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Man: If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.

Author - Ongaku
Rating - T
Genre - Comedy and Romance! This is AU! No fairy tale book!
Summary - Miaka is a hardcore man hater. To prove that she doesn't need a man, she tells her friends that she would rather kiss a girl before ever depending on a man. They laugh at her until she finds some random girl and kisses her right on the lips! No, this is not Yuri, so don't worry. M/N pairing!

I Hate Men

Chapter 1

Miaka turned her back to her best friend.

"Miaka, why won't you come?"

"Yui, just give it up already. No is no, and I will not go on some double date with a guy I don't even know!"

Yui's eye twitched in annoyance. "But Miaka, Tamahome is a really nice guy and was looking forward to meeting you."

"Fine, if he's so nice, then you date him." Miaka replied hotly.

"Miaka! Stop that, I have a boyfriend." Yui huffed, but when Miaka still refused to look at her, she continued, "Miaka! Will you look at me?"


"Stop being such a baby, Miaka."

Miaka turned around to face her friend. She had the look of absolute doom. "Leave me alone." Then she ran off towards her home.

But Yui wasn't through with her just yet.

Miaka slammed the entrance door to her house behind her, threw off her shoes and then leaned against the wall and took a deep breath. "Were does Yui have the right in telling me to stop acting like a baby?" she fumed.

"Miaka? Is that you?"

Miaka's head rose up to the sound of her name being called. There stood her brother with a smirk on his face.

"I knew it! Only my idiot sister can shake the entire house just by shutting the door!"

"EERR! Keisuke!!" Miaka growled.

But Keisuke just laughed and walked away.

"I hate men!" Miaka yelled, glad that her mother worked late tonight. Then she walked towards her room to grab a change of undergarments and pajamas before heading towards the bathroom.

Slightly subdued, she started her bath water. 'I should really calm down. After all, tomorrow's Sunday!' Miaka thought cheerfully.

When the tub was finally filled with bubbles and warm water, Miaka slipped in slowly, adjusting to its temperature.

"Ah..." Miaka sighed, "Now this is what I call relaxed." She dunked her head underwater and made a few bubbles, then brought it back up instantly. Pouring some shampoo into her hands she lathered it vigorously and began to scrub it into her hair.

After about thirty minutes of cleaning her body and just soaking in the water, Miaka figured it was time to stop turning into a prune and unplugged the drain. She stepped out of the bathtub, shivering as the cool temperature of the air touched her wet skin. Grabbing her towel quickly, she began to dry herself off so that she could get into her comfy pajamas right away.

Finally after getting dressed, brushing her hair and teeth, she exited the bathroom and made her way to the soft quilts of her bed. She fell asleep as soon as she covered herself up.

Miaka woke to the sun shining on her face from her window. She stretched, climbed out of bed, and walked to her dresser, pulling out a pair of jeans and a green blouse. Today she wouldn't have to deal with Yui and her double date plans. Yes, today was going to be a good day.

Miaka got changed quickly and then practically ran to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"Oh, yum! It smells good in here!" She beamed.

"Pancakes." Was all her brother said, handing her a plate.

Miaka took it gladly and started stacking her plate with heaps of pancakes.

"If you don't watch it, Miaka, you're going to turn into an even bigger pig."

Miaka choose to ignore his comments for once. "Where is Mother?"

"She was at work longer than usual last night, and just barely got home 3 hours ago, so she's sleeping."

Miaka nodded thoughtfully. Her mother was a real hardass when it came to getting her to go to Jonan High School, but she did work hard to make ends meet for her and her brother. Her worthless father just up and left. She didn't know where he was and she couldn't care less.

"What are you doing today?" Miaka asked, taking another bite out of her pancakes.

"I'm off job hunting." He replied.

"I see..." Miaka contemplated what she was going to do today. There really wasn't much she could do, and she was so exhausted from taking exams that she felt justified in lying around and doing nothing.

