Chapter Two

Korbon and Ruby stood together on the roof of Ruby's apartment. They stood in silence, Ruby not daring to say a word to Korbon. As they sat there he studied his friends face. Korbon had grown older, his hair was a light shade of white and his face was full of deepening wrinkles. His blue eyes looked crystal as he looked out over the city.

"Korbon my man? What are we gonna do?" Rudy asked shakily, hoping that he wouldn't get another beating for speaking out of term, as was customary for this friendship. Korbon looked to his friend, who was dressed in a purple jumpsuit with matching hair and a flamboyant hat.

"She's old enough to know what she wants or needs to do. I can't stop her." He said slowly and boldly, but then exhaled sharply and looked down. "But I can't loose my baby girl." He added sadly, slowly looking up to his friend.

"Well, uh, the priest kinda wants her too, but like man, he was way over protective." Rudy added pulling out a box of cigarettes, a habit he decided might be beneficial after all. "Cigarette?" He offered Korbon, who shook his head in disgust. "So, what are we gonna do?" Rudy asked lighting the death stick trapped between his lips.

"I'm gonna go to the Princess." Korbon said smiling and running off of the roof and back into Rudy's apartment. Rudy stood there, taking a deep breath of his cigarette and then contemplating what Korbon just said.

"The princess…the princess…THE WHAT?" He asked running off after Korbon, who was running around the apartment grabbing the stuff he needed to get on a ship. "Korbon! Korbon!" He shouted, getting his attention.

"What?" Korbon asked opening a drawer and pulling out their passports and a gun. Ever since Leeloo and Alyx left Korbon moved in with Rudy. Not for the company, but more for the nice place to live and the amusement.

"We- no hold up." Rudy said taking another breath of his cigarette. "We are gonna go see the princess who hates us BOTH very much so we can go get your daughter." He said.

"uhhhh…" Korbon said loading the gun. "Yeah."

"Oh ok. We'll I get packing then." Rudy said shaking his head and twitching as he walked, Korbon laughed as he watched him have his mini panic attack.


"Jaron!" Alyx said embracing her friend. He then smiled at her and touched her fire colored hair with a small smile on his face. She looked back up at him. "You look great!" She said laughing.

"So do you!" He said happily, then leaned in and kissed her. "I miss sneaking away with you." He said with a wink. Alyx blushed and then tucked her hair back and into a ponytail.

"I miss that too." She whispered devilishly. "Cornelious still doesn't know!" She added with a laugh, then looked around cautiously. "Lets hurry and get on the plane before anyone finds out where I am."

Jaron laughed. "Still running from authority?"

"And always packin." She added with a smile, then they kissed again.

"I'm glad you decided to go to my home world with me." He said. "You'll love my mother, and my grandmother, the princess is the most amazing woman you'll ever meet. She'll adore you…as long as you don't tell her your fathers name…"

"What did my father do to make her so angry?" Alyx asked looking to Jaron.

Jaron paused then looked to Alyx and quietly said. "The diva, was my aunt. And when she died about seventeen years ago, my mother blamed it on your father, even though he was the one that saved humanity." He said. "She's very unforgiving towards hatred towards her family."

"Oh." Alyx said sadly, looking around and suddenly wishing her father was there too. She remembered him, vaguely. And then after his appearance a short while ago she missed him more and more. "Damn the priest." She said under her breath as they boarded the ship together, hoping to never see earth again.