Timeline: About a month after the end of the movie...

Summary: Gracie tells Harry some big news...

Grace stared at the plaque. Engraved upon it were words which she had read a thousand times in the past few weeks. Truman had suggested that they erect it at Cape Canaveral, by the Apollo 1 plaque that Grace and Harry had met at. Her fingers traced over the indents.

She couldn't help visiting the spot everyday. Everyday, at dawn, she would walk out to the memorial, she'd sit down in front of it, and she'd stay there all day until AJ came to find her. She'd talk to her father about her day and he'd listen like he never had before. Today, she had something very important to tell him.

"Hi, Harry," Grace said, "I have something to tell you. Some good news...well, on second thought, it might be better that you're dead when you here this--for AJ's sake anyways--I don't exactly need you killing the father of my baby...now do I? Yeah, I know...it's boy. I want to name him after you...I love you, Dad..."

She missed her father very much but she knew he wouldn't want her to spend her life regretting what happened. He wouldn't want her thinking that it was her fault just like he wouldn't want AJ to wish it had been himself. But Grace knew that sometimes, late at night, AJ had nightmares about his time up there...that he blamed himself...

"Gracie, we should go," AJ tugged at her hand softly.

"I know..." Grace replied. She turned and followed her new husband to their car. She turned around and gave one last look at the old, burned out launch tower and smiled. Harry would be proud...

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