Anything but Ordinary

Hello everybody! This is my first fanfic that I've written in the time of the Marauders. Flames are welcome and enjoy the story!



James. James Potter. He's so annoying but yet he thinks that he's the hottest thing to hit Hogwart's. And yet...

"Oh Tiger Lily, isn't it a beautiful day today? It pretty much reminds me of you," said James.

" Bugger off or I'll hex you into the next century," I stated.

"Woah...take a chill pill Lils,How come I can't admire your beauty,"

I was about to say something until James runs to the other side of the Great Hall and yells at the to of his lungs,

"Oi , Snivellus! Over here!"

Snape didn't look at him, but I noticed his pace was a bit faster than it was before. Out of nowhere the rest of the Marauders appeared, including James, of course, followed by Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and tailing the back end was Peter Pettigrew. I don't know why Peter is a Marauder because they treat him like dirt, but hey, that's just me.

"Snivellus, wait up for your bested buddies!" yelled Sirius.

" Let me get this straight, 1)You were never my friend, 2) Get away from me, and 3) What exactly are gonna do to me .Huh? Hang me upside showing the whole world my knickers, my fun of my hair or leave me in the Forbidden Forest with no cholthes on?" Severus spat angerily.

The Marauders all looked at eachother, but I noticed they all had a twinkle in the eyes, reminding me of Proffesor Dumbledore.

" you know what?," stated Remus, " That last one sounds pretty good to me? " How about you guys," motioning towards the rest of the Marauders.

" Right-o Mr. Mooney, that is a great idea." stated James. James even had his trademark smirk.

Before Snape could do anything, Padfoot yelled, Alohamora!pointing his wand towards Snape. Out of the blue, Snape was floating gracefully, but with so much anger building up inside of him. Severus was going towards the Forbidden Forest and running behind him was me and the rest of the Marauders.

Remus shouted, " Accio Cholthes!" Remus has changed from bookworm to prankster . But do you expect from a 16-year old werewolf. And yes, I already knew. We all started to run away from a nude Snape floating in the Forbidden Forest. He was cursing and swearing but we didn't care. As we ran along ,we were all about to double over laughing. But then we were quiet as we sat in a circle outside the Great Hall. I noticed James inching his way towards me but I pretended I didn't notice. I thinks we have one of those love/hate relationships.

"I have an ides," piped up Sirius," Let's play Truth or Dare: Hogwarts style."


SO.. what did ya think? I know, some of you are thinking it is really boring, but the next chapter is really good. So now you know what to do! Please Review! Flames are welcome! Ciao!