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Born to Servitude

By Nuin

16. ...There's a Silver Lining.

The moon cast its glowing silver rays down through the small window, situated near the ceiling of the equally small cell. The silver-white beams were the only proof for the young man in the room, that it was indeed night, as it wasn't often that he experienced the rays of the sun during the day, it was to hot to bear. He sighed, how he wished, he could see the stars on what seemed a clear night sky. He couldn't know for sure, it wasn't as if he could actually see something through that tiny space that separated him from the outside world.

He hated being trapped like this. He needed to be outside, just like when he was at home. When he hung out with the guys at the arcade, their pizza/sleep-over parties, trying to beat Yugi at Duel Monsters, trying mind you, not succeeding. Messing with Kaiba, checking Kaiba out, sneering at Kaiba, lusting after Kaiba. Missing his baby sister and trying to get her to spend the holidays with him. Then there was his father, he dearly missed his father's cooking, his jokes and his mere presence, his family was the foundation of his life.

He absentmindedly played with few small pebbles on the hard ground, pushing them back and forth as he thought of his life up until now. He admitted that he had seen more in his life span than perhaps any other teen in the world, save his friends. The duels, tournaments and threats to their lives caused by fires, Rare Hunters, insane yamis and darkness itself imbedded in a lonely teen deprived of a normal childhood in the light of the sun.

But he had had his friends and family, though the first couple of years his father hadn't been much help. He had been dry a year now, if he had kept it up back home. Kami, he hoped so, they had both fought so hard to get him of the alcohol, just to have him fall back would be devastating. His father really tried, he hadn't touched anything with even the bare minimum trace of alcohol in it, since Jou had finally forced him to stop drinking.

Jou wished that his disappearance hadn't made his father turn to liquor again, he had been the only one able to keep tabs on him. Jounouchi Touya had gotten rid of his habit of drinking and finally landed himself a nice job and he had kept it. Jou had been elated the first time his father had actually cooked in celebration of his new job. It had been hard to get him to quit, but it had been worth it. His father had said so too, it looked like they were a real family again.

If the albino had kept his word he would have been with his father now. No, he reminded himself, he wouldn't, Bakura had said that he didn't know anything about how to work the Ring. Why didn't he? Jou guessed the thief's experience with the Sennen Ring must have come from the millennia, he had spent in the Shadow Realm. But either way he was here now and not with his father or any of the others for that matter, not even Seth. Seth was to him very far away, he could be right outside the door and it would be too far away. If Kaiba was ever right about him being a dog, it would be now, Jou was a pack animal, he craved company, it was his lifeline to reality.

He suddenly felt more alone than ever, he missed everyone. He was tired of just sitting in this dank pit of darkness, he was tired of Egypt and its constant heat, he was tired of everything...and he was hungry.

School this day seemed to last for ages, funny enough that this was Jou's favorites description of how it felt before the bell would set them free. Four hours and they would be able to leave, another hour after that and they would get the two detectives from the station and then all drive to the house of Nezumioni Midori. They would finally get some real answers from her about Jou.

But now Yugi and crew were forced to endure the harshness and boredom of school, and on a day where they absolutely did not want to be there. The only consolation that they had was, if they didn't wait, Nezumioni wouldn't be at home in time for them to come and take action. It would be so not rewarding, if their prime target was absent, when it came down to dealing out her righteously deserved payment.

In co-ordinance with the theory of boredom, Yugi was at his desk slouching down in his seat while playing with his lone pencil, sometimes doodling on the papers in front of him. It was just his luck that this lesson had to be history, the most dreaded and boring class in his school. Usually he would have Jou with him and they would pass messages to each other, sometimes even play little games etched onto the airmail. Of course then it would probably be intercepted by the teacher, who was coincidentally passing by at that exact moment. End of fun.

Right now Yugi was seated far, far away from those few of his friends he had this period with, those few being Seto, Honda and Anzu. And they were all at the other end of the class room. At least Jou sat right beside him. When the seats had been assigned, the teacher had for once had a genuine idea, different from all her colleagues. The students were to draw lots and he had been seated right next to one Jounouchi Katsuya.

'Bored...bored...more bored.' He muttered in his mind, while staring at the incredible important piece of paper in front him. Said paper was supposed, according to some people on this earth, namely teachers, to be filled out with notes of the lecture. But how could someone even concentrate on the matter at hand, namely filling out this very important piece of paper with those oh, so precious notes. When the teacher was droning on, in what, for all it mattered, could be a completely different language? And at that was undeniably boring to listen to. Yugi felt like he had been subjected to the world of Harry Potter and was at this very moment listening to one Professor Binns, the most boring teacher and ghost in the Potter world.

