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The Last Slice

"Wow…never thought this would happen…"

"Mmm…" Kori nodded, looking toward the black haired boy next to her in agreement.

Both exchanging small smiles, her attention turned back to Victor and Garfield, who were sitting backwards in their chairs talking zealously to Raven who looked bored, annoyed and yet, slightly amused by the conversation.

Kori smiled at the interaction.

Richard was still looking at Kori, allowing himself a smile. Something he seemed to be doing a lot when he was around her.

"I mean…This day has been so surreal…" He continued, talking to himself in a way.

"Yes, who would have thought detention to be… fun," Kori stated with a smile, brushing a strand of hair behind her ear, and sitting back in the chair.

"You had a lot to do with it," Richard turned a shade redder as the words left his mouth.

"Truly?" Kori looked at him inquisitively, her head tilted slightly.

"Eh…" Richard shrugged in a would-be nonchalant way, had he not been red and smiling, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

"Richard!" Kori chastised, playfully punching his arm.

Richard took a sharp intake of his breath, resisting the urge to grab his arm. Damn, she hit hard… The two sat in a comfortable silence for a moment as they watched Garfield and Victors' animated conversation.

"You know… I am actually quite glad my sister framed and betrayed me," Kori said matter-of-factly, turning back to Richard.

Richard sat there, staring back Kori, unsure of what to say. He crinkled his brow slightly, a small frown forming on his face. The way she said it, as though it was commonplace to be treated like that… it made him feel a great swell of sorrow, and a strong desire to give her a comforting hug like they always did in the movies. He shook his head.

"I mean… without her, I would not have met Garfield or Raven or Victor," She gestured to the trio, then brought her hand down to fiddle with a thread on her sweater. "Or you…" She added turning a shade pink. She spared a quick glance at him.

"That's a nice way of looking at it," Richard said with a nod and a small smile, his face turning red again. "I'm sorry… about your sister," He glanced at the red-head.

"You need not be sorry," She said with a smile, "Deep down she is a wonderful person… you just… need a shovel," She looked at him somewhat pointedly with a smile that was contagious.

"Yeah…" Richard consented thoughtfully. It was silent a moment, "Hey Kori?"


"Um… I—ah, I'm not really good at this kinda thing… I was hoping that maybe I could… get your advice?" Richard stumbled, inwardly berating himself as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"I would be more than happy to help," She smiled, turning her chair toward him, scooting it closer as she waited attentively. Richard gulped and tugged at his collar. Taking a deep breath, he plugged his nose and took the plunge.

"Okay, well, I-" He started, looking everywhere but at her. Kori allowed herself a small smile. He looked quite cute… "Today I met this girl," He glanced up at her, his face burning. She scooted a bit closer.

"Hmm, please continue…" She said with genuine interest, fist under her chin, a serious look on her face that she was having a hard time maintaining.

Richard chuckled and Kori giggled, covering her mouth with her hand as she tried to restrain herself and keep her stone face. She took a deep calming breath. With a big grin, she crossed her legs, rested her arm on her knee and resumed the thinking man pose. Richard did his best to keep in his laughter. Kori motioned him to continue with a smile. Richard swallowed his chuckles, looking at Kori intently.

"And she is just… amazing," Richard said, his smiling blue eyes boring into hers. She scooted her chair just a bit closer. "And I don't think she even realizes it,"

"Perhaps it is because you have not told her?" Kori responded, her green eyes sparkling and her cheeks turning a touch red.

"The truth is… I—I've been a real jerk…" Richard admitted, unable to look at Kori as he said it. "She's been nothing but nice to me. And I've—I mean… I don't know… I guess…" Richard didn't know what to say, he felt like the biggest prick on the planet.

He felt a warm hand on his. He looked up at Kori with vulnerable eyes. She smiled at him kindly.

"I just wanted to tell her that I'm sorry. And that… I really wish that we could just… start over, in a sense. That is if yo—er, she… Um… ah… I mean, what—what do you think she might… I mean—" Richard flustered, feeling like an inarticulate, stupid—

Kori put a finger to his lips with a gentle smile, scooting her chair a touch closer in the process.

"I think that she might say," Her cheeks flushed pink, and Richards did as well at the knowledge that Kori still had her finger on his lips. "My name is Kori Anders, and perhaps we could get to know each other better over a pizza…" She seemed to realize her finger was still on his lips, she brought it back, her face redder than a tomato. "Um… what would you say to that?"

