RE 'Spoof'

Resident Evil 'Spoof' Sequel Trailer

Narrator VO: "13 and a half days ago, the Umbrella Corp. made a mistake in the secret location called the 'Mole Hole'.

Camera speeding through hallways stained by blood and shadowy

N; "Only three creatures survived the horrors unleashed."

Scene of Dringer shooting off shotgun

Scene of Rex making the slow motion jump into Cafeteria

Scene of Jessi Matrix kicking a skinless hamster

N; "Now, 13 and a half days later, something happens."

Dringer cocking his shotgun

Dringer: Dang I hate sequels.

Rex steps in studying a piece of paper

Rex: I knew I shouldn't have signed this contract.

Camera scanning over the streets of Raccoon City

Raccoons in biochem suits prying open door

Same raccoons walking into darkness

Raccoon #1: Look something moving in the shadows; let's investigate instead of running for our lives.

flash of 'something' jumping

Raccoon #2: What was my line again? Oh yeah...AHHH!

huge sinister explosion and impact ring expanding out

Rex looking out window Rex: "That can't be good."

N: The randomness starts all over again.

scene of closed door, something knocks on it

Dringer opens in, a group of 'commando raccoons' and large badger.

Leader (badger) : "Hello, we're a ragtag group of 'heroes'. Are you Dringer?"

door slams

Rex: Who was it?

Dringer: Clichés.

Commandos, Rex and Dringer standing on abandoned street, debris of rubble and burned out cars everywhere, zombies appear stalking down the street

Leader: With your experience what do you think we should do?"

Rex and Dringer look at each other then run in opposite direction of zombies

Jessi VO: I can't believe this is happening..

Jessi in car, yanking the steering wheel, barely missing cars

car goes in a jump, spinning upside-down

Black screen, words: 'From the director of 'Bloody…Random…Weird…Oh well'

car stops in midair, Jessi climbs out

Jessi: What happened?

Rex walks up

Rex: Seems that our f/x budget has fell out.

Black screen, words: And the Producer of other random projects

Scene of Rex jumping from building connected to rope

Jessi, Dringer and Leader, with guns, peaking around corner

Jessi: Where's Rex?

Rex hits ground behind them from above

Gets up, holding rope

Rex: Too much slack.

Black screen words fade in

13 1/2 Days Later: Bloodier, Randomier...Weirder...Oh Well!

Coming 'Soon' 2005