Suddenly a low chuckle in the back of his mind brought him to full awareness.

'Yami, what's the matter? Why are you laughing?' He asked, though he had a distinct feeling, his darker half was laughing at his cost.

'Aibou.' The dark simply stated'You are bored.'

'Wow, what gave the obvious away? The fact that it has been my mantra for the last ten minutes?' Yugi huffed indignantly

'Aibou.' The other cooed, Yugi was sure he could feel his other's grin and was put off by it.

'What?' He growled.

'I hereby challenge you to a friendly game with me. Care to join in?'

'I'm supposed to pay attention to the teacher, you know.' He wagged a mental finger at Yami, even though it was far from what he was doing at the moment, he did not want to be caught playing games with his dark. But he also couldn't help but tease the other in the process.

'And what do you call this you are doing right now? She will not notice, Aibou. She might as well be blind. Join me.' Yugi could feel his resistance drain as Yami coerced him into playing a simple card game with him in Yugi's soul room. Well, this definitely was more fun than listening to a teacher that might as well could have been dead for years. So he gladly indulged his yami, though he didn't show it.

At the other end of the class room a certain brunette was bored as well, no...not Seto, Seto was a few rows down typing away on his laptop. No, this brunette was a certain guy with a penchant for green eyed, black haired game inventors. A game inventor, who wasn't in this class, since he had math at the moment. Honda was staring out into nothingness, bored out of his mind as he absentmindedly tapped a pen against his chin. And to make things worse he wasn't as lucky as some other people he knew, people who had yamis they could talk with, to pass away the time.

So he settled for staring into space, at the walls, at the others in his class, Yugi, who's eyes were glazed over and that meant he was probably talking to his dark...lucky bastard. He looked down at his empty notebook on his desk, maybe if he connected those few splotches accidentally made by his ink-pen earlier, he would get an interesting muster.

In the end he managed to make a complete mess of lines and not knowing exactly what to do with it, he turned the page over to a fresh new one. But now he had nothing to do and the thought of playing tic-tac-toe was not as appealing, when he was all by him self. He, like all his friends, looked forward to this afternoon, not only would they get back that infuriating little leech, but it was also Friday, so that meant no more school for two days.

Right now he was just wishing for the period to be over, so that he could go to lunch, sit with his friends and more importantly sit with his boyfriend. If he was lucky, he prayed he would be, he might be able to steal a few or hopefully more than a few kisses from the midnight haired boy with emerald eyes. Though that time was still too far away for his liking, he noticed as he looked up at the clock on the wall. Another thing he noticed was that Anzu, who was sitting a couple of seats to his left was actually taking notes, well at least he knew were he could get them, if he needed to study.

He returned to his state of utter boredom as he glanced occasionally at the clock, which could by all means save his day. He sighed, why was the time going so slowly, he was certain that it was all a conspiracy. The teachers had purposely slowed the clock down, so that every second seeming like an hour. Tick-tock, tick-tock, slowly goes the clock.

He was so deep into his thoughts of boredom that he was startled out of his seat, when the bell finally rang. He didn't waste any time though as he quickly gathered his books, notebook, pencils and what else he had and dashed out of the room. He made it somewhat unscathed to his locker, running into people wasn't exactly painless, but he would live.

He was happy, because now it was time to eat and after that there were only two hours until school ended for the week. And to make it all really better, he spotted someone particular down the hall attempting to make his way towards him. An arm was soon wrapped around his own and a kiss was pressed against his cheek in greeting. So much better. Honda looked down at his boyfriend and smiled, before he went for the kill claiming the other male's lips in a lustful kiss. When he drew back he caught the dazed look apparent in the emerald green eyes of Otogi Ryuuji. The smaller male smiled up at him.

"I take it that you must have missed me dreadfully." He grinned.

"Of course." Honda cooed.

"Well, I don't blame you, who could not miss me? I am after all very good company." He said with a smug smirk and a wink at his taller boyfriend. Honda just deadpanned and took his lover by the arm to lead him off in the general direction of the cafeteria.

As they entered the vast room, it didn't take long for them to spot their friends. Well, who would? With a friend who had hair like Yugi or someone as tall as Kaiba, how hard could it be to find them. They headed off to the table, greeted their friends and sat down beside them. As Ryuuji brought two lunch packages up from his bag, Honda thought he couldn't be more lucky than to have such a considerate boyfriend, especially since said person had packed all his favourites. After giving Ryuuji a loving and thankful kiss, he happily dug in, attempting to devour the food at rapid pace.

