A/N: This takes place after my second fanfic Hideaway. If you want to see how the spyfam ended up like this read that first. Thanks

Chapter 1

"I'm Pregnant. We're having a baby." These words brought two different reactions to those assembled. One of extreme happiness and the other one complete shock.

The first person to break the silence was Irina "Sydney, Michael. Congratulations. I'm so happy for you." She said walking towards Sydney and enveloping her into a hug.

"Thank You Mom"

"So Sweetheart" Irina said pulling away to look her in the eye. "How many months gone are you?"

"A little over 3 months. The baby's due at the beginning of May"

"Mom?" Vaughn noticed the silence coming from her, the look on her face totally opposite to the one of Sydney's parents who were hugging her so hard. "Are you okay?"

"Not really Michael. This is my first grandchild, but yet it is with someone from family who destroyed us."

"Look" Irina pointedly said "You may have a problem with me, but you do not need to place them feelings onto Sydney. She should not be blamed from what I have done. She had no control over who her parents are."

"But why are you so happy about this child, this bond that know pulls our families together"

"The child's parentage shouldn't affect your feelings. This is mine first grandchild and yes I am ecstatic. I never had the chance to watch my daughter's grow up, something which I regret so much but with this child I will have the chance to."

"And what a great role model you will be. What are you going to teach it. 101 ways to screw over a country or how to set up your own terrorist orginastion"

"Mom, stop it, it's enough. Can't you just be happy for me, for us. Is there anyway you can manage that?"

"There is a way. You have nothing to do with her." Claudia shot a look at Irina

Jack had stayed silent though the slinging of words but enough was enough it was time to speak out. "Claudia enough is enough for the moment. If you don't mind leaving I would like to speak to my daughter alone."

During the squabbling Jack had noticed Sydney getting paler and paler. The stress getting to her, and he just wanted to protect her."

"Fine" Claudia said before stalking off.

Vaughn swept Sydney into her arms. "I'm so sorry for what she said, you don't have to do what she says. Given time she might come around."

"But I thought it might improve things" Sydney started to sob.