eyes for good measure. Robin deepened his sad frown. "Alright, maybe a clever idiot, but still an idiot."

"Well, better an idiot than a crank," Robin muttered under his breath.

"I heard that."

He ran out the room, ducking several paintbrushes aimed for his head.