Meanwhile Yami and Yami Bakura had switched places with their lights and were for once not arguing, they were in fact having a civilized discussion over a very important and very serious subject.

"No, 'The Prisoner of Azkaban' is way better than 'The Chamber of Secrets'." Bakura declared.

"Oh, and why is that?" Yami glared at the other.

"Simple. Because of the Dementors. Soul-sucking fiends are fun." He smirked, very confident of himself.

"Figures, you would say something like that. But you have to admit that the spells are better in the second movie. In PoA you could hardly see anything."

"Hnn?" Bakura stared at him questioningly.

"Well, remember the duelling club? Yeah, in CoS they were really cool with the way the wizards were thrown backwards and you could see the light from the spell. But in PoA all you could see, was the opposing wand going up in the air and a small poof. That is it. The effects are much better in CoS than in the third movie." Yami said smugly, simply knowing that he of course was right. "Besides the story is better too."

"PoA is the best!" Bakura protested.

"No, Chamber of Secrets!" Yami shot back.





During this innocent little and of course very civilized discussion, Honda, Otogi and anyone else at the table just continued with their lunch. Honda then leaned into his boyfriend and whispered in his ear.

"Do we know them?"

"Whoever are you talking about, love?" Otogi smiled and took another bite of his food, ignoring the two darks and that was the end of said conversation between the two brunettes. Though several odd stares were turned their way as the discussion slowly grew louder and only stopped, when Bakura finally decided to punch Yami in the face. But that later turned into another form of discussion, as the offended former Pharaoh picked up a string of noodles and hurled them at the former Tomb Robber.

Seth wandered down the hallways of the royal palace, his goal firmly set in his mind. He took a right turn, passed a few servants, a couple of guards, he properly and correctly greeted some fellow priests, had an unfortunate run in with his father and finally he landed at his destination. He knocked once on the door and it was answered a few moments later by a servant girl.

As he entered the room, he was immediately hit with strong smell of burning incense. He coughed to try and clear his nearly watering eyes and constricting throat. The room itself, like any other belonging to a high ranking noble, scholar, priest or priestess, was decorated in lavish colours and materials. Soft pillows cushioned on the large divan placed near a table over-flooded with bowls, which were filled to the brink with fresh fruits, water and rich incense. Suddenly he became aware of a presence behind and he turned to find the Priestess Isis standing in the doorway, he had entered through only moments before.

She smiled warmly and asked him to sit if he wanted. After having provided himself with some fruit and water, he turned his questioning gaze towards her. She immediately picked up on what he wanted to know.

"Did you bring the scroll?" She asked.

As he brought it out from under his robes, he replied. "Yes, I was quite surprised that I had nearly forgotten all about this little wonder. Do you truly believe that it will work?"

"Of course. If not. I would never have given it to you in the first place." She reached out her hand. "May I see it? To make sure it is the right one you brought along." She grasped the offered end of the scroll and quickly read through it. "Yes, this is exactly the one we need."

He looked at her suspiciously. "You knew this would happen. Did you not?"

She nodded. "I warned you several times, but your infatuation with the boy blinded your common sense. If your actions today do not work, grief is inevitable for you. Your golden slave will die then. The Council is slowly wearing down the young Pharaoh's resistance against them." She looked solemnly at Seth, serious and worried. "Soon they will have spun him so far into their web that he cannot escape. But we are his priests and must help him. If not, the world is damned to live in darkness."

Seth was confused, why must she always talk in riddles? All he wanted was to get his Jou safely out of the cell and as far away from the council as humanly or magically possible. That was understandable, wasn't it? Jou was everything to him and if Isis was right, he would lose him. Seth would rather send him to another place, though he would be out of his reach, Jou would be safe. It was all that mattered to him.

"I still can't believe you two started a food fight." Anzu scolded with a glare, though it wasn't as threatening as it usually was, especially not when her hair was still covered in odd bits of food as she wasn't able to get it all out. The rest of the group snickered lightly as they walked out of the school, the bell having finally told the time to go home.

Bakura and Yami however were quite smug, seeing as they had retreated back into their soul rooms and left their lights to deal with the mess and the scolding. Though their lights were not of their opinion as they yelled at them, threatened to lock them up in their respective soul rooms and cut off their mental link for the rest of the day, if they didn't behave. Which meant they wouldn't be able to see, what was going on in their raid of Nezumioni's house. Grudgingly they complied and at the same time lost some of their smugness.