Richard leaned in a bit closer to Kori, their eyes locked, cheeks red, inches apart.

"I would say, my name is Richard Grayson. And pizza sounds—"

"GREAT!" Garfield's voice yelled, and Kori and Richard flew apart, both as red as Kori's hair. "Dudes! After this we should all go for pizza!"

"Awwwww, you done it now man!" Victor responded rubbing his hands together excitedly. "The all meat experience at the pizza shop down the road, Mmm mmm!"

"'All meat'? Dude! Where were you two hours ago! I don't eat meat!"

"Then we'll just have your side be pepperoni," Victor sighed exasperated.

"What part of, 'I'm a VEGETARIAN!' Don't you understand?" Garfield pointed a finger in Victor's chest, eye twitching, "I don't eat meat!"

"Man there's no meat in pepperoni," Victor waved. Garfield's green eyes bulged as he put his hand in an upward claw in agitation.

Raven sighed, putting her face in her hand watching yet another pointless argument between the two unfold.

Kori and Richard looked from the arguing boys back to each other. Both of them still a little red. They both broke into quiet laughter ending with a smile.

"How would you feel about pizza this afternoon… and maybe going to the fair later?" Richard ventured shyly.

"I think I would enjoy that very much," Kori responded with a smile.

"Come on Raven! You like meat don't ya!" Victor grinned talking like some excited salesman.

"More than life itself," Raven answered in a bored monotone.

"See! I told ya! Rae's on my side," Victor gloated, "No one likes that tofu stuff,"

"I do! Now come on Raven!" Garfield started, before putting on a cheesy grin like the man in infomercials, "It's filled with soybean-y goodness," Garfield said in a singsong voice. Raven gave him a 'look'.

"I respect you don't eat meat… Please respect that I don't eat fake meat," Raven responded.

"Aw man!" Victor responded slapping his knee, wiping a tear from his eye. "That girl is just full of one liners!"

"We could go on the Ferris Wheel…"

"Eat the cotton candies…"

"Watch the fireworks…"

Richard and Kori were once again inches apart, the heat radiating off their red faces.

"Perhaps win a giant chicken…" Kori grinned, now centimeters from Richards face.

"Sounds good…" He said grinning back.

And before he knew it, his eyes were closed, he was moving closer. He could smell the shampoo in Kori's hair, his heart was beating out of his chest, their lips—


Richard flew back for the second time in a time span of five minutes, his head colliding with the brick wall that was Victor's abdomen.

"Hello friends!" Kori smiled and waved excitedly as though nothing had happened. Richard was ready to strangle his new 'friends'…

"Heya Kori," Garfield greeted with a smile, before turning to Richard with an evil smirk. "Soooo… we were just about to tell you that we're all getting pizza after this, even Raven," He added, looking back at the girl to confirm.

"Eh, made it this far…too late to turn back now…" She shrugged.

"Yep, so in about," Victor looked at the clock his face brightening in a large grin, "Three minutes, we're outta here. That is… unless you wanna stay here with your girlfriend," Victor smirked, raising his eyebrows up and down.

Kori blushed and Richard looked away and coughed, his face red.

"And you better treat our girl right," Garfield said hand on Kori's shoulder, "Or we'll be forced to majorly kick your sorry butt," Kori giggled and Victor nodded.

"The one thing he says that I actually agree with," Raven added.

Richard smiled, raising two fingers in scouts honor.

Kori giggled and gave him a peck on the cheek. Richards fingers drooped as his face burned.

"Awww, ain't that cute?" Victor cooed.

"Yeah, yeah, warm fuzzies all around," Garfield waved rolling his eyes, which landed on the clock, "Dudes! Countdown time!" Garfield shouted zealously, jumping over a table to get a better look at the clock.

"Sweet! Five, four, three, two, two and a half, two and one quarter, one—aw damn, started too early,"

"Amateur," Garfield waved, as everyone stared intently at the small red second hand on the clock. "Five, four, three, two, two and eight quarters, two and one half, two and five seconds—"

"Man, where did you learn to count?"

"Shut up, you're ruining my concentration,"

"What concentration?"

"You know what Victor,"


Once again the two boys were pulled into another argument as Raven rolled her eyes and counted silently.

