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Jazz gave him a thumbs up sign and Danny released some of his tension in a little sigh. His parents where staring at him eagerly awaiting what would happen next. Danny didn't feel like using his battle cry because he was way to nervous but he went ghost in his usual two beams of blue light each coming from his waist, one up the other down.

"Wow..." was all Maddie said. Jazz's eyes where flicking from Danny to their parents and back over and over almost like she expected them to leap at him and shoot at him with the ghost peeler. Maddie's face had somewhat paled.

"Um, yeah." was all Danny could say. He quickly went back to normal before his mom or dad could start poking him or something.

"Do you ever need, um, help with ghost hunting?" asked Jack like he was hinting that he would be more than pleased to help. Danny sat back down on the couch next to Jazz.

"Well, I guess they could help. I mean I can't do everything just with Sam and Tucker. Plus their parents are starting to notice how late they come back. Wait, why am I thinking about that, I already know that." thought Danny. Jack noticed his long pause and lowered his gaze.

"If you don't need help just say so." said Jack his voice sounding hurt. Danny was snapped back to reality and shook his head.

"No, I could definitely use the help." said Danny quickly. Jack's head went up quickly and his eyes where full of excitement while Maddie looked pleased that her son actually wanted their help instead of doing everything on his own like usual.

"That's great!" boomed Jack. The tv was still on and Jazz got up from her spot and turned it off. It was getting to the real sad part at the end and she had cried when she had first seen it and didn't want to now.

"Danny, Jazz, you guys should really get to bed." said Maddie looking at the digital clock on the tv. "It's getting late and me and your father have to work this all out." Danny and Jazz exchanged glances, Jazz still standing up, then they both nodded and walked out of the living room and up the stairs. Once they where near Danny's room Jazz spoke up.

"You should probably tell Sam and Tucker that you told me and our parents. It might be shocking if I run up during a ghost fight shouting your name or something." said Jazz smiling down at Danny. Danny smiled back and even laughed.

"That would be funny though, hey, maybe I won't tell them just to shock them!" said Danny his smile widening at the thought of their faces. Jazz was laughing now.

"That would be funny, but I don't think you should do that." said Jazz after a second of collecting herself. Her voice was stern now and her smile was smaller. Danny nodded still smiling.

"Okay, I'll tell them tomorrow. I bet Tucker will have my head for not telling him sooner, but it's to late at night." said Danny yawning.

"Yeah, you should go to bed right now." said Jazz much like a mother would. Danny didn't feel like arguing and he actually agreed with her.

"I will. Good night Jazz." said Danny stepping into his room. Jazz said good night and walked over to her room and flopped down on her bed without bothering to change into a night gown. Both of them could her their parents discussing Danny down stairs which made Danny shiver.

Down stairs Jack and Maddie where talking about what had just happened, Maddie was still pale and suddenly she fainted onto the couch.

"Well, better get some sleep." said Danny to himself. But he couldn't. The clock finally read 3:23 and he still couldn't sleep. Danny groaned and turned over in his bed mumbling how stupid time was and that he wanted to chuck the clock across the room. Finally he slept only to be awaken at 6:00 by his alarm. "Stupid clock." he said trying to shut it off, at first his hand went straight through and the next time he managed to shut it off.

"Danny! Get down here!" came his mom's voice from downstairs. Danny groaned realizing he was still in his clothes from yesterday.

"Hold on a minute!" he shouted back down. He quickly changed into new clothes and went down the stairs as fast as he could. His shower would have to wait until he got home from school. Jack and Maddie where standing waiting for him which made him extremely nervous. "Um..."

"Danny, me and Jack decided that we're going to help you study after school in-between ghost hunting." said Maddie. Danny raised a eyebrow slightly. Then he remembered the day before in one swift crash he gaped a little at them for a second then finally responded.

"Oh, okay. How are you going to do that?" asked Danny looking from his mom to his dad and back again.

"You'll come home from school straight away if possible, and we'll go after the ghosts for an hour or two while you study and then we'll alternate." said Maddie. Jack only nodded his head. Jazz came down the stairs dressed in clean clothes.

"Okay, thanks I guess." said Danny then he looked up at the clock in the living room which now read 6:23. "Oh man! I need to get ready!" shouted Danny then bounded back up the stairs and into the bathroom so he could brush his teeth and hair. Jazz stared after him smiling slightly then went into the kitchen to eat something.

Danny walked into the halls of Casper High. He was already nervous over telling Sam and Tucker what had happened the night before and nearly jumped out of his pants when Tucker came up behind him and said 'Hi!'

"Oh, hi Tucker." he said wiping his forehead with one of his hands. Tucker raised an eyebrow.

"You okay dude? You nearly jumped out of your skin when I said hi to you." asked Tucker. Danny just shrugged his shoulders and looked around for Sam.