At that moment Seto stalked up to the group of friends, enemies and lovers, greeted them and asked them to follow him.

Huddled into a large group they all made their way through the crowds towards the waiting limo, Seto had ordered to come and pick them up. They were to go to his house and create a game plan, before they would deal with the wretched wench as one Yami Bakura so eloquently had put it.

Of course at the time they arrived, Yami and Bakura had taken over their lights bodies and continued their previous discussion. A discussion that only ended when Seto threatened to leave them at the mansion. A threat that Yugi and Ryou backed up by refreshing their former threat of grounding them in their soul rooms. This immediately shut the two spirits up, seeing as they, even for all the riches in the world, did not want to miss this afternoons events.

Somehow, someway the group actually managed to keep themselves occupied. Some of them took much needed showers, others watched television and some had to keep a couple of yamis out of trouble, until Seto deemed it was time for them to head out. With the additions of Mokuba and Mai, who had arrived some time later, they all stepped into the spacious limo, though today it seemed smaller than usual. And they were off, Seto had beforehand arranged with the officers that they would meet up at their destination and go in together.

Seth stalked through the hallways towards the lower levels of the palace and the cell, where Jou was kept. Isis had agreed to wait in his quarters. Should he and Jou be discovered and separated, then the blonde would know where to go. Isis would help Jou get away safely, if he himself could not. He was certain of it. She was a kind, albeit sometimes weird, person, who had an affection for cryptic speeches. And she had offered her help.

He walked in confident strides, ignoring everyone he though might uphold him from his path. He reached the entrance to the lower levels, quickly checking that there were only a bare minimum of people seeing him enter, he swiftly descended the stairs. Seth could feel the effects of going deeper under ground as the temperature slowly decreased. It wasn't uncomfortable, but over a longer period of time it might not be so pleasant. He slipped past the guards easily. Who would dare deny him entrance anyway? No, the guards would not refuse him, if they valued their lives. To them it could all be a routine checkup, keeping them on their toes.

The hallway was lit clearly, thanks to the torches placed on strategic spots. It was more damp, yet also dry, an odd combination, but possible. He passed several empty cells in the search for the one he was interested in. Occasionally there would a prisoner looking out at him with wide alert eyes, their bodies tense, all probably fearing that he was here to bring them to their final judgement. He heard several of the poor souls sigh in relief as he passed their cell. They had been spared for the moment.

Finally he found what he was searching for. He could distinctly make out the tell tale golden hair or his lover. The blonde was facing the small window at the top of the opposite wall, just below the ceiling, he back turned towards Seth. He quickly took the keys he had snatched from the guards at the entrance and unlocked the door. The sound he made alerted the young man inside, who quickly turned around to see the one entering.

Seth found himself staring into twin pools of liquid gold, Jou had been crying he reasoned. The youth's face a myriad of emotions, first disbelief, followed by disarray, guilt, hurt, sadness, then finally his entire face lit up with an exuberance of joy. Seth had been smiling at him the entire time in reassurance that it was alright. Suddenly the young priest found himself with a lap full of Jou, the other male clinging to him as if his life depended on it. He returned the embrace and placed a chaste kiss on the blonde's forehead in greeting.

Though as soon as he retreated, Jou grabbed him by his ears and gently tugged him down again. Soft lips encased his own, as Jou manoeuvred his hands into Seth's hair, to deepen the kiss. Seth placed his own two hands on the small of Jou's back and behind the blonde's neck. He traced the yielding lips offered to him and asked for entrance. Jou complied willingly by parting his lips slightly and bring out his own tongue to play. How he had missed this the past days, to have Jou in his arms. If he missed him this much after just seven days, how was he going to feel, when Jou was gone forever?

Slowly Seth took a firm grip of Jou's shoulders and drew back for some much needed air.

"What a greeting." He smirked at the now blushing male before him. "Though we have not much time, Isis is waiting."

"Wait, where are we going?" Jou locked his questioning honey eyes on the taller man.

"Listen closely, Jou. If we get separated, go back to our quarters. Isis will be there. It is important that you make it there, nothing else matters." He grabbed Jou by his hand and dragged him out of the cell. "I will make sure the path is clear and you must hurry. Isis will tell you everything, when you arrive. Understood?"

