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Rebirth of The Damned.

By Nuin.

01. Don't Forget Conniving and Back-stabbing.

He shifted closer to the warm body behind him. He sighed deeply as two arms encircled his chest and a few kisses were pressed against the back of his neck. He smiled contently as a leg swooped over to entangle with his own. This wasn't anything new, but it was comforting and he loved it. Who else could say that they were able to get such a warm hearted response from the otherwise so cold Kaiba Seto?

In the first few months of their relationship, Seto would always hold onto him tightly after sex, as if he were afraid that Jou would disappear again. Though over the course of the past six months Seto had lessened his hold on Jou during the nights, they were together, he never really let go of him.

The first couple of months he had been home, it was as if everyone around him was treating him like he was made of glass or that he was a small child, incapable of taking care of himself. Neither of his friends had been willing to let him out of their sight for an undetermined amount of time. Whenever school was out, either one of his friends would walk him home or his father would come pick him up. It was frustrating. Made him want to break something, preferably one of Seto's priceless Ming vases.

But one good thing had come out of all this time-travel business, well two good things, really good.

One: Shizuka and his mother had moved back to Domino. Though his parents had given each other comfort during the time, he was in the land of the Pharaohs and in their era as well, the two of them were simply not in love anymore. They had decided not to try and patch up their once relationship and had separated again. But Shizuka had been on the verge of a breakdown, when he had vanished for a little over three months. She had pleaded with their mother to move back to Domino, because she wanted to be closer to her brother and his friends. Should she never see him again, she had reasoned that she would never forgive their mother for being so narrow-minded. So she had agreed. Now they were at least in the same city and not farther away from each other than a short bus-ride.

Two: He had Seto.

He snickered slightly at the thought, he had Kaiba Seto all to himself, well at least in the night. But just having the stoic brunette open up to him was the best thing ever happening in his life. He had been the most adamant in making sure Jou was safe. He had often waited for him after school to give him a ride home. He had sat down beside Jou during lunch always managing somehow to steal at least one kiss from him. It was as if Seto had decided that their relationship had started the very day, he had returned from Kemet. Seto had been the first to hold him, when he appeared and then he had kissed him like the world would end tomorrow.

They had just gone from there and it worked. With some persuasion from Seto's side, though Jounouchi liked to think of it as begging on his knees.

Apparently his light turning about had roused the dead or more correctly the sleeping as in the one sleeping down under. A hand began travelling further south as succulent kisses were bestowed on his back. Suddenly he was turned over and was met with the deep sapphire eyes of his lover. Seto smiled as he moved in to kiss just above Jou's eyebrow, then on the bridge of his nose and finally trying to suck out his soul by attaching himself to Jou's mouth. Jou drew back and looked into the disappointed face of the brunette. Jou just smiled and arched up into Seto's hands as the brunette played with his nipples in a new attempt to rouse his blonde lover's lust.

"Unngh, Seto it's past midnight." Jou murmured and gasped as the other placed a well aimed kiss on his throat.

"So? It's not a school day tomorrow." Seto just answered and continued with his worshipping the delectable neck in front of him.

"That's not what I meant."

"Hmm." Another kiss to the other side of his throat.

"Look at me Seto."

"Hmm." A lick around his ear shell.

"Seto. Look at me." Jou drew further back, well as far as possible. He smiled gently up at the sapphire eyed teen above him. He then slowly pulled Seto's face down towards him, but went past his mouth and instead trailed the brunette's ear with his tongue. He whispered softly.

"What I meant to tell you, but you wouldn't listen to was..." He blew slightly into Seto's ear. "Happy Birthday, Seto." And then he quickly drew back to kiss the other male full on the mouth. A kiss that was eagerly responded to. Their tongues danced languidly for several minutes before Seto slowly drew back again. He smiled smugly.

"Yeeess." He hissed. "Happy Birthday to me." And then he went for the kill, plunging his hand beneath the sheets, arousing the blonde to full awareness. They continued to play with each other, joining and necking until they finally lay spent on the king-sized bed cuddling.

Seto played absentmindedly with one of Jou's golden locks, twirling it around his long fingers. The blonde yawned and snuggled closer to the taller male behind him. Jou's breathing evened out as he succumbed to the land of dreams. Seto lay awake for a while afterwards, content with just watching the blonde male in his bed. He pressed a soft kiss to the other's cheek and closed his eyes, joining his lover in a deep sleep.

