I love you forever and ever
By: YukinaKagomeSerena
Disclaimer: Don't own any of them except Madison, Michael, Yakiro, and the bad guys and Marcy and Lance and other names in the future of this story dunno what to name them yet so there.

introduction: Madison is seventeen now Michael is sixteen and Yakiro is twelve they are bey bladers now because of their parents and they wanted to bey blade so much. Kenny and Emily have been married for three years now and excepting another child soon. Mariah and Ray been married for fifteen years Mariah's hiding a secret from Ray and Tyson and Kai been married for eleven years. And here the story goes.....

"Gee Kai and I thought I was the weak one in this relationship," Tyson said. Kai glared at him. "Why you!" Kai said. Kai chased after Tyson yelling at him. Mariah was putting dishes away she looked down at her stomach and was a bit worried. "Mariah you all right?" Ray asked. Mariah turned around. "I'm fine Ray," Mariah said. Mariah took the faucet hose and sprayed Ray. "Ah!" Ray said. Ray tackled Mariah and kiss got her wet with the faucet hose. They were soaked from head to toe. Mariah's clothes were stuck to her and showed her nice figure which turned Ray on. Ray's clothes did the same out line his six-pack. Made Mariah happy to see that. "I think we should get out of these wet clothes," Mariah said. Ray agreed with her. Ray bent down and picked up Mariah and put her over his shoulder. Mariah giggled "Stop Ray please put me down," Mariah pleaded. "No way," Ray said. When they got to their bedroom Ray plopped Mariah on the bed and they made out.

Kai finally caught Tyson when Tyson tripped and fall face first. Kai kissed Tyson deeply. "Let's adopt a child," Kai said. "Really do you think we can handle it? I mean not a lot of people like the fact that we are gay," Tyson said. Kai got mad at Tyson. "Why in the hell should they care! And why should you I thought our love was stronger than this Tyson!" Kai yelled. Tyson looked down. "I'm sorry Kai I wasn't thinking right," Tyson said. Kai kissed Tyson again. "I didn't mean to yell at you," Kai said. Kai and Tyson left to go to the adoption agency to adopt a child for their own. Kai wrote out the papers while Tyson was playing with the children who ran up to him. Kai smiled when he saw Tyson playing with the children. "Tyson we have to go now, they will call us once our papers go through and are accepted," Kai said. Tyson got up and left after saying bye to the kids. Kai drove back home.

Back at home Emily looked at her stomach she was three months pregnant. "Wow maybe your carrying twins," Max said. "No way," Emily said. Kenny came in with some bananas and a grilled cheese sandwich. "Here you are Emily," Kenny said. Emily smiled. "Thank you hun," Emily said. Ray and Mariah came out of the bed room hair all messy. "Mariah I thought you were - -," Emily said. Mariah quickly covered her mouth. "You were what?" Ray asked. Mariah laughed nervously. "Uh Ray we need to talk," Mariah said. Just than Michael comes busting through the door. "Madison and Yakiro been taken!" Michael said. "WHAT?!" Everyone shouted. Kai, Tyson, Max, Ray, Mariah, Lee, & Michael took off running to save Madison and Yakiro. Madison and Yakiro were being kicked and beaten up. Madison crawled to her baby sister and covered Yakiro as much as she could.

"You bitches should not live your going to be a whore like your mother," The guy said. Soon a pink bey blade hit the guy. "I resent that I am not a whore and you let my children go," Mariah said. As her bey blade flew back in her hands. The guy smirked "Well if it isn't the slut, Mariah it's been long time since I last seen you," The guy said. Mariah was trying to think who he was. "Remember me I am Walter the guy in your class," Walter said. "Eww the crazy idiot that tries to kiss me! And picks his nose!" Mariah said. Walter got pissed. "You little lying bitch! I never picked my nose," Walter said. Walter took his bey blade and released it heading towards Mariah's face. "Let it rip!" Ray said. Ray's bey blade hit Walter's bey blade and Ray and Walter battled it out. "Men come and get these other creeps out of my way," Walter ordered. The men came out and battled; Tyson, Kai, Max, Michael, and Lee.

As 2 of the members threw Mariah against the wall. Mariah hit her head hard against the wall. "Stuff Mariah in a cage and higher it so no one can get to her," Walter ordered. Mariah screamed and kicked. "No! Don't you touch her," Ray said. Walter laughed at Ray. "Pay attention to the fight cause if we win we got something stored in for all of you watching those girls get raped in front of your eyes," Walter said. Ray just got pissed off and lunged at Walter and started to fight him. Mariah was in a cage now with her 2 daughters Mariah hugged her daughters comforting them the best she could. The others won against Walter's gang. "Spilt!" Walter said. They all took off running. Ray ran to his wife and daughters and got them out. "Can't take you 3 anywhere," Michael joked.

They laughed. They went home Mariah was alone in the bedroom when Ray walked in. "Mariah we need to talk now," Ray said. Mariah nodded. Mariah sat down next to Ray. Her voice started to tremble in sadness and fear. "Ray I might be pregnant but the baby might not be yours," Mariah said. Ray was shocked and heart broken and his mind just went blank. Mariah bursted into tears. "WHAT HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME TO YOUR DAUGHTERS TO OUR FIFTEEN YEAR MARRIAGE!?!?!" Ray shouted. Mariah cried harder. Ray stormed out and left the house. Mariah cried and cried she wanted to tell him that she was raped but she was hooked to a thing where no one could see it and if she told anyone they would be right over to rape her and her daughters than kill her daughters in front of her eyes.

Lee came in. "What happened Ray threw his wedding ring down and took off," Lee said. Mariah just sobbed harder. Lee hugged her. "I'm pregnant Lee and the baby might not be Ray's," Mariah said. Lee was shocked and mad and could see why Ray would do that. "You slept with another man you're a whore!" Lee yelled. Mariah sobbed. "No I'm not!" Mariah said. Mariah ran around and found a pen and paper and wrote down 'I was raped and if I tell anyone they will be back to rape her and her daughters than kill her daughters in front of them and that she's hooked up somewhere in her hair' Lee found the piece and got it out of her hair and smashed it. "We need to go get Ray," Lee said, "Mariah you need to stay here." Max and Lee left to go get Ray back. Mariah cried in their bedroom in tears.

Will Lee and Max find Ray in time or will Mariah do something that everyone will cry about?

Find out next time on Bey Blade