"Well, I better be off." Keisuke said, as he put his dishes in the sink and headed towards the door. "See you later." Then he was gone.

Miaka finished up the last of her pancakes, then went to the sink and cleaned up a bit. She stretched her arms out again, trying to get the last of her sleep out, before making herself comfortable on the living room couch, flipping the T.V. on with the remote.

"Hum... nothing, nothing, nothing...there is nothing on!" Miaka mumbled to herself as she flipped through the channels. That was when the phone began to ring.

"Crap, better get that before it wakes Mom." Miaka ran to the phone quickly and picked it up, "Moshi-Moshi."

"Hello? Is Miaka home?"

"Speaking." Miaka said quickly.

"Oh! Miaka, it's me, Yui, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go out and do something today?"

Miaka thought about this. It was supposed to be her day to relax, but so far she was just really bored, and the day had hardly even begun!

"Okay, Yui! I was just wondering what I would be doing today."

"Great!" Yui replied happily on the other side of the line, "I'll meet you at the food court in the mall around ten-thirty, then!"

"Okay, see you then." Miaka said, and then hung up the phone. She looked at the clock and realized it was starting to turn nine already. "I've got a whole hour to get ready."

"Yui!" Miaka said, giggling slightly at the sight of her best friend, and waving her hand around trying to get her attention.

"Late as usual, Miaka." Yui said in an amused voice.

"I know, I know." Miaka tried to catch her breath once she finally reached Yui. "But, my mom woke up and wanted me to do something for her real quick."

Yui laughed, "Don't worry about it, I want you to meet someone."

Miaka looked up to see whom Yui was referring too and her face fell.

"Miaka, this is Tamahome. Tamahome, this is Miaka, my best friend."

The young man put out his hand towards Miaka, "Nice to meet you."

Miaka just stared at it. She couldn't believe she had just been tricked!

"Miaka." Yui hissed under her breath, while shoving her elbow into her friend's side.

"Oh!" Miaka took his hand, "I'm sorry, it's nice to meet you too." But her voice was strained; as though she would rather run away than greet him.

Tamahome, however, didn't seem to notice. He smiled brightly as he shook her hand. "I have heard a lot about you from your friend."

"Why am I not surprised?" Miaka mumbled so only she herself could hear.

"Oh, I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"Oh really?" Miaka faked enthusiasm. "I hope it wasn't all bad stuff, knowing Yui and all."

Tamahome laughed, "Don't worry, all the things she has had to say about you have been good."

Miaka grimaced. She hated to seem like such a bitch, especially since he wasn't even doing anything wrong. It was her friend in the wrong. But still, she was really angry this time. She'd told Yui 'no' over and over again, and yet her friend still dragged her out of her home, making her think they would have some girl time, only to find out she had set her up.

"Hey, Miaka." A teasing voice called out.

Miaka turned around to see none other than Suboshi, her best friend's boyfriend. This made it way worse. She could never get along with Suboshi because it was like he had something against her. He just loved to mess with her for no reason at all and she didn't feel he had the right to do that since they weren't close.

"Oh, Tamahome, don't worry about her bitter mood. It's not your fault, she is just cold."

"Suboshi!" Yui cried, hitting him slightly.

Miaka twitched.

"Oh, come off it, Yui, you know you set her up with him to prove she wasn't a lesbian. I say from the looks of things that I win."

A... a... wha...? A lesbian? Miaka thought incredulously.

"Suboshi! I am not setting her up with Tamahome because of that! I just want her to be happy!" Yui squeaked unconvincingly.

Suboshi just snickered, "Sure."

"A what?" Miaka finally managed to yell.

Everyone's attention was now turned on her, and Tamahome looked quite uncomfortable.

"Well, Miaka, what are we suppose to think? You tell us you hate men, and you haven't even once looked at a guy!" Suboshi said.

Miaka's head started to spin, but then a thought came to her. "That's right! All men suck! They're disgusting pigs, all men are dogs, and you are a prime example!"

