Love Knows No Yamato: Chapter Nine

Knock, Knock, Knock.

"Yes, come in."

Joe walked in the door looking totally exhausted, yet grinning from ear to ear. "I'm just reporting in," he said, handing him a metal chart. "On my patent June Ishida-Motamaya."

"Ah." Dr. McKnight said, smiling as he took the chart. "I was waiting with bated breath to see how it all went down. So, report on the status of your patient, Mr. Kido, and please, have a seat."

"Patent Ishida gave birth this morning at ten thirty-five this morning." Joe said, sinking into the armchair in front of the desk. "No complications with delivery. Baby was nine pounds one and one half ounce at birth. Apgar scores were perfect. Placenta delivered at ten fifty. Did uterine massage and took cord blood for storage. Mom and baby are resting comfortably. Recommend release in two days."

"Perfect. To the letter." The doctor said, scanning the chart notes. "Very efficient delivery. And what's the name that's going on the birth certificate?"

Joe turned bright red. "Jyou Daiskuke Ishida" he said, grinning.

Dr. McKnight arched his eyebrows. "You don't say?" He said, laughing. "Jyou Daiskuke Ishida. That kid is going to have trouble in kindergarten when it comes time to write names."

"Yes sir. No doubt. But it's a great honor for me, and when Davis found out, he went screaming up and down the hallway 'They're naming him after me! They're naming him after me!'"

"So, that's what that was." The African-American doctor said, shaking his head. "I was about to call security."

He then got up and sat at the corner of the desk. "Now, Joe, friend to friend, what was it like: your first solo patient and your first solo delivery?"

"Well…" Joe said, looking thoughtfully. "It was a challenge. I mean, this wasn't just any patient, this was a girl I knew very well, carrying a child by a man I knew extremely well. A bunch of conflicting emotions were swimming through me, but I like to think that, in the end, I took control of the situation, did what had to be done, and the end result was ten times better than could ever be expected."

"Rewind back to what you just said. "I took control of the situation, did what had to be done and the end result was better than expected." That's the hallmark of a great doctor." Dr. McKnight said, patting Joe on the shoulder. "You, my friend, are a great doctor."


"Now, I have to grade you on this extra-credit assignment." Dr. McKnight said, walking behind his desk, typing on his computer keyboard. "Intern preformed above and beyond the call of duty having stayed with the patient during the third trimester. Delivery was flawless, mother and child are doing perfectly."

Joe looked curiously at his teacher.

Wait a minute, this was an assignment?!

"You know what?" Dr. McKnight said, suddenly, pushing his keyboard away from him. "I'm tired of typing all this out. It's going to take too long. So how about this: Mr. Kido, because of your excellent service to your patients and to this hospital, I hear by promote you to resident: second year."

Joe sat there motionless. "S-s-second year?"

"You have more than enough credits, you have proven to me and countless others that you are a reliable and highly capable doctor. Truth be told, many second years can't say they have all that."

"Wow! Thanks! I mean…I accept, I do! I'll take it!" Joe sputtered, jumping up out the chair. "I promise I won't let you down."

"Joe, please just shake my hand and get outta here." Dr. McKnight sighed, extending out his hand.

"Thank you sir." Joe said, shaking his hand vigorously. "Thank you very much."

"You've earned it, Dr. Kido." The elder doctor said, nodding. "Now, go check on your patient and grab another."

"Yes sir, I'm on my way." Joe said, jogging out the office. "Oh, hello, Dr. Miles!"

"Hi, Joe. How are you?" a female voice replied.

"I'm great! I just got promoted to second year!"

"Second year! Well, that's great! Well, I won't keep you from your business…I'll see you later Mr.…whoops! Sorry! Doctor Kido!"

"Thanks! Bye!"

"Well, well, well…" Dr. McKnight sighed, grinning at the woman standing in his doorway. "I thought we lost you to the Bahamas."

"You were close." Dr. Miles said, reaching into her canvas bag. "Got you a souvenir from the islands." She said, setting a seashell on his desk, sand spilling out from the sides.

"Umm…did you feel the need to bring the sand back with you?" the doctor asked, picking up the sand-filled shell. "So, how was the convention? Was the paper a hit?"

"Oh, yeah. The paper was a big hit! We may be getting calls from all around the country for grants and funding!"

"Told ya we could do it! I told—"

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Dr. McKnight picked up the pager and looked at the LCD display. "Emergency Room. Must be something major."

"Well, when you get back, I wanna tell you all about. —"

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

"I didn't even get a chance to unpack anything!" Dr. Miles groaned, as she dug in her bag for her pager. "This is big. It's the ER."

The two doctors looked at each other and nodded. "Let's rock." He said, slipping on his lab jacket and stepped from around the desk, taking big strides in his steps. Dr. Miles was right behind, slipping on her lab jacket while trying to keep up.

"So, what did mom and dad say when you went home?"

"They said goodbye." Davis said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "Ah, I don't care, though. I always wanted to live on campus anyway. Tokyo U gave me a full scholarship including room and board. All I got to do is just keep the skills up!"

"Somehow, I feel like it's my fault—"

"Don't say that." Davis interrupted, "None of this was your fault. We all did what we had to do. We made choices, and we got to live with them."

"Yeah, you're right." June said, sighing.

"So, what happens now?" Davis asked the couple.

"Now, we move into my place and become a family." Matt said, moving away from the window with Jyou. "Unless you want us to move into your place, June?"

"Heck no! Anyplace is better than where I been living the past nine months!" June exclaimed. "Davis, if you want, you can move in and finish off the rest of the month until you go to college."

"Sure! That's great! Thanks, sis. You're the greatest." Davis said, hugging June. "I'll still deny it if you tell anyone. I'm going to grab something from the vending machines, you two want anything?"

"No, thanks."

"Cool. I'll see you two later." Davis said, closing the door behind him.

"I don't know if I said this enough today, but I love you two with all my heart." Matt said, handing Jyou back to June.

"You can never say that you love me enough." June said, kissing Matt on the cheek. "Just like I can never say that I love you enough."

"And just look at what out love made." Matt said, sticking his index finger in the baby's hand, which he promptly grabbed.

"Daddy's little man." June said, a small tear trickling down her cheek.

"Yeah, daddy's little man." Matt echoed, looking at his new fiancée and his new son.

"Alright, give me the bullet." Dr. Miles said, helping push the gurney into the hospital room.

"Drunk Drive ran head on into the car," The paramedic explained. "Mother was not wearing her seat belt, went through the windshield, and landed on her abdomen. She was LOC the whole time. BP 120/80 pulse 40. Patient is eight months pregnant. Found traces of a clear fluid on the ground and on the seat."

"Severe bleeding from the head and abdomen." Dr. Knight said, checking her injuries. "This is a mess. Do you have fetal heart tones?" he asked Dr. Miles.

"Yes I do." Dr. Miles said, checking the ultrasound. "Baby looks fine, but the water broke on impact. We're looking at a preemie delivery."

"How could someone do this?" Dr. McKnight growled, as the life support monitors blared in the background. "What's the status of the driver? I wanna see this bastard."

"Neck snapped, severe head trauma. Dead on arrival." The paramedic said, unsympathetic.

"Such a waste." Dr. Miles sighed, finishing the ultrasound.

"Sir," Dr. McKnight asked, spinning around to face sobbing man that came in along side. "We need to check your wife and your baby out, but we need to know your wife's name."

"Kamiya. Sora Kamiya." The husband said, burying his face in his hands.

To Be Continued…"Forever Green Socks of Love Chapter Five: Search for the New"

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