Jou nodded mutely, though he didn't understand it entirely. He was confused. What was going on? He obligingly followed the sable haired man, only to be surprised, when said person swiftly knocked out both guards at the end of the hall. He signalled for Jou to come and help him hide the unconscious guards away from prying eyes. Then they quickly made their way up the stairs and down the hall, in the hope that no one would register the two of them. Seth was certain that as long as he acted like he always did, which meant mostly ignoring everyone in his path, they would make it safely to his quarters.

They had covered a good deal of the way, when suddenly someone yelled out from the direction, they had come from. The guards had been found and Jou's cell had been discovered empty. It was just their luck. They had been found out. Raging footsteps and loud voices rung out through the hallways as guards alarmed those in command.

Then the sound of the footsteps came closer to them and Seth knew they had to get out of there. He quickly pushed Jou ahead in attempt to get him to leave.

"Run, Jou, run as fast as you can. Find Isis. I will hold them off as long as I can." He quickly grabbed Jou by the neck and caught his lips in bittersweet kiss full of fear, despair and longing. Then he released the startled male and pushed him away. "Go! Now!" And with that he turned around to face the oncoming horde. With one quick move he had the Rod out and was already summoning a monster to aid him. This was the last Jou saw, before he disappeared down the corridor.

Jou sprinted down the hallways, not caring if he ran into someone. Seth had told him to go to their quarters and meet Isis. Why? He did not know. But for Seth to give him time to get there, it must be important. So he for once obediently did what Seth asked, if the priest had not, Jou would probably have stayed alongside the other to fight.

He rounded a corner and finally came to a halt before the doors to Seth's chambers. Without much ado he opened them and stormed in, before he quickly closed them again, his back against the doors. He filled his lungs with much needed air since he had been running the entire way. Jou then looked up to find Isis standing in front of him, a worried expression on her tanned face.

"I was beginning to think neither of you would appear." She then relaxed and motioned for Jou to follow her. "I assume we do not have much time, since you have come alone."

She walked over to a table in the far end of the room and picked up a scroll. "Sit down on the floor. I will tell you what to do."

"What is going on?" He still did not understand, what was happening around him. One moment he was in his cell, the next Seth and he were running from the guards and now Isis was here, which most certainly was confusing for him. What was she doing here?

"Did Seth not tell you? No? I am attempting to send you back were you truly belong."

Jou eyes lit up. He was going home? Could it be true? If so, he finally understood the urgency Seth had showed, when they were running from the guards and the last kiss made sense as well. He might not see Seth any more, if Isis succeeded in her plot before the priest could arrive. He might never see the blue eyed teen again.

"Well? Sit down." She said somewhat impatiently. She then hustled around lighting candles and looked over the scroll one more time to make sure she had remembered everything. She then returned with a bundle of objects, all of them turned out to be the jewelry that had been taken from Jou, when he was imprisoned. He looked questioningly at her. "Seth wanted you take them with you, to remind you of him. Besides they are yours." He smiled in gratitude and quickly donned the items as Isis sat down opposite of him.

A sudden question shot up in Jou. "Where will I appear? I assume it's the same spell that sent me here. But I was unconscious for days then, and I felt dizzy. That, I don't want go through again. I felt like I was going to throw up."

"This was done without your consent, yes? In a case such as this, travelling through time and space, co-operation is essential. Whoever did this to you, was very foolish. You could have been caught in between eras as we know it."

He gulped, this did not look good. "But how are you sure that it won't happen now?"

She smiled reassuringly. "With your co-operation. Now, you have to concentrate on someone you wish to see, someone you know well. Only concentrate on this. I will reach out to your soul, this will make you slightly dizzy, but not enough to make you lose consciousness. By reaching out to your soul, I am making sure that every part of you is sent to where you're supposed to go. Are you ready?" A short nod from him and she began chanting.

The limo arrived at the same time the civilian police car turned around the street corner. Looking like they had had timed it down to the very second, they stepped out the vehicles at the exact same time. The house the large group was standing in front was typical middle class, it was...quaint. Seto not being the one for waiting patiently, strode up to the front door and rang the door bell. Seconds later a middle-aged woman answered, she was nice enough and turned out to be Midori's mother. Not quite understanding what the famous Kaiba Seto wanted with her daughter and why he was carrying a search warrant at that, she confusedly led them up to her daughter's room, before leaving them again.

The group exchanged glances once before Seto reached for the doorknob and twisted it. They gasped, when they got a better look inside. Midori was sitting Indian-style with her back to them on the carpet, chanting. An old dusty volume was in front of her and she was running her fingers down the page. Suddenly she stopped and whipped around, an odd gleam in her green eyes.

