Anything but Ordinary

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( Lily's P.O.V)

What is up with Sirius? He hasn't been himself lately. He seems if the only person in the world that matters is Michelle. I mean, I have nothing against the girl, she's a nice person in all, but I thought Sirius loved ME. Yes ME, not Michelle, just ME. Sure, I have great friends, family and James, but I also had Sirius. I know, I sound so conceited but that's how I feel. I hate seeing Sirius with Michelle always at his side. It bugs me that Sirius just gave up on me without a fight. James would put a big fight up for me if some other guy came along, but obviously, not Sirius.

"Hey Lily!" said a voice from behind me. It was Michelle.

"Wow, you're finally alone," I snorted as I picked up my book.

"What's that supposed to mean?" she snarled and sat down.

"Oh, nothing," I said and put the book down, "So, do you want to have girls night out tonight?"

Immediatly, I noticed Michelles face light up.

"Of course!" she said, "What is on the agenda for tonight?"

"Hmmm...I was thinking about you, me and Alice go to a party down in Hogsmede. Sound good?" I asked.

"Definiatly, what time?" she asked excitedly.

"Late. But with no guys. Just us, " I explained.

"Awesome. Sounds great. How about 9ish?" Michelle asked.

I put my book down and smiled at her. "It's a date."

"Okay, see ya then," she said returing the smile. She got up from her chair, gave me a little wave, and left.

Lily's P.O.V Next morning...

I wake up from my dreamless sleep, hoping that the previous night was all a dream. I glance over at Michelles bed.


Still made from the morning last.

Still the same.

I wish I had never suggested that party. It was one of the worst nights in my entire life.

Previous Night Lily's P.O.V.

I glance at my watch, seeing if it was almost time for the party. Only 10 more minutes. I put on my peasent skirt that has a unique design and a layered gold top. I hear the bangles of my gold metal bracelets as my arms meet my sides. I have my hair in a high ponytail with a gold barette for elegance. I sit down on the concrete bench outside of the grounds and swing my legs to give me something to do. I hear the big doors behind me swing and close. I turn around hoping it was not a professor. Thank goodness.

I see Michelle and Alice having a conversation and I give them a relieved smile.

"Thank Merlin,it was you. If i was caught.." I started. Michelle put a comforting arm around me and stated,

"Lily m'dear. You're missing the concept. Since you WEREN'T caught, it doesn't matter. If you were, just say you got lost on the way to the Hospitial Wing."

"Outside?" I question.

"Hey, it always worked for me.." Michelle stated with a shrug.

I glance over at Alice laughing. I roll my eyes, but then join in on the laughter. I go between them and link arms.

"Can we PLEASE go now?" I whined.

Alice pats my head," Yes now we go..."

Same night, Hogsmede

This night is going great. I finally settled my differances with Michelle, even though she didn't know we had the differances in the first place. Yet, when I think about her and Sirius, I get a pang of jealousy in the middle of my chest. I shrug it off and drink my butterbeer.

I glance over at Michelle, dancing with Alice and laughing. They both look great tonight. Michelle is in a really cute pair of torn and painted jeans and a long shirt that looks as if its a dress. It's off-the-sleeve sky blue shirt with a guitar on the front. Large hoop, silver earrings swinging back and forth along with her hair.

I laugh as I see Alice, trying to dance. She's in a pair of khaki capris and a layered purple t-shirt. Not to mention mathing earrings and necklace. I get up and tackle Michelle from behind.

"Having fun?" I laugh.

"Heck yes!" she exclaimed.

"This one is better than muggle television!" Michelle stated pointing at Alice.

"I heard that!" Alice yelled over the music.

"I'm glad you did! When we get back to school, I'm giving you dancing lessons!" Michelle exclaimed.

I laugh then suddenly get a chill. I look around, seeing if there was an open window or something around. I shake it off and sit down.

I have a feeling. And a bad one in fact. Michelle and Alice walk over and sit down next to me. Just as Alice was about to say something, we hear a loud crash.

Sreaming erupts from all directions. People running. People shooting others with their wands. All in black cloaks.

Death Eaters.

I look around for Alice and Michelle, but they must have gotten lost in all the havoc. I pull out my wand and send spells to the nearest death eaters around me.

I see one going for the door. I immediately run over to it. I see a girl in his arms.


"LET HER GO NOW!" I scream, holding my wand in both hands.

It turns around and Michelles face is so pale, like she got hit with a spell. A very life threating one.

"Or what? You shooting a spell at me?" It snarles.

I say nothing in response but send the leg locking curse at him. He dodges it and glares at me.

"You honestly think I'll be down with a silly, worthless little curse?"

I shake my head and continue to shoot with tears filling up my eyes. I wipe them away, and before I know it, all the death eaters vanish.

And Michelle is gone.

I collapse on the floor and start sobbing.

Why couldn't it be me? Why?

I hear all these people talking behind me. Blurs of people. I can't leave. I just keep waiting, hoping for Michelle to come through those doors and wave. It's been about an hour and still nothing. I feel Alice hugging me and telling me it's gonna be alright. it's my fault that she is gone. I have to be alert for Michelle.

"Lily, you need to go back to the castle. You need sleep." I hear Dumbledore tell me from behind.

I shake my head in response, tears flowing down my cheeks.

"Lily, come on. We should leave." stated Alice quietly.

I look at her and give up. Dumbledore pushes us out of the scene of the incident and next thing I knew I was back at Hogwarts. I pull the covers over my head and grieve, and cry myself to sleep.

Same morning...

Its all so complicated. I keep wondering, wishing she'll come back unharmed. I stare out my window and think for what seems like eternity. I was startled out of my focus when someone knocked on the dormitory door. I walk out and see James standing in front of me.

He gives me a weak smile and grabs my hand.

"Come on Tiger-Lily, lets go get some breakfast," he asks.

I stare at the ground, "I'm not hungry."

"But you gotta eat. Its not healthy." he warns.

"I thought you were my boyfriend, not my mother." I snarl.

James backs away. "I'm sorry. Just come down with me."

I keep staring at the floor.

"Lily? Please?'', pushing my chin up to look him in the eyes.

''Fine, but I'm not hungry." I say.

He gives me a smile." Good."

We walk down to the Great Hall and seat ourselves down at the table. I look around, and lay my head on my hands.

I look up and see Sirius bursting through the doors. He looks worried. He seats himself down across from me and asks," Lily, where is Michelle?"

I look into his eyes and put my hand over his.

"Sirius, something bad happened last night." I start. I see his eyes buldge out waiting for me to go on.

"What happened? Tell me now!" he demanded.

I tried to get the words out of my mouth but they won't come out.

"Lily? Tell me!" Sirius yelled once more.

"Michelle was...was..."

"Was what!"

"She was...kidnapped...and I couldn't help her." I look in his eyes waiting for a reply.


Total and complete silence.

"" he starts. James put a arm on Sirius, but he pushed it away.

"Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me! I'm gonna find Michelle..." he stated.

And with that, Sirius ran out of the Great Hall before anyone could stop him.

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