Seto growled, he was annoyed, well that was one way to put it, a very mild way. To be perfectly honest, he was on the verge of having a vein pop open on his forehead, bleed his hands dry from digging his nails into the palms and if he could, he would probably also breathe fire. But the last one was just wishful thinking on his behalf, it would have come to good use on the male sitting across from him on the other side of the table.

The male was infuriating, what part of no didn't he understand. Seto would never in his entire life agree to the idea. This wasn't the first time Seto had come across the other male in a matter such as this. And it would not be the last time either. But what was more problematic today was that his opponent in this case had brought help with him. The little traitor, he sneered. How could he do this to him? Well, the other conspirator did have a way of convincing people to do what he wanted, he himself included. He sighed heavily, why must he deal with such things? He looked over to the two males, both of them looking quite smug and confident of themselves. He gathered his wits and prepared for the onslaught.

"Mokuba. What on Earth made you believe that I want to hold a Birthday Party tonight? You could have asked me sooner."

"And have you ruin it all by saying no? 'Nii-sama, everything has been planned, bought and catered. And I asked you today so you wouldn't be able to cancel any of our carefully planned ideas." Mokuba reasoned, knowing that he had cornered his older brother. He knew he would win this tryst, especially since he had Jou on his side in this matter.

"But I have meetings an-"

"All previous arrangements have been cancelled last week, your appointments agreed that they could wait, since it was your birthday today." Jou pitched in.

"And of course they couldn't say no to the sweet, innocent little brother, who just wanted to celebrate his big brother's birthday with him." Mokuba brought out the big puppy-dog eyes and pout as emphasis to his point.

"Don't forget conniving and back-stabbing to go with 'sweet' and 'innocent'." Seto added mockingly, he received a glare, but it was more playful than scathing.

"Besides." Jou spoke up. "I would like to spend your birthday with my darling boyfriend as well."

"Your boyfriend? Are you having an affair behind my back, Mutt?" Seto teased and for good measure threw in the blonde's old nickname, just to spite him.

"Yes, and I was hoping to bring him to the Birthday party tonight, Moneybags." His voice then turned to a seductive and hushed whisper. "So what do you say, Lover? Should we create an upstart and make my other boyfriend jealous?" He teased right back with a wide grin and laughter in his golden brown eyes.

Seto stared at his boyfriend incredulously, then he smirked, when the two most important people in his life ganged up on his, there was to be no escape. He knew that. Mokuba plotted his plans as meticulously as Seto did his business affairs. They were all without any loops holes for one Kaiba Seto. So he might as well just give in before they would start nagging him every chance they got. They had even arranged for an appointment with him today, it was why he was now sitting across from them in his office at Kaiba Corp. Very tricky little devils, the two of them were. His little brother and his boyfriend, together they would be able to persuade anyone to do their bidding, especially him.

"Fine, I will go to the party, but don't expect me to like it." He sighed, while running a hand through his hair in frustration.

Jounouchi Katsuya and Kaiba Mokuba whooped for joy and made a V-sign with their fingers for success. Their plan had worked, now they just needed to get the guest of honour ready for tonight.

Mokuba gazed out at the crowd gathered in the den from his perch at the top of the stairs, so far everything went according to plan. The guests were enjoying themselves, they had all showed up, all of them were actually happy and encouraged to show themselves in the house of Kaiba Seto.

He spotted Yugi engaged in a conversation with Anzu, both of them laughing from time to time. They were two of his other partners in crime or to be more correct; partners in scheming against his big brother. He snickered, it was time for his brother to make his appearance, whether he wanted to or not.

Mokuba scurried off to find his brother, who was probably still in his room. Come to think of it, he also needed to find Jou, he hadn't seen him all night. The blonde had gone off at a point to find the brunette, but hadn't returned yet. He stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the first moan.

'Great.' He thought. This was just perfect, here he had agreed with Jou to allow the blond to search for his brother and they were at it again. For crying out loud they had guests waiting in the den. He moved closer to the door, when a growl pierced the air.

"Damn it, too tight!" Mokuba could hear his older brother curse out.

