Hide & Seek

It was a starry night much like any other except for the fact that there was a ghost battle going on in front of the Casper High school. A green ghost which looked like a possessed teenage girl with red eyes and sharp canine teeth was punching at a young boy ghost. He wasn't just any ghost though, he was Danny Phantom, the halfa.

The girl ghost threw a nasty punch at Danny.

"Hey, couldn't we just play rock, paper, scissors instead?" asked Danny sarcastically after dodging the blow. Danny had white hair and glowing green eyes, he looked like a ghost but he wasn't green or evil like most of the others, okay almost all of the others. Another punch came at him. He went intangible and managed not to get hurt.

"Grr!" growled the ghost who started to morph into a huge monster.

"Tucker!" shouted Danny floating down to his two best full human friends. One was sort of a goth and the other, Tucker, was a computer geek in some ways.

"Here you go Danny!" said Tucker handing over what appeared to be a thermos. Danny took it quickly getting ready to go back up to fight the ghost.

"Watch out Danny!" shouted the gothic who's name was Samantha, or Sam for short. She pointed upward at the ghost who was now lunging at Danny.

"Thanks!" he said to both of them he flew to the side then up. The ghost monster, who was now around ten feet tall, missed him in her lunge and turn to face him again. Ducking away from a plasma blast from the evil ghost, Danny opened the top of the thermos called the Fenton Thermos. "In you go!" said Danny happily and pointed it at her.

The ghost made a little grunt that went: "Ar?" She seemed to be confused about the thermos and what it was going to do. Something shot out at the ghost and dragged her into the ghost catcher. Floating back down to Sam and Tucker, Danny changed back to his normal self, Danny Fenton, in two beams of blue light. He know had his regular black hair and blue eyes.

"Well, I'm bushed." said Sam yawning and stretching. Danny looked at her with a stricken expression. "What, well it's late even if we weren't the ones battling the ghost." Sam then shrugged her shoulders and folded her arms across her chest.

"Yeah, what she said, lets call it a night." said Tucker. Waving goodbye to Sam and Danny, he departed from them and started off to his house.

"Right, well, you get some sleep too." said Sam giving Danny a look that said 'don't get your self killed'. She waved goodbye and started on her way to her house in the opposite direction as Tuck's. Danny flew home invisible and quietly opened the front door after going back to normal.

"Danny, is that you?" he heard his sister ask from in the kitchen.

"Yeah, it's me Jazz." said Danny coming into the kitchen he sat down in one of the chairs at a small round table that was in the middle of the kitchen.

"Hey, you doing okay?" she asked pushing her book she had in front of her aside like it was no more than garbage.

"Fine, just fine." Danny grumbled. Jazz looked downward then back up at Danny.

"Well, if you want Danny, I'll be right here for you." said Jazz. Danny smiled a little, after all she was trying to brighten his mad mood. He was trying to be nicer to Jazz after what happened with Spectra.

"Okay Jazz." said Danny getting up. His dad's bulky frame was in the doorway though, holding what looked like a little black box.

"Hey Danny, check out the new Fenton ghost attracter." said Jack holding it up. Maddie, their mom, came into the kitchen after Jack. Danny backed up. At least the name didn't sound to bad. 'Attracter? Was that even a word?' asked Danny in his thoughts.

"Right dear, show him how it works." said Maddie smiling in her teal outfit.

"Right! See you turn it on and it ramble, ramble attracting ghosts, which after touching the box get zapped, then you ketch them while their distracted!" said Danny's and Jazz's dad excitedly. Jack flipped a little green switch on the bottom of the box. Danny felt a tug like he should go touch it, but being part human he had will power, not enough though.

"Ow!" cried Danny when the box zapped him. Jack kept getting zapped because he hadn't made it only a ghost zapper. Jack turned the machine off.

"Preciously!" said Jack beaming at the box even though it had shocked him and Danny.

"Well Jack, lets go see if it could use some more...." said Maddie rambling on about a way to only shock ghosts.

"That hurt." said Danny flexing his hand. Then he went up to his room trying to do some of his homework. That didn't last long because his phone rang. Picking it up he felt his heart sink, Sam and Tucker would both be gone tomorrow, and tomorrow was Saturday, why he was bothering to do his homework was beyond him.

After the talk with Tucker, Danny feel asleep exhausted. Danny woke up around nine o'clock. Deciding that was as good as any other time, he got up and got dressed.

"Hey Danny!" greeted Jazz as he came into the living room.

"Morning." he managed to grumble tiredly. He plopped himself onto the couch next to his red haired sister dozily.

"Didn't that box give you the creeps?" asked Jazz shivering lightly. Every time their parents dragged out inventions Jazz almost worried to death over the safety of Danny. He was even starting to get suspicious that she knew his secret.

"Ah...yes, it was creepy." said Danny stretching then yawning. He closed his eyes in half sleep until he heard his parents run into the room shouting that they had made the box even better. Danny moaned and pretended not to exist.

