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Dr. Andy Campbell walked into the RWHC on a rainy Monday morning.

"Good morning Hawkins, Delgado." She said, nodding at each woman before walking into her office. "Has Milo been by? I need to talk to him," she asked her friend.

Lana gave her the eye. "You mean that hunk of a man you've been dating? No, he hasn't been by, but if he does come by, I'll make sure you tell him you want to see him...just lock the door behind you. I don't want to come barging in on you, if you know what I mean." Lana laughed, looking at Lu and giving her a knowing smile. "Lana knows what goes on behind closed doors," she added, nodding at Andy, who blushed before closing her office door.

At noon, Andy came out of her office after seeing patients all morning, and walks up to Lana's desk.

"Hawkins...Milo hasn't come by yet, has he?" She questioned Lana, wondering where Milo could be.

"Sorry kid, he hasn't. Why don't you go check his office...maybe he forgot to come down," Lana said, trying to think of something to calm Andy's nerves.

Andy rubbed her forehead worriedly. "He wouldn't forget...he's not like that," she added as she walked towards the elevator that would take her up to Milo's floor.

Andy walked into Milo's office, but not seeing him in it, turned to walk out the door when two burly men came in.

"Who are you?" Andy questioned, giving the men a suspicious look.

The taller of the two men spoke as they both pulled out badges indicating that they were police detectives. "I'm detective John Michaels; this is my partner detective Stephen Jones. We're looking for a Dr. Andy Campbell; do you know where we might find her?"

"I'm Dr. Campbell, how can I help you?" She asked, wondering what they wanted with her.

The tall man came forward, and put a hand on her shoulder. "Dr. Campbell...I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but your boyfriend, Milo Morton, was killed this morning in a car accident on his way to work. I'm so sorry ma'am." He lowered his head and walked out the door with his partner, leaving Andy in Milo's office alone.