"What are you doing here?" She literally hissed. Then she got a closer look at the people in front of her. "Seto-kun?" Her eyes suddenly lit up and a wide grin was on her face. "I knew you would come. Sooner or late you would come to me."

"But why did you bring these people, they are not worthy of your company. And I was just about to save you from them, look." She held up the book, she had read from before, like she was a little child showing her parents her latest masterpiece of art. "This spell will get rid of them and we can be together, you would be free." She was smiling.

She was stark raving mad, everyone silently agreed.

"What makes you think that I would need to be saved from my friends? What gives you the right to judge over peoples' lives?" Seto snarled at her. He had heard enough. He wanted some answers. "What did you do to Jounouchi Katsuya? Where is he?"

She began laughing maniacally and swaying from side to side. The two officers hurried over to her, grabbing her by the arms they hauled her to a standing position. "The mutt has gone bye-bye. Never coming back." She said in a sing-song voice all while laughing in between sentences. Her laughter increased and soon became hysterical. Realizing that they wouldn't get any answers worth something out of her, the officers began to drag her out of the room.

Suddenly a blinding light shot out through the room, it mixed with shadows in a display of radiant colours as a silhouette slowly materialized before them. At the same time a shrill scream erupted in the room, with a voice that sounded like a female's. Since they had brought up their hands to protect their eyes form the light, they could not clearly make out the figure a few steps away from them.

Slowly the light died down and in the centre of the room stood a tanned body clad only in a kilt. It was a male that much was clear. Golden bands circled his wrists and upper arms. A small leather string with some form of amulet hung from his neck. He wore sandals on his feet. His flaxen hair was long and brushed past his shoulders as it gently swayed, when he moved. Finally the stunned group of people in the room could see the man's face. A straight roman nose, high cheekbones and golden-brown eyes.

Yugi was shocked. How? What? Jou? It was Jou. There was no doubt about it, he was here, he was safe. He made a move towards his long-time missing friend, but a blur of brown and blue got to Jou before him. Kaiba Seto was faster than Yugi and had already enveloped Jou in a fierce embrace.

Two hot, searing and familiar lips crushed against his own. He was pressed up against a muscular and lean built body, two strong arms pinning him to the other's chest. A tongue so hot, slick and incredibly familiar slid into his mouth. Seth! Had the spell not worked, was he still with Seth and Atemu?

No. He could smell the acid odor of the exhaust-pipes of the cars. He could hear the noise of the modern day city. And most of all he could scent the light touch of a Hugo Boss cologne, something which Seth most certainly did not use. But who was this that made him feel so safe as he only ever did, when he was in Seth's arms. They had the same build, the same strong arms and the same delicious lips. Could he be as lucky as to actually be, where had wanted to be for so long? But this man hated him or at least he thought so.

The lips of the other descended again and again, as if to reassure himself that he was actually there and Jou willingly complied. He felt safe, protected, welcomed and missed. Small nips travelled down his jaw, before the other slowly backed away to allow him to look into burning sapphire eyes, burning just for him. Kaiba. Then he was brought back into the warm embrace, crushing him against the other male. But it didn't hurt, it was breathtaking and slowly he reached up with his own arms to encircle the brunette. Then another pair of arms joined around his middle and another pair around his shoulders, everywhere the arms could get a hold of him. This was right, this was how it was supposed to be.

He looked up to see the beaming faces of his friends. It didn't matter that he had no orientation about where they were, he didn't recognize the place. It didn't matter that he was still slightly dizzy from the trip or what ever it could be called. It didn't matter that he was most definitely dazed from the kisses bestowed upon him. It didn't matter that any moment now, he would step out onto the street and might freeze his ass off because his minimal amount of clothes.

It simply didn't matter...


He was home.


"Say, Bakura-kun?"

"What, Pharaoh's light?" Annoyed sigh.

"You wouldn't happen to know what happened to Midori?" Nervous shuffle of feet.

"The bitch? No, why?"

"It's just Yami felt shadow magic being cast at the same time Jou appeared. And it wasn't him that cast it."

"Oh, and then of course it must be me. Right?"

"Well." Sigh "You are the only other person that knows how to. So were you the one?"

"Maybe." Devious smirk.

"What did you do to her?" Curious glance.

"I may have given her the pleasure of a guided tour through the Shadow Realm, courtesy of my man-eater bug."

A startled gasp, then stunned silence and then...

"You talked to Yami, didn't you?"

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