"Five…four…three…two…one," She finished as the red hand hit the twelve. "Ooh… that was so difficult…"

With that the door slammed open. Victor and Garfield stopped arguing as Mod stood in the doorway, his hair ruffled and British blazer askew. With a loud yawn he began talking.

"All rioght you lit'le sprogs! Times up an'—" Before Mod could even finish, he was mowed down by Victor and Garfield, who were both followed closely by Richard and Kori as Raven pulled up the rear. "Hey! Oy! No rough housin'!" He yelled as he was spun around in a whirlwind of rushing teenagers.

He fell to the ground with a thud.

"I hate me job…"


"All right! Just after four thirty! Time for pizza!" Victor shouted as the teens walked out the door.

"You got it dude," Garfield cracked his knuckles.

"Hey uh, Garfield…" Victor started, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Dude, that's BB to you," Garfield said, "Only my Mom calls me Garfield…" He added.

Victor smiled. He really was his friend…

"All right BB, I just wanted to say… sorry… about the, well you know," Victor said, rubbing his head. "I was a jerk,"

"You bet you were," BB responded not looking at him, Victor flinched, "Eh, but that's old news pal. Just wait 'til you get a balloon filled with motor oil smashed in your face," BB turned with a hellion grin. A large grin unfurled on Victor's face.

"Man, I'd like to see you try,"

"This doesn't have disaster written all over it…" Raven remarked, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Without warning, tires screeched and blaring techno pop music resounded through the almost empty parking lot.

"Dude, who's that?"

"She looks… pink…" Richard remarked, his hand holding Kori's.

Kori looked over to the black sports car to see her sister sporting a vibrantly pink wig.

"My sister!" She said, a smile unfurling on her face as she ran toward the car, dragging Richard along with her. The boy had to admit. Kori was the only person he knew to act so excited and caring to someone who treated her like—

"Shoot!" Kori exclaimed dismayed when they were down the steps, "I am sorry, I did not mean to drag you," She responded to Richard. Not that he minded… With a quick, tight squeeze of his hand Kori let go and headed toward the car. "I will not be long," She said with a dazzling grin. Richard's knees seemed to give out.

With that Kori approached the car with a kind of jogging skip.

"Well hello little sister!" The black haired girl cooed as Kori stuck her head through the car window. "Have any fun?" She simpered.

Kori narrowed her eyes, but couldn't keep the smile off her face.

"Yes… I had quite the enjoyable time actually," Kori chirped, as she reminisced about the day.

Her sister quirked a perfectly manicured brow, before turning to the boy who was waiting nearby on the sidewalk, hands in his pockets, blue eyes wandering and occasionally falling back to Kori.

"Mmm, Mmm, Mmm…" Her sister said appraisingly, "And who is he?" She bit her lip as Kori turned, locking eyes with Richard as he smiled handsomely.

A large, happy grin appeared on Kori's features as she turned a shade pink.

"He is… my boy." She said with a smile. Turning and looking at her sisters dumbfounded face. Kori looked back and saw her new friends standing by the door of the school.

"And we—" Kori gestured to the group with a grin, "Are going out for the pizza,"

With that Kori turned away from her sisters' car with a cheery wave, practically skipping to Richard as she enclosed her hand in his as Garfield, Victor and Raven waited at the door.

The five of them ready to make their way back though the school, to the pizza shop just across the way.


"Dude no way! I so deserve the last slice!"

"Man you don't deserve diddly, I, unlike you, actually have muscles that need this highly nutritious, cheese-tastic slice of pizza,"

"Low blow… and I so have muscles! I just… don't use 'em much…"

"Like the muscle three feet above your—"

"Astounding! That is the word I would use to describe it! With the braids and ribbons… Please, please, friend Raven, may I now braid your hair?"

"Where is the waiter? I asked for a refill three hours ago…"

"Listen I only had fourteen slices! That clearly means I get the slice!"

"Well, tough love B, I had thirteen, therefore, I get it,"

"You liar! I saw you shove those two slices and count them as one!"

"Try and prove it!"

"Oh yeah!"


"I have only had eight! The slice is mine!"

"Aw ma-aannnn…."


"Why am I the only one with out a drink here? Where is my refill damnit!"

"Delicious! Now that I have had the slice, may I now—"


"Eee! Joyous! I shall fetch the ribbons!"


"Dude… the… the last slice…"

"It… it's gone…"

"I still need a refill… Hello? Anybody! A little help here!"

…The End…