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Day? Night? There was no way of knowing how much time had passed while she was locked up in this prison.

Ginny sat in the dank dark cell. The only light came from a small thin window on the door and the crack between the door and floor. The light fell in a slant across her face.

Her head hurt. She could not remember getting to this place but she knew where she was. Oh she knew. No one in the Wizarding World would and did not know this.
Morsmordre Prison. Frightful stories had always been told of this hellish place. It was said no one had ever left dead or alive. They had been told that the dead were hung as examples to the other prisoners.

Ginny had lost two of her brothers. Fred and Charlie, like her, were members of the Order of the Phoenix and had been captured by the deatheaters. She had not witnessed Charlie's death but when she was caught Fred had been dragged before a huge gathering of deatheaters. Ginny would never be able to wipe those images from her memories no matter how long she lived or how many memory spells she could try.


A tall dark haired death eater called Nott by his peers had taken out a long leather strap and beaten her brother amidst her wails and pleas for them to stop. Fred then had his wrists locked in manacles suspended from the ceiling so his feet could just barely touch the ground.

"Come on Weasley, tell us what you know of Dumbledore's plan and it will be so much better for you," Nott said leaning into his face. He used the wooden handle of the strap to hold Fred's face up so he was looking him in the eye.

Tears burst forth as the most painful memory of Ginny's life was relived.

"I'll never tell you anything!" the weakened Fred growled before spitting in the death eaters face.

Nott sneered and wiped the spit from his face before slapping Fred across the face.

"Brave as your brother I see," he snarled softly right in Fred's face. "Look who we have in the corner over there."

Fred forced his head up and his eyes grew wide and panicked. He had heard the screams of women in the night.

"Ginny!" he cried and struggled with newfound strength.

"I'm alright Fred," Ginny called. Her voice cracked and tears flowed in a ceaseless rhythm down her cheeks.

"Shut up!" the death eater holding her hissed giving her a rough shake.

Ginny was quiet in the vain hope that perhaps if she cooperated they would stop hurting her dear older brother.

"Well Weasley?" Nott asked raising his hands in question. "You might want to start talking if you want your baby sister to stay alive."

"Don't worry about me Fred," Ginny called desperately. "I kn..."

The death eater holding her backhanded her.

Ginny was seeing stars. A huge bloody bruise was swelling on her cheek.

"You're expendable Weasley, so I would start singing like a songbird," Nott growled impatiently.

"If I am going to be killed regardless why should I say a word? After all you yourself just told me that I am expendable," Fred said coughing up some blood.

"Just leave him alone," Ginny begged watching the blood trickle drop by drop out of her brother's mouth. Hot tears continued to burn her eyes.

"Be Brave Gin," Fred said and spat out more blood.

"Ah Bravery," Nott said wiping a fake tear before turning to the other death eaters and beginning to clap sarcastically. The other death eaters guffawed and joined in mocking the Gryffindor.

"Bravery and Stupidity, I have found, often go hand in hand."

Fred raised his head again and looked to his sister; "No matter what Ginny you mustn't tell anyone anything." Blood began dripping down his wrists from where the bindings held him up.

Nott began to punch Fred repeatedly across the face and in the stomach and where ever else he thought it would hurt a great deal.

"I won't give up anything Fred," Ginny promised as she watched Nott continue to beat him.

Ginny knew she could not turn away. Fred was sacrificing himself for the greater good and she would honor him.

Fred managed a very weak smile at her when Nott seemed done with his torturing.

"Good girl," Fred whispered though it was hard to tell what he said. Many of his teeth were now missing and blood poured out of his mouth. "Comfort yourself with the knowledge that we will win."

Nott pulled out his wand and sighed.

"As touching as this has been, I feel I may be sick if I hear any more of this crap," Nott said and pointed his wand right between Fred's fearless and excepting eyes. "Avada Kedavra."

A bright flash of green light momentarily blinded everyone in the room.

Ginny stared at the now lifeless face of her bother. He looked at peace. His eyes were wide and his head lolled forward.

End Flashback

Ginny had been reliving this real life nightmare every time she shut her eyes for the past two days.

She had found solace in knowing that Fred died defending what he believed and never telling the death eaters anything. She could never forget that day. How would she tell her mother? She was not spared in the first uprising; now two of her own children were dead and George. How could one begin to tell him the person he had been with since birth was now dead.

The light left Ginny's face as she heard a few death eaters discussing her.

"Just a bit of fun," Rudolphus Lestrange said in a low voice. "Who says old Lucius has to know?"

"Be careful how you speak of your superiors. You should worry about it as much in their presence as when you are out. You never know what one might let slip," the deep silky voice of Lucius Malfoy entered the mix.

Ginny heard one of the men back up to what he thought might be a safer distance.

"Didn't mean any harm Lucius," Lestrange said softly though you could hear a small hint of panic in his voice.

"The little Weasley will belong to me soon," Lucius said snidely. "The Dark Lord, I believe will give her to my family as a slave. She should make a wonderful gift for young Draco."

Ginny was too weak to care much what would happen to her. The door creaked open and Ginny could hear two sets of footsteps follow her in.

She looked up and saw grey eyes staring at her critically.