"Well, then make it fit!" Jou replied in a growl of his own. Mokuba gulped he did not want to walk in the two in a compromising situation. It was too much for his eyes to bear.

"Maybe if I twist this way...aw great now I'm stuck." Mokuba winced at the image the words created in his teenaged mind.

"Now look what you've done, Moneybags!" Jou snarled, bringing up his taunting name for Seto. "We're expected down stairs and if we don't fix this right now, we have to go done like this."

"Well, if you hadn't insisted on doing this, we wouldn't be in this predicament. Now would we?" Seto cast scathingly back at the blonde.

"Wait, just a minute, Seto. I think if I move it this way we could get it out."

"Oww. That hurt Katsuya."

"Sorry, but if you'll just hold still...maybe I can wrench you out."

"Okay, just make sure you don't rip anything."

Mokuba flinched, this was too much, he had to stop them before they anymore damage to themselves. He swiftly barged open the twin doors to his older brother's room and walked in. Mokuba halted in mid-stride and gaped. He had walked in only to find his brother crammed into a shirt, his arms crossed above his head tangled inside the material and stuck in the pose of having pulled the tight shirt off halfway. His face and upper chest was caught in the shirt and he wasn't able to see anything as the were covered by the soft fabric of the silk shirt.

Jou was standing right behind him trying to wrench to shirt off, pulling and twisting it in every direction possible. He growled in frustration and began jumping up and down trying to pull the shirt with him. He whined when it didn't work. Just then he turned and noticed the black haired boy standing in the doorway, mouth wide open and eyes blinking rapidly in disbelief. Jou grinned happily.

"Hey, Mokuba, could you give us a hand here."

At this Seto turned around blindly. "Mokuba?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm here, 'Nii-sama." Mokuba had finally recollected himself and instead he favoured to laugh, both of his own stupidity for assuming such things with out proof, but with his brother and Jou, you could never know. The other thing he laughed at was the situation, never had he thought that his big brother would be caught in a situation like this. "Mind telling me what's going on?" He smirked.

Jou blushed. "Well, you see, we accidentally mixed up our shirts and Seto has mine on right now. So he couldn't get it on and now he can't get it off again."

Mokuba understood that, now it also made sense to him why Jou was wearing a shirt much to large for him. He walked over to the desk placed near the window and opened the top drawer. He fumbled around in the drawer for a while, before he triumphantly drew back with a pair of scissors in his hand. He stepped up to the tall brunette an apologetic expression on his adolescent face.

"I'm sorry 'Nii-sama, but I have to cut this off, hope it wasn't too expensive." And he cut a straight line from the hem to the collar of the shirt.

Finally a pair of sapphire blue eyes peeked out of the now ruined shirt. Seto sighed in relief and smiled in gratitude to his little brother. Mokuba smiled in return, he had noticed that Seto had been smiling a lot more regularly in the past months than he had ever done since they had been adopted. Mokuba blamed that on Jou. Seto was more relaxed now, he didn't guard his feelings so vehemently anymore, except if he was in a business meeting.

Quickly before either of the two brothers had noticed anything Jou was standing with a fresh new shirt in his arms offering it to Seto. The brunette eyed the clothes warily as if fearing that the blonde had once again mistaken the sizes. He then took hold of it and held it out at an arm's length to investigate it. He glanced at Jou.

"I hope you have found the right size this time." Jou blushed embarrassed as Seto pulled the shirt over his head to find that it fit perfectly. He smirked and placed a small peck on the blonde's lips before running his hands through his hair to make sure it was perfect. Jou himself hurriedly picked out another shirt, one in his own size and changed into it.

"Well, now that it's settled and we are dressed properly, shall we join our guests?" Seto said and held out his arm like a chivalrous gentleman for Jou to take it. The blonde laughed and did a little mock curtsey, before accepting the pro-offered arm. Mokuba followed the pair out of the doors shaking his head.

Yugi looked at the shocked face of Seto, it was clear that he had never expected so many people to come this night. Though the tall brunette tried to hide his shock and following pleasure at the many people wishing him well, Yugi saw right through it. Seto's eyes lit up like a little child on Christmas morning, it was clear that he was overjoyed and surprised at the fact that anyone, besides the small group of friends he had, would actually willingly attend his birthday party. But the truth was; had it been a year ago, none would have showed up, no one would have cared, no one but Seto's little brother.

