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Born to Servitude.

By Nuin

01. Swift Fates

Trudging through the snow, he sighed heavily, school...sigh, freezing cold...double sigh. Damn this cold, why couldn't it be summer or at least spring, anything but winter. He may have been born in January, but it didn't have to mean that he was a winter person. He preferred summer, where he could go to the beach...perhaps Shizuka would come visit and they could go together. But never the less, it was to cold and he sped up his pace trying to get home as fast as possible.

He slammed the door shut, locking out the nasty cold breeze. Ah...a warm apartment. He dropped his book bag and shuffled out of his overcoat and shoes. He could smell the scent of a good warm meal coming from the kitchen, his father must have taken the day off, usually he wouldn't be home for a couple hours more. Walking through the kitchen doors, the smell of a hot curry with chicken and rice hit him full force, he grinned at his father, who was slaving over the stove.

"'Tousan, hey you're cooking!" He remarked with a huge smirk.

His father whirled around, startled by Jou's sudden appearance, yet he broke out into his own acknowledging smirk and returned his attention to the food.

"By the way you're addressing me, it would sound like I've never cooked before in my life." He stirred the curry in pace with his words, occasionally tasting it to ether spice it up or finally decide that it was done.

"Just kidding, 'Tousan." He replied while eyeing the food hungrily. "So...when's it done?"

His father broke into a laughing fit, which quickly turned into a sneezing fit when he accidentally inhaled some pepper he had been seasoning the chicken with. Jou hastily went over to pat his back, helping his father get over the fit.

Touya smiled gratefully. "In a minute, go set the table, will you?" Before he got an answer Jou had already cleared the table of books and other unnecessary items and was currently sticking his head into the cupboard searching for the dinner wear.

A couple of broken dinner plates and a burn mark from the hot curry later, the two of them were sitting peacefully at the table. Jou was hurriedly munching down his dinner, trying to eat as much as possible in the contest of surpassing his father's eating skills. Eating contests were fun, well he could do without the scorching of his tongue, when the hot food deliberately burned his taste buds, but otherwise it was fun.

Jou glanced at the clock on the kitchen wall, damn...6:38 p.m. already and he had promised Yugi, he would be at his house by 7 p.m. and it would take at least half an hour to get there. He began to devour his food at an alarming pace, occasionally having a coughing fit and soon his plate was cleared. Touya looked at him worriedly.

"Jou, is everything alright?" Concern written clearly in his eyes.

"Yeah, I just promised I would join the sleepover at Yugi's. I can go, can't I?"

"Of course, it's Friday after all. Go, have fun, eat junk food, pick up girls...or guys." He added with a sly grin, he knew his 17-year-old son's preferences and even though he had known for years, he always managed to make his son blush a variety of different shades of red, so he hastily half-changed the subject. "Whatever it is you and your friends do."

Jou finally managed to bring his blush down and broke out into a wide grin instead. "Thanks 'Tousan. I'll just get going now, okay?" He bounded out of the kitchen and into his room, shoving clothes into a duffle bag and grabbing his deck, he made his way out to the front door. As he was putting on his overcoat and scarf, his father appeared in the living room doorway.

"When should I be expecting you back?" Touya said, while crossing his arms in a playful manner. He smiled at his son, who most of all looked like a little boy in large coat and the scarf that was nearly covering his face. His golden locks dishevelled and hanging down into his golden-brown eyes.

"Probably Sunday, we're going to the movies tomorrow and won't be back before late Saturday night, besides all the guys are staying till Sunday."

"All the guys?" Touya raised an eyebrow. "Anything I show know?" He smirked.

"No, we're just friends."


"'Tousan..." Jou whined, while opening the front door. "Nothing's going to happen."

"Fine, no harm done, it was just a question." Touya patted his son's back and playfully shoved him out of the door. "Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do." And then the door was closed.

The dim light from the small flame lit candle flickered, before flaring up nearly illuminating the entire room. In the middle a young woman was sitting in a crouched position reciting words from an old parchment. The words were flowing in an ancient language no longer spoken by mortal men, just as she finished the last sentence the flame flared up in a distinctly blue colour before turning back to its original reddish-orange.

