Collecting the Pieces of a Broken Mirror

' Thought '


Chapter 1: Rain, Candlelight and Tofu Pancakes

It was raining a lot in Jump City. It would be more appropriate to say the sky seemed to be falling down. In that cold night, inside a T-shaped tower, four teen heroes were asleep. A gothic girl, the last member of the team, was seating on the couch, reading. Her legs were crossed, her cloak was thrown away behind the couch, her short, purple hair insisted in falling over her eyes.

Raven took a deep breath, wondering what time that would be. She looked around. The microwave oven's clock told her in a faint green it was already two in the morning.

'Maybe I could read a bit more...'

As soon as she thought that, the living room lights went off. The microwave's clock went off as well. With a moan of frustration, she walked through the darkness-filled room, opened the refrigerator's door and tried to guess which bottle contained her herbal tea. The one she grabbed smelled orange juice.


She drank a glass of juice - 'It kinda tastes okay...' - and went after candles. Raven could not remember where she had seen the candles for the last time, so she spent a little more time than she thought she would. The candles were under the first aid kit, which was behind the alcohol bottles inside a dark cupboard. She took two or three of them, lit the first one and placed it on the table. Moments later its fire extinguished. Raven groaned and lit it again. When she did this she saw someone on the opposite side of the table. This made her let out a shriek and drop the candle.

"Hey, Raven! Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you this much!"

It was Beast Boy.

"It's alright." Raven said, eliminating the tiny fire that had begun to burn the carpet. "But what are you doing up this... early?"

He chuckled. "Light's gone... so the fan went off and my room got pretty hot and I couldn't sleep... what 'bout you?"

She shrugged. "I was reading when..."

"WHAT? You haven't got any sleep?"

"Um... yeah. Something... wrong about it?"

"N-Nothing... I just think you could use some rest." He blushed slightly and looked away.

She stared at him. Was he... concerned? "T-Thank you... I guess."

"You're always welcome... hehe... A... um... so... do you like the sound of the raindrops?", he started, looking at the window and noticing the darkness outside.

"U-hum... I've always liked the rain. Even though this one has lasted for too long."

"Yeah... three days, ain't it?"

"Do you like it?"

"Rain is a beautiful thing... um... Almost as beautiful as you, Rae." He winked at her. Raven almost smiled, but simply looked at him almost incredulously. "I'm serious!" he said.

"Are you?"

"How can I prove it?"

Man, she looked gorgeous on that candlelight. Actually, she always looked gorgeous. And she was always so serious, so brave, so fragile and feminine and yet so strong. She was just so... Raven. The Raven he had liked, or loved, for so much time! He blushed and suddenly started looking at his feet as if they were the most incredible things ever. 'Nah, Raven is...'.

"Beast Boy?" she whispered softly. He raised his eyes and met hers. Her eyes told him she wanted him closer, and he was willing to accept the invitation.

"How could you prove it?", she whispered again. 'Why am I doing this?', she asked herself. He noticed she was nervous. 'Why would she be nervous? Does that mean she... likes me?'.

Beast Boy decided to come closer. He walked around the table slowly, capturing with his excellent vision every move, every curve, everything of her. He stopped, noticing he was so close he could even feel her breath.

"Hi, y'all!"

Cyborg appeared under the doorway. Starfire and Robin were walking down the hall to meet their friends. They were all wearing pajamas, except for Raven and Cyborg. 'Thank you, darkness, my friend! ' Raven thought.

"Well... seems like no one can sleep anymore... no light, no fan, only thunders and lightnings." Said Cyborg

"Yeah... so what are we gonna do?" asked Robin.

"I shall prepare a pudding of lightlessness!"

"Um... Star?"

"Yes, my friend Robin?"

"Why... why don't we all sit here and talk? We could tell creepy stories!"

"Crappy stories? But, Robin, what would be the use of that?"

"He said 'creepy', not 'crappy'" said Beast Boy, slipping silently to the other side of the table.

"And what would be the signification of this word, 'creepy', my friend?"



'I'd better go to my room.' Raven said to herself as she went upstairs.

Beast Boy threw a last glance on Raven before she went to her bedroom. Starfire noticed the sad look in his face.

"What is troubling you, friend Beast Boy? Is there something I could do in order to help you?"

"Nah, Star... it's alright."

"Well," said Robin "Are you guys hungry? I think it would be nice to make some coffee and begin earlier today, huh?"

"Agreed, Robin! Then I shall call upon Raven. She may want some food as well."

What was she thinking? What she almost dared to say? What she almost dared to do? WHY did she almost dared to... it wasn't possible. She couldn't like... oh, well... be attracted to BEAST BOY! After the "Nevermore" incident they had become closer, that was true. But not THAT closer! Even if she had any feelings for him, she would not let them out. It could kill him! SHE could kill him! But.. why was she so worried about him? He was just a boy! A boy with a cute green skin, beautiful olive eyes, great sense of humor, always trying to make her smile, and she always felt like she was the luckiest girl in the world when he was around and.. wait a minute! She actually like him! She had liked him since they first met two years before. She... - Raven swallowed hard - loved him. It was something that had grown inside him, and there was nothing she could do to change it. Okay, then... she would try to concentrate harder and try to keep the rhythm. 'Let's see where and how it's going to end up...'