Incorporating Seto into the tightly knit group of friends had been a revelation to Yugi about how lonely the other boy had actually been. Seto had always acted so aloof as if he didn't care. But underneath all the layers of his carefully erected walls of protection, Kaiba Seto was just another teenage boy. He had been hesitant at first, not wanting to give anything away that maybe could be used against him later, but he had slowly opened up to the others, especially after he got together with Jou.

Just the thought of the two of them together made everyone warm up to the CEO of Kaiba Corporation. It was as if everyone finally saw the brunette as radiant as he was, when he was in the near proximity of his blonde boyfriend. Kaiba Seto was passionate, there was no doubt about that, but it was the blonde who brought it out. He made the world see what kind of a man the teen really was. In Jou's company Seto could be himself, even if they were among a thousand other people. Jou simply had the ability to bring out the best, yet also sometimes the worst in people, because he was honest with himself and that inspired others to follow his lead.

Yugi smiled at the display of gifts on the table, most of them contained something to do with Duel Monsters or were simple greeting cards, since no one really knew what to buy the person, who had everything. Seto probably had every item on the table al ready, but he thanked everyone as if they were giving him something of priceless value. Seto definitely knew how to charm his guests that was certain. They all felt welcome, Yugi could see it on their faces. To think that someone, whom was thought to have no heart, could make people feel so at ease.

Seto was currently unwrapping a series of gifts from the their little group of friends, they had all pitched together to buy an elaborate chess-set, the board was made from clear crystal, the squares alternating between clear crystal and a fine gold. The pieces were made of crystal as well, one set lined with gold, the other with silver. Marik had thought it would be fun to wrap up every single piece of the game and allow Seto to unwrap them one by one. So he was struggling to find all the pieces between the heaps of wrapping paper on the table. Seto was astounded, he thanked all of the guests by breaking out into a small genuine smile, catching everyone of guard.

Jou swooped in and startled everyone once again by placing a full kiss on the appreciative CEO. Then suddenly Mokuba turned up with a huge box from both he and Jou. A small whimper was heard from inside the box and the sound of something breathing nervously. Seto opened the box carefully and was at once met with a wet nose and lick in face. Two soft brown eyes peered up at his own blue ones.

"Well." Mokuba began with a suppressed laugh and a wide smirk, as his brother was looking rather startled at the younger Kaiba. "You always talked about how much you loved puppies, so we got you one."

Seto looked at the black puppy again and picked it up from the box. It wagged its tail profusely and jumped into Seto's lap placing its paws on his chest trying to lick his face again. Jou then handed him another present, which turned out to be a dark blue collar. Fastening the collar around the pup's neck proved to be more difficult than anticipated, seeing as it continuously attempted to jump up to its new master's shoulders. But finally the collar was put on and Seto was able to grab the black male Labrador pup by it and haul him down to the floor.

"He hasn't got a name yet, Seto." Mokuba said.

Seto looked up in wonder at his little brother from his place kneeling on the floor by the ecstatic dog.

"Onyx." He whispered, while patting his new pet on its head.

"Excuse me?" Yugi asked, not quite catching the softly spoken words.

"His name is Onyx." Seto clarified and scratched the dog behind one of the floppy ears. He noticed that there were small streaks white fur at the very tip of each ear as well as at the paws and the end of the pup's tail. The dog was perfect.

"Cute." Marik commented as he reached a hand forward to pet the newest member of the Kaiba family. "But don't get to caught up playing with the pup. There's still one gift left. Look." He pointed at the table, where a gift no one had noticed earlier lay proudly wrapped in white paper.

Seto curiously took hold of it, by the size of it, it was fairly big and had somewhat sharp edges, he could feel them through the paper. He began ripping the paper away, discarding it unceremoniously on the floor.

"I can't use it anymore. "Marik said, indicating that the gift was from him. "It hasn't been responding to me at all lately. And I thought it should be yours instead. It used to belong to you anyway." He finished with a smirk, but his eyes shone with curiosity as Seto pulled away the last of the wrapping paper to reveal the golden item hidden within. Several gasps were heard, especially from Jou and his friends.

It was the Sennen Rod.

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Onyx: A Black gem stone with white streaks. It was said to give its bearer authority, strength and constancy.