"When was this prisoner last fed?" Lucius asked kneeling down and taking her chin in a black gloved hand.

"Yesterday evening sir," the guard answered.

"What were you given girl?" Lucius asked and gripped her chin a little tighter.

"Stale bread and no more than a pint of water," Ginny answered shutting her eyes to block the death eater out.

"Feed her well from now on," Lucius snapped. "I have no use for her if she can not work and serve my son. She is of no use in the state that she is in. Also see to it that she is moved from this place to one of the more accommodating."

"Yes sir," The guard replied.

Lucius gave her one last critical look over before turning and leaving with a swirl of his expensive velvet cloak.

Less than half an hour later Ginny was presented with decent food for the first time since her capture.

A warm roll and mashed potatoes and gravy. There was also some spicy chicken whose smell made Ginny's taste buds tingle and her mouth began to water and some of the saliva dripped out and she raised her sleeve to wipe it from her chin. She was so hungry she could not care less if it was poison or not.

The door was opened and a candle and a glass of water were placed down with the plate of food that Ginny could not pull her eyes from.

"Go on and eat girl," the new guard urged. "Death Eater Malfoy wants you for his own and he will not like it if you do not accept the kindness he is offering."

Ginny lunged forward, snatching the plate greedily and darting to the darkest corner of the back and glared at the guard who stared back at her.

Ginny gobbled the meal ravenously. The good food filled her with warmth she had never thought she would feel again in this hellhole. She devoured every last bite and did not stop till she had licked the plate of the last remnants of food. She gulped the water fervently.

Ginny crawled back onto a thin piece of cloth that could hardly be called a blanket. She sat with her knees drawn to her chest and had her arms wrapped about herself as if holding herself in that manner might keep everything out. Ginny tried to force all thoughts of the turbulent times they were living in out and to think of all the good times. She prayed not to wake up screaming in a cold sweat.

Voices woke Ginny from sweet dreams of her two least adventurous years at Hogwarts. It was at the end of her third year that Voldemort returned. Tears formed in her eyes as she was ripped violently from the peacefulness she had found.

"You are being taken to a new cell. Get up," the masked man said reaching down and grabbing her forearm.

Ginny rose. He kept his wand aimed at her as they walked down the corridor; they walked by many prisoners all of whom shouted encouraging words to her. Ginny was marched up a narrow spiral stone staircase to a new cell.

This cell was much nicer if it was possible to enjoy being imprisoned it would be here. A nice twin sized bed stood in a corner with clean sheets and a comforter. Instead of a mostly solid door this cell had bars more like a muggle prison.

A plate of strawberry pancakes and bacon and eggs was sitting on the small circular table with a small glass of juice and a larger glass of milk.

Ginny decided not to comment on the very generous portion of food she was now receiving now. Best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

The man prodded her into the room and locked the door before turning and returning to his normal stance as her unmoving and silent guard.

For the next few days Ginny was treated better than any other prisoner she was sure. She had been given a window in her cell.

That was when Lucius Malfoy arrived and took her from Morsmordre.

"The Dark Lord says I may take her to be a slave in my household," Lucius told the guard who stepped aside and allowed Lucius to open the door with the 'alohomora' charm.

Ginny backed up into the wall and stared wide eyed at the tall blonde haired man. He took one menacing step into her cell and caused Ginny to attempt further shrinking away.

Lucius shot her a wicked grin before pointing his wand at her.

"Locomotor Mortis!"

Ginny felt her legs lock together and she lurched forward and caught herself rolling over.

"As long as you come quietly I won't hurt you," Lucius said kneeling in front of her just out of slapping distance.

Ginny nodded mutely and he performed the countercurse.

Ginny slowly got to her feet and stood before Death Eater Malfoy with her eyes aimed carefully at the ground.

Lucius observed her for a moment before aiming his wand at her and muttering a spell under his breath. Chains sprang from the tip of his wand and bound her hands to each other tightly.

"Come along," Lucius said leaving the cell and turning to the left.

Ginny followed the man through what felt like miles of passageways until they finally came to a large black door.

Lucius pushed the door open. It groaned as it swung outward away from them.

Ginny gasped. She was staring at the outside world and directly up ahead in front of her was a giant mansion.

Lucius waved his wand and his eyes widened in slight annoyance as if he felt he was dealing with one of the stupidest creatures on the planet.

"Go through," he said leering at her before finally grabbing her and pushing her through the doorway.

Lucius followed right behind her. Ginny turned to see the door but it was gone. How peculiar.

"We went through an enchanted door that leads to where ever the person who opens it wants it to," Lucius said in a very condescending tone that implied he considered her I.Q. level to be down there with dirt and rocks.

Ginny glared. How she hated this man! He always had to ruin her life didn't he? First Tom Riddle's diary and now she was his slave.

"Go on Weasley," he said pointing up the sloping lawn toward the manor.

He followed her up the lawn and as they alighted on the first step the door opened for them.

A small terrified looking house elf stood there looking up at his master awaiting further instructions.

"Show her where she will be working and inform Draco of his new personal slave," Lucius barked at the cowering creature before walking back down the lawn and apparating once he was off the grounds.