"Hum... friend Raven?"

"Yeah, Star?"

"Do you wish to join us in our early break of the fast?"

"Star, I... don't feel hungry."

"But then simply join us!" Star smiled when she finished the sentence. She looked so sure her friend would say yes...

"No!", Raven said. But when she saw Starfire's sad look, she added "I won't just join you.. I'll cook breakfast today."


When the girls entered the living room, Starfire smiled at Raven and sat down to talk to Robin. Cyborg and Beast Boy were arguing about the breakfast, as usual. She noticed no one was wearing pajamas anymore.

"Boys...", she started, trying to get their attention.


"Er... boys?"


"I.. um..."


"Oh, well... ". Raven tried to ignore their yelling and fighting, and simply lit another candle to be able to see what she was doing and grabbed the ingredients she would need in order to prepare a decent breakfast. She prepared the stove and started making pancakes, waffles and stuff, but didn't notice a green face watching her closely.

"Dude... whatcha doin'?"

She jumped and almost dropped boiling water on her lap.

"I'm cooking breakfast... for today. Just relax and go play something. It'll be done in a minute," she said in her monotone tone.

Cyborg shrugged and turned his back at them. "At least it's not Beast Boy cooking... Thanks, Rae! I'll live one more morning!" Beast Boy ignored Cyborg's teasing and stared at her when she was looking away. He observed each one of her elegant moves in awe. He would tell her about his feelings one day. But not today... Why bother? He was happy only by being able to look at her, to imagine in his daydreaming. He would tell anyway, but there was no need to hurry. They had all the time of the world...

"Hey, BB!", Cyborg yelled. "Wanna play cards?"

"Sure," he answered vaguely, still dreaming about his tempting teammate... HIS? Yeah... how he wished she was...

After some minutes, Raven had almost finished cooking. She cooked each Titan's favorite breakfast and placed the eggs, milk, pancakes, cereals, waffles and so on at the table. Beast Boy noticed there was no tofu or soy-made food there. A bit disappointed, he went looking for something he could eat without remorse.

"What are you doing?", Raven asked.

"Nah... just looking for food...", he blushed a little, but was disappointed Raven did not cook any tofu. She knew how much he liked it, didn't she? Didn't... she?

"Why? I have already cooked something for you."

"Y-You have? Where is it?", he said as he raised his eyes and looked at her. She was holding a plate and a glass of milk, or at least that seemed to be milk.

"Here it is," she said, giving him the plate with tofu pancakes and fake eggs and the glass containing soy milk.

"T-thanks, Rae..."

"No problem."
"Uh.. where is your food?"

She looked at the table. The others were doing a huge mess.

"I haven't cooked my food as yet."

"Ok, I'll do it for you!"

"But then your food will grow cold..."

"I don't care. We could eat together, wadja think?"

She raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"Is that your idea of a date?"

"Not really... but if you agree, I could show you someday..."

"Now are you asking me out?"

"I... uh... Yeah...," he said as his skin turned scarlet. 'I'm lucky it's dark...' "I'll get your food!."

She repressed a chuckle as he turned his back. 'Does that mean he.. likes me back?' After what seemed to be a second, Beast Boy was back. He had prepared some herbal tea and a tofu thingy.

"I'll have the tea, Beast Boy, but not the tofu..."

"But, Rae! You haven't even tasted it yet!"

"Thanks for the tea."

"Dude! Rae..." when she looked at his eyes he made 'The Face'.

"Beast Boy! How are you able to do the face even in your human body? That is not fair, you know..."

"Hehe, I know! But will you have some? Pleeeeease!"

"Hum... no."

"Oh, c'mon, Rae! I'll give you a kiss if you eat at least a bit of it!"

"One more reason for me not to eat it."

"Then I'll give you a kiss if you don't!"

"Unfair. That is low and..."

While she was speaking, he somehow was able to put some of it on her mouth. He looked at her hopefully as she unwillingly chew the mouthful of tofu. At first, the look on her face made it seem like she was chewing a VERY sour lemon. Then her expression changed: she was liking it. When she swallowed it, she only mumbled a "it is not that bad, after all...".

"So you like it?"


"Then can I kiss you now?", he said as he looked at her languidly.

"No", she said simply as she took a sip of her tea.

"You really don't want it?"

She put her tea mug away, and looked right at him, causing him to feel a chill running down his spine. She was smiling with her eyes. He could not explain how someone could smile with his eyes, but she was! She opened her mouth slowly, teasing him, and when he had his eyes fixed on it, she said...


"THAT is not fair!", he chuckled.

"Define fair," she said as she went to the kitchen sink to drop her plate. Then she left Beast Boy sitting on the couch to eat his early breakfast and went to the others.

"So... How's it?"

"Wonderful, friend! I did not acknowledge you were able to prepare so tasteful aliment!"

"Nice, Raven!"

"Yeah, lady! Cook more often! You're a hundred times better than BB there..."

"Hey... don't expect me to do this often... you and Beast Boy are the cookers of this tower."

"Anyway, Rae, thanks for the very early breakfast!"

"You're welcome", she said.

Then the T-Alarm began to ring. Robin stood and pointed at the door as he shouted his usual "TITANS, GO!"