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Beast Boy ran to the door, his mouth watering in anticipation. The pizza was here! He flung the door open and was instantly blasted by the cold winter wind that made his hair stand on its end.

"You sure took your time getting to the door."

Beast Boy stared stupefied, at the angry, frostbitten redhead for a few moments before recovering his speech.

"Oh. It's just you." He muttered sullenly.

"Oh yeah, it's good to see you too Beast Boy." The boy replied sarcastically. "Now are you going to let us in or what? I'm freezing!"

"Well Speedy, this is what happens when you insist on wearing that stupid leather jacket during mid winter." A voice said dryly from the shadows.

Speedy fingered the collar of his beloved jacket lovingly, "Say what you will fish boy, but I'll have you know that this jacket is a chick magnet."

A tall, handsome boy dressed in something that bizarrely resembled an Eskimo outfit stepped forward into the light and grinned at Beast Boy, "You know Beast Boy, I think Speedy's got a crush on Starfire. Why else would he be so dressed to impress?"


"Dude, you so do!" Beast Boy cajoled teasingly and barely missed getting punched in the head. "Hey! If it's not Star, then it's Raven!"

Speedy's face went white with terror, "Don't even joke about such things! She'll hear you!"

Smirking at his friend's petrified expression; Aqua Lad couldn't resist but add, "What, you're not…afraid…of Raven, are you?"


Aqua Lad and Beast Boy both snorted disbelievingly.

"I'm not!" Speedy exclaimed and quickly changed the subject, "where are the rest of the Titans anyway?"

Beast Boy frowned, "I…"

There came a petrified scream from behind him, followed by a resounding crash and several panicked whelps. The three superheroes immediately ran towards the racket, powers at hand, ready to battle the forces of evil…

But nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to see.


Cyborg lay motionless amidst a site of destruction. His whole body drenched in blood.

And levitating above him, radiating dangerously with dark power; was Raven.

The three superheroes gasped unanimously with shock and horror.

Then suddenly Cyborg sat up.

Beast Boy screamed.

Everybody jumped in fright. Except for Raven; she just gave Beast Boy a disapproving glare.

"Would anyone mind explaining what is going on here?" Aqua Lad asked calmly.

"Sure," Raven growled, "right after I coat metal man's insides with PAINT!"

Raven summoned a paint can from thin air, ripped the top off, and happily overturned the whole can over a momentarily stunned Cyborg.

The red Cyborg disappeared. And in his place stood a wonderfully butter-yellow Cyborg.

"I see Raven found new canvases." An amused voice spoke from Beast Boy's right.

"Robin! You're blue!"

"Yeah, that's Star's handiwork…" Robin jerked his head accusingly at the giggling alien's direction.

"You guys were having a paint fight?" Speedy folded his arms in mock anger, "and you didn't wait for us?"

"It wasn't really planned." Robin explained. "Besides, Raven was the one who started it."

"Don't even try to push all the blame on me," Raven said, landing next to Robin to pin him with a murderous glare, "as I recall, you were the one who spattered me with pink paint. PINK!"

Starfire squealed her appreciation of the color and flitted around to greet the Titans West with welcoming hugs. The boys tried to evade the alien's paint soaked arms but finally succumbed to her enthusiastic and very persistent attempts.

Beast Boy burst out laughing at the mental image of a pink Raven Then shut up immediately as the sorceress fixed those frightening eyes on him.

"Do you think getting covered in paint is funny Beast Boy?" She asked sweetly.

"Yes!" He blurted out and paled at the realization of his foolish mistake.

Her eyes narrowed and she stalked closer to the nervous superhero.

Beast Boy whimpered with fear and looked frantically to his friends for help, but to no avail. All he got were 'you-asked-for-it' smirks and a sympathetic glance from Star. Then Beast Boy straightened up and lifted his chin defiantly. He was a superhero, no way was he gonna let some testy chick with scary powers intimidate him in front of his friends. Not even if it was Raven.

"Bring it on Raven! I'll take you. Just wait till you'd a taste of the paint master, you're gonna beg me for mercy! HAHAHA!"

With a flick of her wrist, Raven magically transported all the paint cans from the storeroom into a giant pile…right above Beast Boy's head.

"Still think it's funny Beast Boy?" She asked softly.

Beast Boy squeaked.

Transforming into a puppy, he gazed up at her adoringly, whimpering and yipping for mercy.

"Those pathetic innocent puppy eyes will not save you from my wrath Beast Boy."

"No friend Raven!" Starfire stepped forward, eyes gleaming with a sudden protectiveness, placing herself in-between the sorceress and the cowering Beast Boy. "I cannot allow you to hurt Beast Boy. If you want him, you'll have to get through me."

The boys held their breath collectively, all eyes trained on the two female titans. Though no looks were exchanged, the boys were united in their unanimous anticipation of a catfight, Titan style.

Raven gave a delicate snort of disdain and dumped her load of paint cans onto the floor. With a flick of one hand, she levitated a can to herself and another to Starfire.

Armed and at the ready, the two girls faced each other in a western standoff.

Two hot chicks with unbelievable powers, dressed in skimpy outfits of leather and spandex, and lots and lots of wet, slippery paint.

From the look on Speedy's face, it was like Christmas come early.