A/N: This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic so please don't hurt me if you don't like it. It is slightly confusing and a bit dark; there is slight Shounen Ai and character death.

Note: I have revised this as much as I can without actually changing it.

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Summary: Bakura pushes Ryou to far, for that he will lose his life!

The blood of my lover

I held the knife tightly in my hand, blood dripping off of the blade as I looked into his eyes. He fell back slowly shock evident on his face. I look at him my eyes wide. I did it…I actually did it. I knew that there was a sadistic smile on my lips at that moment, but I didn't seem to care much. His lips moved slowly trying to form words loud enough for me to hear them.

"Why?" I heard him ask.

I didn't answer him right away, I knew what I did was wrong and I might even go to prison for it, but he just pushed me to far this time.

"Why?" I heard him repeat as the cold stone below him began to turn crimson with his blood.

The smirk still there I kneeled down next to him and whispered my answer in his ear "Why?" I mimicked him "because I hate you!" I paused for a moment and look down at the bloody mess that was the one I claimed to hate.

I stood up and turned my back to him, it wasn't true; I didn't hate him. He was the only one who seemed to show interest in me, even if it wasn't love. I turn to face him again; he was getting paler. I kneeled down and put the knife beside me. I was the one who inflected the wound, the one who wanted to take the life from this demon; I placed his head on my lap without thinking about it first.

"You don't hate me" He said snapping me from my thoughts.

I looked down at him the smirk on my lips long since gone. I wouldn't let him win, not when he was like this, not when I'm the one who wants him to die. "I hate you…" I repeat I won't give him satisfaction of knowing he's right.

I looked away, down the ally. I heard him gasp slightly and my head jerked back so my eyes were on him once again. His eyes were drifting shut, it was then I realized that I didn't really want him to die; it was too late now though. It was then I heard him say words I've never heard coming from his lips.

"Forgive me…I love you" with that said he closed his eyes.

My eyes widen in shock…he. Tears began to prickle at the corner of my eyes, but I tried to blink them away. I gave up as I shook him lightly, I called out his name several times but he didn't so much as move a muscle. I lifted the now lifeless body to my chest as I allowed the tears to fall freely, a few dripped onto his face making it seem as if he too was crying.

"I love you too…" I sobbed into his chest.

I will never forgive what I've done, for that…I too should die. I placed his body on the ground then took the knife in my hands once again this time the blade pointed at myself. I squeezed my eyes shut as I plunged the blade into my chest only one thought on my mind 'I will join you my love'

-Normal POV-

That night two bodies were found in an ally, both have snowy white hair, later discovered to be Ryou Bakura and Bakura. No one will ever know why the two were laying together in each other's arms, blood covering them both.