She smirked, green eyes gleaming with madness. "It is done, you will regret ever turning me down. I could have given you everything. You will know my pain. My Love."

He pulled his coat closer to his body, shivering in the cold, it had begun to snow even heavier than when he last had been outside. A sudden dizzy spell cursed through his body making him sway for a moment. His vision was blurred, whether it was from being dizzy or from the heavy snowfall he didn't know. Another dizzy spell hit him, followed by another and a searing headache. He swallowed hard, everything was becoming hazy and it was difficult to move, then all became darkness as he blacked out falling towards the pavement, but never hitting it.

Pillows were thrown in every direction possible, with the goal of hitting the nearest person in sight. Wild laughter rung throughout the room as the five boys were flinging the fluffy objects at each other. Until the smallest of the five sat down on the bed, heaving chest and wide amethyst eyes. Catching his breath he looked out the window searching for the final member of their group.

'Aibou, are you okay? You seem distracted.' Yami's voice was laced with concern.

Yugi sighed, his ever present spirit and guardian always could look right through him. He shifted to sit in a better position and noticed that the others had quieted down once they saw, he wasn't participating in their fight anymore. They were scattered around the room, Otogi snuggling up against Honda, who had an arm around the green-eyed teen. Yugi sighed once again.

'It's okay, Yami. I'm just worried about Jou-kun, he's never this late.' He caught the eyes of Marik staring intently at him, smiling to his once enemy, he assured him that everything was alright, well at least on the outside. On the inside though Yugi was a mess of emotions, sure Jou could be late, but never like this. He glanced at the clock on his bedside table, 7:54 p.m. where was he? He should have been here an hour ago.

Making up his mind he steered out of the room, ignoring the several 'where are you going?' and went down the stairs to seize the phone. Dialling Jou's home number he contemplated where his best friend could be. Perhaps he got caught up in something, but then he would probably have called them saying he would be late.

He was brought out of his reverie, when someone on the other end of the line answered.

"Jounouchi Touya speaking."

"Uh...Hi Jounouchi-san, this is Mouto Yugi."

"Hello Yugi-kun, how's it going?" Yugi couldn't help smiling at the light tone of Touya's voice, he was an entirely too happy-go-lucky kind of a man.

'Gee, wonder where his son got it from.' Yugi could hear Yami snickering in his soul room.

"Uh...Just fine, but is Jou-kun home? He hasn't shown up yet. He was supposed to come to a sleepover." Yugi tried to keep the concern out of his voice, he wished dearly that Jou had just forgotten the time.

"No...He left over an hour ago, I'm sure it's nothing, he gets caught up in other things way to easily. He probably just forgot the time." Speaking exactly what Yugi had thought mere seconds ago, Touya actually managed without even knowing, to calm Yugi's nerves. It was okay, Jou was okay. So maybe Yugi was a little to overprotective of his friends, but with what happened during Battle City and then later in Noah's Virtual Realm, who could blame him? Jou had even died from him, Marik's darkness had taken Jou away. But he was saved, he had yet again survived what could have been the end. The final in the Battle City tournament had been viscous, but they had been saved, all of them.

"Okay, Jounouchi-san...thanks anyway. Ja ne." He chirped and hung up the phone. He turned around and walked up to the others, waiting with them for Jou to arrive. It would be okay, it would...if he just could get this nagging feeling of his chest.

Clothes ruffled gently in the warm breeze, the sand flowing over the hills covering the still form lightly. Feet shuffled across the sand moving towards the form of a young man dressed in strange garments. Gasps were heard as the unconscious body was turned over to lie on his back. Fingers ran through golden locks, marvelling at its colour and softness, said fingers caressed the pale skin of the boy's cheek. Carefully the boy was picked up, placed in one of the caravan carriages and undressed of the much to heavy and warm overcoat and scarf, though the still unconscious boy was still blissfully unaware of his soon to be fate.

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