Sam's POV

Have you ever found a wishing flower, those flowers that have those fuzzy white seeds on it, and when you blow it, you make a wish? Has that wish ever come true?

Have you ever used a flower, plucking off its pedals, and chanting:
He loves me…
He loves me not…
He loves me?
And you finally reach that last pedal, and the answer is 'He loves me not'?

During the night, have you ever looked for that first star up in the sky? Or the brightest one out of the bunch, and chanted:
I wish I may…
I wish I might?
And you wish for something, like love, but instead of love you get hate?

Wishes never come true. Flowers can't predict the future. And stars can never be bright enough to grant that love life you so desire. Or, can they?

End of POV

She quietly walked through the damp grass, a gentle wind hitting her body. It was a hot summer day, so the wind felt wonderful on her body. She was all alone right now. Tucker was at home, helping out his parents with something. She couldn't understand what. And Danny, well…She didn't quite know.

Danny. He had been on her mind a lot lately ever sense that fake out make out scene, and that scene at Ember's concert. The Fake out, Make out think was to make Valerie think that they had done nothing wrong, and the scene where she had to kiss Dash was just to snap Danny out of his trance. Though, when Danny was in that trance, she kind of liked it. No, not kind of. She really liked it. She got some wanted attention from Danny.

"I just wish I could always have that type of attention from him." She whispered, hanging her head low and using her left hand to put some stands of her black hair behind her ear. She came to a stop when she saw a yellow flower on the grass. A smile came to her face as she bent down to pick it up. She held it in her hand, starring at it then slowly she plucked one off.

"He loves me…" She said softly. The wind blew the pedal in the wind, but wouldn't let it down. She plucked another pedal.

"He loves me not…" Same affect. Again, the wind wouldn't let the pedal down. Pluck.

"He loves me…" Pluck.

"He loves me not…" Pluck.

"He loves me…" Pluck.

Just then she felt some arms around her neck. Her eyes widened, but she recognized that feeling.

"He still loves you." The voice said. The girl turned around to see Danny standing there. She was about to say something when he kissed her. She was still surprised, but she accepted, closing her eyes and putting her left hand on his warm cheek, putting her right hand on his shoulder. It felt like a century until they released, but when they did, they just starred at each other.

A smile came to her lips, just looking at him. "You sure your not under a spell?" She asked. Danny shook his head.

"No, Sam. No."

"Good." Danny smiled as well as he leaned in towards Sam, she doing the same, and shared another kiss.

How did you like it? I know, awfully short, but it's night time right now, and I'm awfully tired. This is just a one-shot! Please no flames! Bye bye.

-Raven of Fear