It really feels good to finally get this story written. I hope I can complete it quickly since I feel so bad for putting it off for so long. However, if I don't have any signs of people reading it anymore I will probably quit after chapter 6.

[Male: So what do you do for a living?
Female: Female impersonator.]

Author - Ongaku
- T
- Drama and Romance! This is AU! No fairy tale book!

Summary - Miaka is a hardcore man hater. To prove that she doesn't need a man, she tells her friends that she would rather kiss a girl before ever depending on a man. They laugh at her until she finds some random girl and kisses her right on the lips! No, this is not Yuri so don't worry. Pairings M/N!

Disclaimer: -Yeah, I don't own it.

I Hate Men

Chapter 5

"Why did you skip our meeting last week?"

Miaka sat in a big leather chair with a frown on her face. A week had gone by and this time she couldn't get out of attending her session. Her mother pretty much stayed away from her the rest of the week, not apologizing anymore but not making any effort to show that she actually cared.

Miaka was angry at her for acting so cowardly despite the fact that she didn't want to fight with her again.

She never met with Kourin again that week, which was disappointing as well but she did go out with her friend Yui just to shop and look around. That was pretty fun, especially since Suboshi wasn't glued to her hip for once. She had asked her why he wasn't there but Yui just sort of brushed the question off, telling her they don't always spend time together.

Miaka was thinking something was up though.

"I wasn't in the mood." She finally responded to her psychiatrist.

The big man wrote some things down on a notebook on his desk as Miaka stared at his name plate. It read – Dr. Juan Myo, but Miaka always called him Mitsukake.

Despite his appearance he was a very soft spoken and gentle man, but Miaka still didn't want to be around him. She didn't hate him but she was just too uncomfortable.

"I can understand that Miaka. Would you like to explain why?"

Miaka crossed her arms over her chest. "No, not really."

He just smiled at her. "Fair enough - Is there anything you would like to talk about?"

Miaka thought about being an ass again but started to feel a little ashamed of herself. It wasn't his fault she was stuck there every day. He was just trying to make the best of it.

"I made a new friend last week."

He put his pen down and moved away from his desk, taking a chair across from her. He had his whole attention on her now. "Oh? That is great, what is he or she like?"

Miaka lifted an eyebrow at his question. She was surprised he even bothered to ask about the gender.

"She is very nice and lots of fun. I helped her move into her new apartment last week, which was why I didn't come last time." As soon as the words left her mouth Miaka immediately regretted it. She had just answered his first question of the session and wondered if he had done that on purpose or if she was just that stupid.

He didn't say anything about it, to her relief.

"That sounds real nice. How did you two meet?"

Miaka faltered, she hadn't thought that far. She really didn't want to tell him the truth so she brainstormed real fast. "I was out with some friends and I accidently bumped into her, making her drop her drink. It was pretty funny actually. We just didn't start out on good terms."

If he knew she was lying he didn't give any indication that he cared. He just continued to ask her questions about her time with her new friend and before long her session had rolled by in no time.

It was the first time she had actually had the time fly by for one of the sessions and she was amazed. She figured it was all because she was talking about her new friend but thought that was kind of funny. Still, she was really glad to be leaving already.

When she got out of the room her brother was there to take her home. She always insisted that she could take herself to and fro but after her big fight with her mother from missing a day she ended up having a babysitter again.

She knew her brother wasn't happy about it either. He would have rather been out hanging with his best friend – Tetsuya.

"Finally!" he said as she walked out.

"You didn't have to wait for me you know."

Tetsuya gave her a look down. "I had to make sure you didn't run off at any time."

Miaka pouted. "That is just rude. Once I'm here I'm not going to try and make the great escape." She started to make her way out the door, with her brother in tow. "Anyway, you can head on home without me. I have to make a stop somewhere."

"Where is that?" her brother asked with curiosity.

"None of your business - go away."

Her brother made a face but said nothing more. He waved at her and turned the other way.

Miaka waited for him to be out of sight before she headed towards her destination. She didn't want him following her. It really didn't matter but she just wanted some alone time until then. She thought about taking the train again but figured the walk would do her some good.

The weather outside was really nice today. The sun was shining brightly and there was a slight breeze. Walking in it put Miaka back into a cheery mood, which was something she needed to be in again.

When she got to her destination she stopped just outside of the tall, white, building and looked up. She hated hospitals. They always made some bad memories come flooding back but she had to come today. She had been putting it off for far too long – visiting a certain someone who had been in the hospital for a few weeks.

She made her way to the nurses' station and asked where she could find her friend. They gave her the room number and pointed her to the general direction.

She walked slowly down the sterile hallways, trying to avoid accidently peaking into any strangers' rooms. Her heart beat was thudding loudly in her chest. It seemed like hours before she finally made it to the correct room number.

The name plate read Kōtoku Bu so Miaka knew she was at the right place. The door was cracked so Miaka knocked on it softly.

"Come on in." said the young male voice on the other side.

Miaka gently pushed the door open and walked in, seeing Amiboshi laying on a bed and watching some sports on the TV. He turned the volume down when he saw her and gave his full attention to her.

"Oh Miaka! It's nice to see you."

Miaka took a seat in the chair next to his bed and smiled. "I'm sorry it took me so long to come visit." She didn't even bother to give him any excuses.

"Nonsense! The fact is that you came at all and I'm glad to see you."

Miaka just looked at his soft smile and felt at ease. He was probably one of the few guys that didn't freak her out, though she still didn't want him to touch her. Mostly because she was in fear of hitting him – which he would never deserve. He had always been polite to her and very respectful of her personal space.

"How have you been feeling? Is the recovery going well?"

