The fifth and a half element

Written by: Me!

Rated: PG

Category: Movie Fanfic

Summary: Leloo and Korbon have a child. But after that child's birth their worlds get turned upside down....


It was the end of their story according to the world. But to Korbon Dallas and his newly wed wife Leloo, it was merely the beginning. They wed exactly three months after Leloo saved the world and one year later, they had a baby girl.

Alyx was the perfect child. She was quiet, patient and beautiful. She had her mother's hair color and her eye color and she had her fathers smile. Things seemed to be going perfect for this little happy family.

But when Alyx turned five Leloo became deathly ill. She could hardly move and every time she inhaled she hurt herself. After two days of this the priests came and took her away.

'Korbon was holding her hand. "Go home Cornelius. I'll take her to a doctor, she'll be fine." He said sadly rubbing the top of her hand with this thumb. She slowly opened her eyes and looked to her daughter who was sitting on the floor looking at her mother.

"No, no, no. Korbon. We must take her back. He time here is up- if we don't then next time the evil returns then the world will end." The priest looked at Alyx. "She could have died giving birth to your daughter- now she will die if we don't take her." Alyx looked up to her mother.

"Mommy?" She asked quietly. The little girl was now standing and looking at her mother. Korbon took his daughter and picked her up.

"Come on Alyx, you need to go to your room and play." He said sadly. He carried her off to her room down the hall. When he returned- Leloo was gone. That was the last he saw of her.

When Alyx was eight Korbon started noticing that she could lift as heavy loads as him, she could understand other languages and she could run faster than other children her age. When she was ten Korbon took her to see Priest Cornelius.

"Korbon-" The priest said two days later. "You don't understand what you and Leloo have done." He paused and looked into Alex's eyes- then stood and looked to Korbon. "Alyx is a half-element. She has all the power Leloo had." He took a step closer to Korbon. "I need to take her and raise her from here on. She is now no longer your responsibility."

The last thing Alyx was told from her father was "Alyx, will you go talk to David for a minute? I'll be there in a minute or two."