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7.05 AM

"But sister, I do not understand why you insist on my coming to school on a Saturday," A tall, petite red head asked, brows furrowed as she leaned her head in through the window of a jet black sports car.

"Star, Star, Star," A girl replied shaking her head, her feminine voice somewhat regal and sexy at the same time. The red head cringed, she hated that nickname... "This is what happens to the naughty rule breaking kids,"

"But I am not—"

"See, already, giving back talk to your superiors," The pretty black haired girl shook her head. The red head looked on incredulously, green eyes sparking with anger.

"You are not my—"

"And yet, I am, fancy that," 'Star' growled in her throat. "Prettier, smarter, stronger, bigger," She ticked them off on her perfectly manicured fingers, "Oh yeah, Mom and Dad liked me better too..." She replied, as though it was an afterthought. This seemed to hit a nerve with the red head.

"Mother and Father did not like you more! They did not choose favorites!"

"Touchy... but I suppose denial is all part of acceptance."

"I am not in denial! You will take back your comment on Mothe—"

"Oh sis, love to chat, but look at the time," The black haired girl looked at her sister smugly, "You've got detention, and I've got a date to meet," She said, almost gloatingly.

"You have yet to apologize!!! And I do not recall receiving a slip for this de—" But it was too late, the wheels of the sports car screeched on the asphalt and with a mocking wave and goodbye kiss, her sister was gone.

Eyes angry, the red head clenched her fists, shaking with rage. Finally she sucked in a deep breath, exhaling slowly. Feeling a bit calmer, she stormed up the stairs. Not noticing the black haired boy who rolled his eyes as he stuck his helmet on his motorcycle and fixed his hair. Sticking his hands in his pockets, he followed carelessly up the stairs.

7.08 AM

"Garfield!" A high- pitched, middle- aged woman yelled.

"Ow! I'm right here Mom," Garfield groaned agitatedly.

"Well, clearly you need to learn how to listen seeing as you apparently can't do it in class!" She screeched, Garfield grit his teeth and resisted the urge to cover his ears, considering his Moms voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard when she was angry.

"I know how to listen, I just don't understand how to do the proble—"

"Don't you lie to me young man! No son of mine is stupid enough to not get Pre-Calculus." Garfield sunk low in his chair, eyes angry and despondent, arms crossed fiercely.

"Gee thanks Mom..." He muttered, blinking away a hot tear he felt prickling at his green eyes. She didn't appear to hear.

"A son of two genetic scientists and you can't even do simple math!"

"It's not simple Mom! It's Pre Cal! It's hard!"

"Don't you raise your voice at me young man!"

"He doesn't even teach us! He just tells us to—"

"Blaming the teacher now are we! Besides, he shouldn't have to teach my son! Who is capable of single handedly ruining my wedding! Creating inane, complex pranks," She spat the word out like poison

"That wasn't my fault!" Garfield cried with humiliation and desperation, of one who had tried to explain himself numerous times to no avail, "Honest I—"

"If he just applied himself,"

"I am applying myself! I just can't do it!" Garfield burst, swinging open the car door. Everything he said just seemed to make her more furious, "I'm gonna be late," He muttered, using all the will power he had to stop himself from slamming the door.

"You do that homework young man, and you understand it, I won't have an ignorant freeloader on my hands,"

"We're not allowed to—"

"Do it," She said dangerously, eyes narrowed. Garfield squeezed his eyes shut, before trudging up the stone steps as he heard the car drive away.

He was sure she didn't mean it...his Mom was always crazy when it came to school...and the 'Wedding Incident' as he now called it sure didn't help. When he found out who--Garfield sighed, it didn't matter, he played so many pranks his Mom wouldn't believe him anyway. She had reason not to...but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

7.12 AM

"We ain't gonna have this talk again are we?" A fierce grumbling voice said, deep and gravely as the motor of the light blue truck they were in.

"No sir," A burly, dark skinned boy answered, eyes fixed dead ahead.

"You're runnin' laps 'til you puke when you get home,"

"Yes sir,"

"You ever ruin your chance to play in the playoffs again by getting another detention, especially just for some weakling loser, you're gonna get real familiar with the steps in Trinity Tower. All eight hundred and eighty two of 'em."

"Yes sir," The boy answered. The driver nodded. With that the monotone conversation of suppressed anger ended. The boy jumped out of the truck and ran up the stairs, ran down the stairs and back up. Quitting only when the sound of the motor slowly faded away. With slumped shoulders the jock made his way through the school doors.

7.19 AM

A short, petite hooded girl apathetically crossed the street. Arms folded, walking gracefully so that it appeared she was floating across the pavement. Adjusting her navy blue hood and sweatshirt, and casting a glance at the imposing school, she continued her way and slowly began to climb the stairs.


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