Title: Momentarily

Author: Savvyfairy

Summary: A moment-by-moment account of what goes on one morning in Hermione Granger's head. An odd little drabble where I'll let you figure out what happened. Enjoy!

Rating: PG

This world is the one that is real. This moment, not the one of a moment ago.

Don't stop, don't dare drop the ball, don't stop don't stop...

Wake up. Get up. Put your slippers on, put your robe on. Brush your hair out, get ready for breakfast.

Do you know what happens next? Of course not. You dropped Divination, remember?

Walk down to the Great Hall now, Hermione. Put one foot in front of another.

Don't think too much about it. Stop thinking about it. Sit down at the table.

Smile at Ron, say good morning. Smile at Harry, say good morning. Avoid looking at the other side of the Hall.

Avoid looking at his face. You could try, at least, you know. Shovel some food into your mouth. Relax, you are too uptight.

Try not to think too hard. Try to finish your meal. Drink your juice, all of it.

No, don't look.

Answer their questions, don't talk too much.

Don't look over there.

I know he's getting up, I can see that. I know. I really do know. Try not to smile.

OK, I guess you can smile. Try not to look up. OK, OK, look up.

He's grinning at you, you know. Try not to let their surprise startle you. Try not to be too surprised that they don't seem to mind.

Let him. Really, it's OK. It will be OK. Have you lost your place? Do you even know what you want?

You do, you know. You think rationally, that a single moment in time isn't enough to change your life.

So, what do you call it?

I know what you were thinking. You are thinking the exact same thing right now. Stand up.

Don't be afraid. No, don't. I know you are, but be rational.

He's the one that came over here, not the other way around.

The worst that can happen is that you will reject him in front of everyone. Take a sip of that pumpkin juice, it'll help.

Listen to what he is saying. I know, anyone can say that. I know you still aren't sure.

Try looking at him.

Yes, look up, look into his eyes.

Does it look like his is lying?

Does it look like he is just trying to make fun of you?

Does it look like he wants to break your heart?

No, I didn't think so, either.

Say something. Say anything.

Accept it.

Give him some hope, he's actually starting to look a little desperate.

Try taking his hand. Oh, perfect. Don't look around, don't get distracted.

Don't let the silence deafen you.

Trying nodding. OK, good start. Ask for a moment. Stop. Think.

He loves you, did you hear that?

Listen again. His heart is racing, can you hear it?

You didn't expect that, did you? You were hoping though, weren't you? Why are you not saying anything?

Ah, I see. Sometimes, words really do fail you, don't they?

Sometimes, you can't explain it rationally. OK, give it a shot. Just try. He's really asking, you know. What do you think?

Take a moment. No, don't take a moment.

You knew already what you wanted all along, didn't you? Good. That's good, Hermione.

Hey, you've got them all smiling. Even him. He's smiling at you, can you see it?

You can see right through him, can't you? Of course you can, that's why you agreed all along.

He'll probably make you deliriously happy, you know. He'll probably make you cry sometimes too, you know.

You'll probably get old and wrinkly together. Yes, I said wrinkly.

Yes, I did say together.

Sappy? Beautiful? Perhaps. But what else could you call this moment?