"Where's Sam at? I kind of need to tell you both something." said Danny. Tucker looked around but didn't see her either.

"Maybe she's late. Even though that's not like her...well maybe it is since we're always late to something." said Tucker. Just then Sam came running up to join them. She must have ran to school because she was panting and trying to ketch her breath.

"Sorry guys, my alarm clock didn't go off this morning I just woke up in time." breathed Sam. After a minute she stopped panting.

"Danny wanted to tell us something." announced Tucker. Danny gulped slightly. Sam looked at him smiling.

"What is it Danny?" she asked. Danny shifted nervously."

"Well yesterday me and Jazz were really bored." he sort of glared at both of them and they knew why, they hadn't been around, Sam had gone on a cruise and Tucker had just slept in. "Anyways it ended up where we played hide and seek...and" he trailed off. Sam raised an eyebrow and Tucker looked at Danny like he had lost his mind.

"And, this is important how?" asked Sam sarcastically. Just then Jazz came running over towards them waving to Danny. Danny looked up a little surprised to see her while both Sam and Tucker exchanged glances.

"Did you tell them yet?" asked Jazz when she stopped in front of them. If Sam and Tucker had been in a anime show there would have been question marks over their heads. Danny laughed to himself at this thought.

"No, I was just about to..." said Danny looking over his shoulder at his friends.

"Oh, okay, well I'll see you after school...or later." said Jazz. She walked away and started her way to her first period class

"Okay, can you skip the weird details this time and tell us what's up?" asked Tucker. Sam elbowed him. "Hey, what was that for?" moaned Tucker clutching his arm.

"Actually it's become a habit." said Sam giving Danny and side glance that said "I love doing that." Danny grinned.

"Well, your going to think I lost my mind but I told Jazz about...well, that thing." said Danny making gestures to get them to understand what he was talking about. Sam looked thunderstruck while Tucker looked outerly lost.

"What thing?" asked Tucker totally clueless.

"You told her, I can't believe you told her!" said Sam still amazed but also a little angry. "Why didn't you tell us before?" Tucker was scratching the side of his head.

"What thing!?" he asked again slightly louder but Sam and Danny only continued to ignore him.

"Because I was unconscious for about half of that day and then it was a bit late at night and something else happened too...." replied Danny while Tucker was glaring at the both of them evilly.

"What thing!?!" he asked again loudly into Danny's ear causing him to clutch his head from the pain.

"The thing with the..." Danny started then lowered his voice. "Ghosts." Tucker made a O with is mouth. Danny turned back to Sam.

"You said you were unconscious, what happened?" asked Sam worriedly. Comprehension finally hit into Tucker's brain.

"You told Jazz!" exclaimed Tucker and started to shake Danny back and forth. "Why did you tell her your secret?" Danny pushed his friend off lightly.

"Because Tucker, why don't I just tell the whole story at lunch...there's a lot more that your going to be shocked over." Danny said mumbling the last part. They walked off to class when the bell rang. Sam and Tucker confused over everything and Danny trying still to find the right words to tell the whole thing to them.

Well Danny finally had finished telling Sam and Tucker the whole story about how he had told Jazz but decided to but off telling them about his parents. Lunch was just about to end when his ghost sense went off.

"Tucker, do you have the thermos?" asked Danny. Tucker nodded and pulled out the cylinder ghost trap. He handed it to Danny and they all ran out of the cafeteria. Danny heard Jazz shout 'slow down' from behind him and stopped in his tracks to wait for her.

"Ghost?" she asked Danny and he nodded. He had absolutely no idea how Jazz could help but decided that the more people to help the better. He turned his head to see a ghost emerge in front of Sam and Tucker who had stopped running.

"Not you again!" said Tucker aspirated. There floated the Box Ghost. Sam crossed her arms and yawned.

"Yes! Tis I! The Box ghost! Beware!" shouted the ghost waving his fingers to emphasize that fact. Jazz stood kind of gaping a little at the ghost, then realizing it scared no one crossed her arms and tried to act like she hadn't been surprised at all. Danny went ghost, turned on the thermos and the Box ghost was easily sucked inside. Jazz looked shocked that it had been so easy.

"Well, that was easy." she said looking at the thermos strangely. Danny nodded and his friends just shrugged their shoulders. Suddenly the doors to Casper High swung open and Danny's parents came running inside with the Fenton Thermos XL in Jack's possession and the Ghost Peeler with Maddie.

"Danny! Where did the ghost go?" Said Jack running over to Danny. Sam and Tucker tried to hide Danny who just pushed them lightly aside. They looked stunned since Danny started to explain to his parents the ghost was gone still in ghost mode. They finally left after looking disappointed. Both Sam's and Tucker's mouths were wide open in shock.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I told them too." said Danny blushing a little. Jazz burst out laughing, Sam fainted, and Tucker ran off screaming 'He's gone crazy' over and over.


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