"Come on Danny! Touch it, it won't shock you, just maybe Jazz." said Jack as an after thought. Jazz gave him a evil look.

"For the last time, I'm not th...a ghost!" shouted Jazz, she had almost slipped and said 'the ghost' which would have been way bad. Danny gave her a half sleepy, half curious look.

"Fine, we're going to go test this baby out!" said Jack proudly making his way to the front door. Maddie sighed.

"We know your not a ghost Jazz." said her mom giving her a wink. Watching Jack still excited and dancing around in front of the front door like a fruit loop, Danny laughed a little. Then he stretched and yawned again.

"Thanks mom." said Jazz smiling.

Jack and Maddie left, Jack yelling "Ghosts here we come." before going out the door. Maddie closed the door behind them after giving one last look at Jazz and Danny.

"Well Danny, do you have any plans?" asked Jazz. Danny shook his head.

"No, Sam's on some cruise trip and Tucker said he just wanted to sleep in for a change." explained Danny. He was still agitated that Tucker had picked this Saturday to sleep in.

"Why don't we do something then?" asked Jazz "Any good movies?" Danny shook his head, he had seen all the movies the other weekend. Knowing his sister wanted to do something, anything, Danny piped up with an idea.

"We could always play hide and go seek." said Danny smiling. Jazz smiled back thinking about all the times her and her little brother had played that before they had grown up and more things had happened to their lives.

"I always beat you!" said Jazz laughing. Which was true since they hadn't played any games in several years.

"Maybe, but lets play it anyways." said Danny mischievously. Jazz almost laughed, he was going to go invisible of course! Little did he know she knew his secret, but this would be a good way to get him to tell her himself.

"Sure, no rules what's so ever." said Jazz smiling equally as mischievously. She got up and went to a corner in the house and started to count. Danny ran up stairs and hid under his bed. He went invisible at the memory that Jazz had said no rules.

Jazz was counting to thirty, once she was finished she went downstairs to the basement. She spotted the Fenton ghost finder, it was beeping slightly. Jazz picked it up, it was saying that there was a ghost up stairs, on the second floor.

"Ready or not here I come!" shouted Jazz after she came back up. Holding the Fenton ghost finder she followed it's directions until she came to Danny's room. "Danny?" There was no response of course since they were playing hide and seek not shout out the name and the person comes out.

Walking closer to the bed she heard a small noise from under the bed like a gasp. Jazz assumed that Danny had seen the ghost tracer. Lying the ghost machine on the bed it started flashing more like the ghost was right under. Jazz turned around and walked out of the room and back downstairs.

"Come out! I give up!" shouted Jazz after a about twenty minutes of searching all over the house in every hiding place, which was every hiding place since Jazz had a great memory for every place she or Danny had ever hidden. Finally Danny came down holding the ghost finder like it was a cobra.

"Ah, Jazz, why was this on my bed?" he asked setting it down on the table, Jazz realized he had turned it off to stop the beeping. Jazz just shrugged her shoulders. Danny looked at her with a mix of confusion, fear, and surprisingly a strange feeling that was telling him to tell his older sister the truth.

Jazz just stared at him unblinkingly. Finally when Danny didn't say anything Jazz sighed. "My turn to hide." she said getting up and moving into another room. Danny watched her leave and then closed his eyes and started to count to thirty.

"Ready or not here I come." said Danny not at all loud. He had to much on his mind, whether to tell his sister the truth since it seemed like she knew, or to shoulder it off like it never happened. He gave a evil glare at the Fenton ghost finder and then went on his search for Jazz determined to tell her the truth.

He climbed the stairs not knowing where she could be hiding he thought it a good idea to start from the top and work to the basement. After searching and finding nothing upstairs or on ground level he headed down the stairs to the basement. He spotted Jazz who was twirling her fingers under one of the tables. "Found you!" he shouted.

"Yeah, well, took you long enough." said Jazz smiling. She moved out from under the table and stood up to face Danny. Danny folded his arms over his chest defiantly and stuck out his tongue like he used to do when he was little and lost to a game against his older sister. "So, bored with this?"

"Yep." said Danny. He lead the way back up the stairs and into the kitchen. The ghost finder was back on some how and started beeping when Danny came hear it. He backed off and Jazz turned it back off. Danny looked at Jazz questionably.

"Danny, just tell me already! I turned it back on!" shouted Jazz getting exasperated and explaining what she had done while Danny had been upstairs searching for her. Danny looked down then back at his sister and then the ghost finder. He sighed heavily.

"I'm half ghost." he blurted out then threw his hands up to his face to shield himself if Jazz screamed or went nuts. Nothing happened. He lowered his arms and looked at Jazz, she was smiling!

"Finally Danny!" she said shaking her head. She walked over to where Danny was standing and led him, still confused, to the table and pushed him lightly into a chair and sat in one herself.

"Ah..." he said confused when Jazz just started eating some grapes that were in the middle of the table. "What do you mean be that?"

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