Amiboshi nodded his head. "Yeah, they say I can go back to school in a week if everything goes as planned."

"That is great news. It will be nice to have you back in class with all of us. Everyone seems to really miss you."

It was quiet for awhile before Miaka decided to ask about the girl. "What about the girl you saved, is she okay?"

Amiboshi's face dropped its smile slightly at this question and Miaka wondered if she shouldn't have asked.

"Physically she is doing much better but emotionally-" he trailed off as if searching for the right words. "I just hope I can be of some help to her but right now – even though she says she is grateful to me – she doesn't seem to want me around."

Miaka didn't smile as he answered her. "I'm sure she knows in her head how much to appreciate your help. She is lucky to have someone like you care about her."

A bit of bitter bile rose up in Miaka's throat but she kept her cool and then smiled at him.

"What about you Miaka?"

Miaka rose her head up at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"I just wanted to know how you have been lately."

Miaka sighed in relief when she realized he was just being polite. "Um, I have been okay. It's been kind of boring but I did make a new friend and we have a new student in our class."

Amiboshi looked at the T.V. for a split second, probably to check the score. "Oh? Tell me about the new student."

Miaka went on to tell him all about the new student and then about her new friend. Amiboshi listened to her politely but Miaka wasn't sure if he actually cared or if he was just so bored that any sort of gossip was good to him.

After about an hour of visiting him she decided he needed to get back to resting.

"I better get going so you can get your rest."

He just nodded his head. "Thanks again for stopping by."

Miaka waved at him from the door. "I enjoyed it. I will stop by again tomorrow and actually bring you something. I feel a little bad just stopping bad so randomly like this."

Just as she was about out the door Amiboshi called to her. She turned to look at him and saw the serious expression on his face.

"Miaka, are you sure everything is okay?"

Miaka's blood froze. "Don't be silly! I'm perfectly fine!" She instantly felt a little stupid for over doing it but he said nothing more and this time Miaka was out the door for good.

"That's him." Kourin said while pointed to a group of guys standing and chatting under a tree.

Miaka looked in the direction but wasn't sure which one she was pointed at. "Which one?"

Kourin looked a little flustered and embarrassed. "The one with the long brown hair, and dazzling face and-"

"Okay, I get it." Miaka laughed at her over the top description of the guy she liked. She was spending time with Kourin again but this time they were on the college campus. Miaka wanted to get to know more about Kourin so she started to ask her some questions, like who she liked.

At first Kourin didn't seem to want to answer but Miaka teased her and said that only meant she must have a deep crush on someone. Kourin seemed to be really happy to discuss it with her once she got her to jump over that hurdle.

"Isn't he just so handsome?"

Miaka could have sworn her voice just got girlier and she giggled at the thought.

"Oh yes, he is very good looking. It seems his friends are all pretty good looking too."

She looked at the guys under the tree with them, one of them had strangely colored hair but it seemed to suit him. When he turned around Miaka couldn't help but gasp a bit. He had a huge scar on his face, covering his left eye.

"What happened to him?"

Kourin stopped acting giddy when Miaka pointed that out.

"Oh that- well, I don't know all the details but apparently he was trying to help an old friend from drowning but didn't succeed. He got hurt badly in the process."

Miaka's face blanched in horror. "That is really horrible."

Kourin nodded her head.

"Oh no!"

"What is it?" Miaka said in surprise to her sudden outburst.

"They are coming this way!" She looked completely embarrassed. "Oh Miaka, what do I do?"

Miaka patted her back. "Just play it cool."

Kourin nodded her head and took a deep breath.

"Hello Kourin." The guy with long brown hair said with a smile as he casually walked up with his friend in tow.

"Hi, how's it going?"

Miaka noticed how Kourin was trying to keep a cool voice and tried to keep from laughing.

"Pretty good- can you believe what that one professor is making us do?"

"Oh I know! Does he seem to think he is the only teacher in the whole school? I don't know how I'm going to get it all done in time."

They started to laugh and Miaka just watched in silence.

"So, who is this? I have never seen her before."

Kourin went stiff but then relaxed. "She isn't a student- we are just friends hanging out for the day."

Miaka stepped up on her cue and bowed slightly. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Miaka Yuki."

"Nice to meet you too, I'm Cai Pi and this is my friend Houjin, but you can call us Hotohori and Chichiri."

Miaka bowed a bit to Chichiri and he did the same.

"So, why aren't you a student?"

Miaka began to laugh. "I'm surprised you can't tell but I'm just a high school student."

They looked at each other in shock.

"How do you two know each other then?"

Miaka and Kourin looked at each other with nervous looks.

"Ah, well I helped tutor her some."

Miaka began to laugh in a nervous manner. "Yeah! She really helped me."

"Oh, that is nice. It is good to see that tutor and student get along so well."

Miaka just nodded her head.

"Well we better be off, we haven't had dinner yet." Kourin said out of the blue.

"Ah, well we won't keep you anymore."

"It was nice meeting you too." Miaka decided to say once again. They said their goodbyes and then were on there way.

Once they were out of sight Kourin sighed in great relief.

"Phew! I thought my heart was going to explode."

Miaka started to laugh now.

"What is so funny?" Kourin look at her with a teasing hurt.

"Nothing, you are just so cute."

Kourin took this moment to blush. She had never been called that before so it was weird and almost seemed kind of wrong. She felt that Miaka was a lot cuter than her.

"Not any cuter than you."

Miaka waved her hands in protest. "No way! Don't lie."

They continued to tease and embarrassed each other on their way to their new favorite fast food joint.

Miaka was in bliss and so was Kourin. They could forget all their problems being in each other's presence.

To Be Continued.