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"If that's the case then, I'LL MAKE YOU MY GIRLFRIEND!"

That was my little master's declaration one fine morning when Tomoyo-sama was joining us for breakfast after landing out of nowhere in a middle of a storm when little master insisted Master to buy some ice cream despite Suppi-chan's insistence that the whole idea is absurd.

And now he did it again, only this time, the words are more extreme.

"If that's the case then, I'LL MARRY HER!"


Trust me - it's worst, that I'm certain steam went out of Syaoran-san's nose upon Minoru-sama's declaration during Sakura-chan's delivery to Nadeshiko-chan. To think that it was the middle of the night and we were in a hospital. The head nurse practically had to rush to the room to check on us and gave us that strict warning that made us twitch.

No one expected it.

They were all just happy for Sakura-chan's successful delivery when all of a sudden Minoru-sama started asking weird questions like "We'll she grow up?", "Will she look as pretty as Aunty Sakura and Tomoyo-mama?" and then out of the blue he broke the daylights out of his father and Syaoran-san.

Tomoyo-sama did not look at all surprised like she has read Minoru-sama's mind. She's been extra cheerful recently, especially after learning that she's three months pregnant. When Eriol-sama heard the news he literally went ballistic he actually let me stuff Suppi-chan's mouth with a bagful of sugar he nearly turned the house upside down… err… I mean he did turn the house upside down – literally.

Eriol-sama suspects Suppi using a spell similar to that of the Maze card. But he was not mad at all. The last time Suppi and I sent chaos to the world he grounded us from any sweets and TV for half a year but this time we got away with just a, "It happens".

Back to the hospital room, well… you see after little master's declaration Syaoran-san seems to let loose all his hatred for Eriol-sama ever since they met from kissing Sakura-chan's hand to teasing him as a kawaii little descendant he nearly attacked little master – too think they were like the best buds back then. Sakura-chan did not let him though, of course, she actually likes the idea – which is another shock. But oh well, kids are kids right? Only, Minoru-sama doesn't like the idea of being called a kid and snaps back on anyone who does with a "For your information OLD LADY, I'm FIVE YEARS AND 7 MONTHS OLD in case you don't know!" which still works very well on Meilin-san and now it seems that Syaoran-san will be getting a dose of it every now and then.

Did I mention that Tomoyo-sama and Eriol-sama's wedding was kawaii?

To begin with, Eriol-sama had the same pre-wedding jitters as Syaoran-san back then he had actually beaten the high score one hundred and seventy- three times! He was so tensed Syaoran-san had to drag him from the hotel with the joystick still in hand.

As of Tomoyo-sama, she was gorgeous! They originally insisted on having a simple wedding but like Yelan-sama, Daidouji-sama demanded to hold the most luxurious wedding known to man saying that the heir of the known Daidouji family deserves the best. Somehow, I wonder if they are related. Just make her eyes a bit smaller and her hair longer, wrap her in a kimono and voila! Instant Li Yelan. Talk about scary.

The night before the wedding Minoru-sama and Meilin-san had a showdown. They still have not been in good terms during the magazine incident and decided to settle it in a fight: a fight on who can eat the most ice cream and was it messy – and costly. Eriol-sama's sockets actually fell off upon seeing the bill.

The battle ended with a draw after the two of them suffered from stomach ache with the house ending up a mess from all the empty cans of ice cream scattered all over the place.

The wedding ceremony was very sweet I actually want the same thing to happen on my wedding, (but of course I would still have to plan on how to drag Touya to the altar and put a ring on my finger) Sonomi-sama actually cried. Everything was heavenly, with everyone donning goddess-like-tunics and lacy sandals. Instead of the typical veil, Tomoyo-sama had a wreath of cherry blossoms and wisterias on her hair – KAWAII!

This time, Sakura-chan is the one behind the camera. She was so KAWAII! She's like Tomoyo-sama whenever taking videos, except for the Ohohoho laugh that is.

All would have turn out well, had Kero-chan not stuffed Suppi-chan's mouth with the wedding cake and Suppi went flying all over the place dancing like a lunatic much to the guests and the media's amazement and to Eriol-sama, Tomoyo-sama, Sakura-chan and Syaoran-san's horror. (Not to mention mine, as I should have been the one to stuff the cake not Kero)

They covered up for the whole thing as Minoru-sama's new toy out from Germany. Sonomi-sama who works in a toy company was so amazed she had to scrutinize Suppi-chan for batteries or sockets until Tomoyo-sama distracted her into entertaining the guests.

Everything was so hilarious Eriol-sama laughed till his sides hurt.

I've never seen Eriol-sama so happy like this. Having him that happy makes him really nice that I can actually stuff Suppi every time I wish. That's why I'm so happy when Tomoyo-sama walked into our lives, especially Eriol-sama's.

Her reappearance was a close call, falling out of nowhere, unplanned, unexpected, un-everything yet everything simply turned out … perfect.

Simply perfect.


"It's not a C flat, Ha-chan. It's a C sharp, see?" twelve year old Minoru said pressing the ivory key before them gently to show the difference to the little girl seated beside him.

"Ahhh! I can't do it oniichan! Dame dayou... I can't play on Christmas Eve for Mama and Papa" seven year old Hatoko whined ruffling her midnight stresses, her purple eyes watery.

"Hora, hora, how about if oniichan plays on the left side and you on the right? Would that be better?" Minoru said patting his sister's hair like a cat.

"Honto?" Hatoko asked.

"Honto," he said patting her hair again.

"Mou, oniichan! Stop patting me like I'm a cat!" Hatoko whined yet again.

Unknown to the two, two pairs of eyes are watching them from the slightly open library door, one of them holding up a video camera.

"Kawaii!" Tomoyo exclaimed in awe as Eriol smiled at the sight.



He was a mortal

A general of the army

Sequiturque potrem non passibus æquis

He follows his father but not with equal steps

He is the heir to his father's kingdom

She was immortal

A goddess, the same time human

Matre pulchra filia pulchrior

A daughter more beautiful than her beautiful mother

Daughter to a god and a human

The two of them

Bonded by the thing called

Vinculum matrimonii

The bond of marriage


Fata obstant

The fates oppose it

And now…

Relata refero

I repeat the story as it was given to me…


Ruat Cælum: Let the Heavens Fall.

Coming February2005

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