Rain drops pelted down on Jezebel Stone, as she climbed the steps to the Niall's house. Jezebel was the grand age of six, and best friends with Hunter Niall, and Alwyn Niall. Her other best friend was Trevor Eventide, Sky's brother, and Hunter and Alwyn's cousin. Jezebel somehow stayed away from Linden. In some ways he stayed away from her too. Linden was in more ways than one petrified of the waves of power radiating of the tiny little six year old. It was amazing how powerful one could be at that age, without feeling some kind of earthquake, just from blinking. Jezebel was quite a cute little girl. Her eyes were absolutely magnifying. There was a dark navy blue ring around her iris and inside a beautiful light blue crystal ice colour. Jezebel had brownish blond hair, that slinked into waist-length ringlets, and bounced when she raced with Hunter, for the good spot down by the lake. She was a quiet one, but her grin spoke for itself. Only her friends, like Trevor, Hunter, and Alwyn could really make her talk freely. She had the out-looks and perspectives like a naïve little toddler, but she was much, much more.

They all lived in the small village together, and had known each other since birth. All best friends forever as they said. They'd made a pact to be friends forever and eternity. Pricked their fingers and everything. Daniel Niall didn't take it all that well, referring it to dark magick, but really, it was just child's play.

Trevor was beside her and grinning. Jezebel shivered. It was freezing, and her mother hadn't been paying too much attention to her lately, so Jezebel had marched out of the door, coatless and fearless. Getting up at seven making breakfast, then going back to bed until 5:30. Her mother was suffering from depression and the whole village new. No one spoke of it to anyone. It was like the big purple elephant in the room nobody mentions. And everyone refused to speak of it to Jezebel. Jezebel hadn't an idea what was wrong with her mother. Eventually, Mrs. Stone would perish and Jezebel would be lost.

"Hi Hunter!" Jezebel cheered brightly. Trevor grinned at Hunter. Hunter smiled back at them, his green eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Let's go to the creek!" Trevor suggested jumping up and down manically. Hunter nodded agreeably and called Alwyn down the stairs. Ah everything seemed perfect...


a)Hunter and Alwyn's parents disappear

b)They start living with Uncle Beck

c)Hunter grows up and moves away

d)Jezebel's mom dies of depression

and e)the group got broken up...