Yui looked at her friend's face and saw the anger and pain. "Miaka, you can't possibly mean that."

"But I do, I would rather kiss a girl, and be called a lesbian than ever having to depend on a man."

Suboshi then started laughing. "Yeah right, Miaka. You talk all tough, but deep down you probably wish some guy would pick you up! You just don't like guys because they never seem to come to you."

"I'm all talk, huh?" Miaka looked around and spotted a young girl who looked like she was a college student. She figured she would never see the girl again, so she chose her as her target. She gave Suboshi a wicked smile, walked straight up to the stranger and kissed her right on the lips!

As soon as she broke apart from the girl and saw the look of utter shock on her face, she felt bad for doing it to her, but it had to be done. "Don't ever say I'm all talk!" She yelled then took off, back to her home.

Yui, Suboshi, and Tamahome all stood there looking shocked beyond comprehension.

"Wha... what... just happened?" Tamahome stuttered.

Yui turned to him with an apologetic look. "I'm sorry about all this. I didn't think she actually hated men that much. I was hoping she would turn out to like you."

Tamahome gave her a blank stare then looked up to see the strange girl still standing there in just as much shock as them if not more. "What do we do about her?"

Yui turned around and looked at the girl. "I guess we talk to her, and hope she doesn't try to sue or something."

"Can she do that?" Suboshi asked to no one in particular.

Yui walked up to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. "Um... excuse me, miss."

The girl turned to look at her but didn't say anything.

"I'm really sorry about all this, you just happened to be walking around here at the wrong time today. Are you hungry? Let me buy you lunch to make up for all this."

The girl gave her a strange look, as if to say, how is a lunch suppose to make up for this? But she nodded her head and followed her to the table and chairs they had set reserved.

Yui put out her hand, "Hi, my name is Yui."

The girl took her hand, "Kourin."

"Nice to meet you, Kourin, this is my boyfriend, Suboshi, and our friend, Tamahome. The girl who kissed you was Miaka. Have a seat."

Kourin did as she was told and took a seat on the other side of the guys. Yui took a seat next to her.

"I have to say," Suboshi said, "You are pretty calm for someone who has just been kissed by the same sex."

Kourin blinked. "I guess I'm just still in shock." She didn't like him.

All three nodded in understanding.

"Are you going to be okay about all this?" Tamahome asked.

Kourin looked at him and smiled. Now that is what she called a man.

"I'm sure I will be ok." Except that was my first kiss. "It was just a peck on the lips, really." Even if it was the first time a girl had ever kissed me. "Nothing can change it now." Though I really wish it could.

"Wow, you are really strong." Yui said, "I'd probably be freaking out if some strange girl just randomly walked up to me and kissed me on the lips!"

Kourin looked her. When she put it that way it all started to seem a lot worse.

"Um... I think I should go." She said, standing up quickly.

Yui looked at her, a little startled. "But you haven't eaten yet."

"Maybe another time."

Yui bit her lower lip. "Well, okay, just write down your name and number," she dug through her purse and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, "And I'll call you sometime."

Kourin nodded and wrote her number down, then waved a goodbye as she hurriedly walked away.

"I think you scared her." Suboshi said.

Yui sighed, "Yeah, I guess I shouldn't have said that..."

All Tamahome could do was nod.

Miaka ran all the way to her house in tears. She couldn't believe she had just done that. She was confused, angry, and upset. But most of all, she was really embarrassed. It seemed like such a good idea at the moment, but now she might have made a horribly wrong decision. She didn't really want to be known as a lesbian just because she hated men.

Why did her friend have to be such a pain about the guy stuff? Couldn't she just leave the topic of men alone?

"Yui! Sometimes you can be such a jerk!" Miaka yelled to herself. It was a good thing no one was around or they might have called the cops on her. It wasn't every day you see a young crying girl, running blindly, screaming about someone being a jerk.

To be continued...