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We were nearing Randy's townhouse. I texted Randy to tell him that we were close by. He responded with a curt "Ok." That was pretty cold. He must be busy with something. Or worse, in love with someone else. No, no, no--banish the damn thought.

"Hey look. I wonder what's going on," Amy said.

When we neared the house, I noticed that the gates were wide open. We parked at the side of the road and got off. We walked into the house and was surprised to see that Randy was standing by the driveway with his hands on his hips. He had a scowl on his face. Alex was strapped in her carrier, which was on the floor in front of the entrance, waving her arms.

"What's gotten into him?" Amy whispered in my ear before calling out to him. "Hi, Randy."

"Hi." His face was unsmiling. "I'll take Trish and Alex home from here. Thanks for picking her up, Amy. Are her bags in the trunk? I'll get them." As Randy was talking rapid fire, he left Amy no choice but to hand him the keys.

"Huh, uh sure. You're welcome." Amy said to Randy's back as he walked out on the driveway. She went over to Alex. "Hi baby. What's with your dad? Geez. Tough day at work? Did he re-injure his shoulder or something?"

"Sorry about that. Thanks, Amy. I'll call you, OK?" I said as I kissed my bestfriend and gave her a tight hug.

"Sure, no problem. You really must be in love because I don't see what you see, only this big bully. But," she said, crossing her fingers, "good luck." Amy then headed back to her car where Randy was unloading the luggage. I prepared to strap Alex's carrier to the car but when I looked at the back seat of Randy's car, I noticed that there was a brand new car seat at the back. That was nice. Alex was getting too big for the baby carrier anyway. So I unstrapped my daughter from the carrier and placed her in the car seat. But I was so nervous and I couldn't seem to strap Alex properly in the chair. Even the little girl looked confused, her brows knitting as she studied my hands and the Velcro straps flailing back and forth across her. After what seemed like an eternity, I finally managed to secure Alex.

I took a deep breath of relief. "So, did you miss mommy?" I asked my daughter. "Mommy missed you too. Can you tell your mom why your dad's acting silly?" Alex just smiled and cooed. "Did he see anyone while I was away?" I whispered.

Randy walked up the driveway, his arms full of bags. He opened the trunk of his car and dumped my stuff in it, barely caring the state of my makeup case. I secretly winced but said nothing. I didn't want him to blow his top as he seemed determined to erupt any minute.

"Should I say hi to your mom first before we leave?" I asked tentatively.

"My dad already picked her up this morning."

"Oh, ok."

"Let's go," Randy got in the car and manuvered out of the garage. We drove out of his place in silence although at the back seat, Alex was cooing and gurgling happily, and doing her best to het noticed until I couldn't help myself. I turned to the backseat to where my daughter was.

"Hi honey. What did you do for three days? Did you miss mommy?"

"Tell mom you were very happy during those three days while mom was supposedly working," Randy said in a flat tone.

I swallowed hard. Happy? Why was Alex happy? Or did Randy mean he was happy? "But mom was working. Sydney was really beautiful. I wish you could've seen it."

"Yeah? Sydney? Why don't you ask your mom who were the people with her at Sydney, hmm?" he said gritting his teeth as he directed his queries to his daughter who could not understand a thing. I stared at Randy who was staring hard at the road.

"Well, there was Dawn, mom's roommate. Then there were the other guys like the roster, the refs and the production staff," I said as I tried to think of other people.

"And that Adam guy, the one mom went out on a date with." Randy looked at me this time, the look of accusation was unmistakeable. Was he jealous? Was he jealous? I wanted to shriek with glee.

"Oh, is this what this is all about?" I asked Randy. "Well, your dad perfectly knows that like mom, Adam was traded to Smackdown too, so it's just logical for him to be there." Alex gurgled and giggled so much that I had to turn around and look at her. Saliva was dripping from her mouth but she had the most endearing smile. I really did have a gorgeous baby.

"Well, tell your mom that your dad's bestfriend happens to be John Cena, who called just to inform me that this Adam guy was always hanging around your mom all throughout the trip!"

"Well honey..." I said, looking at my daughter although I was very aware that Randy was watching me closely from the corner of his eye, and that he was seething with anger. "That is true, the guy Aunt Amy set up your mom with was there and he did asked your mom out for a game of billiards. But guess what dear, that guy is not your mom's type. Not your mom's type at all."

"Hmph. So what is your mom's type?" he blurted. His eyebrows was still too close together though I saw that he was not as mad as he had been earlier.

We arrived at my bulding, Randy went straight to the parking entrance, waving to the guard who just let him in with a smile. Randy visited me a lot during the last couple of months though he had stayed overnight just once, I thought, remembering the night we had slept together.

"Well you know mom's type," I began as I tried my best to talk slowly and keep myself from smiling. "Your mom likes the tall, handsome, wrestler type."

"Yeah, like that Adam-dude, who obviously couldn't be trusted."

"Actually, your mom is into the Legend Killer types who are sensitive and caring and make for really, really good daddies." We got to the parking slot alotted for my apartment. Randy turned to me but kept the airconditioner running. He was smiling now, all traces of anger gone from his face. I couldn't resist asking, "And, uhm, your dad? Does he have, uh, a tyoe?"

Ok, I threw the ball to his corner. If I was his type, I would gather my child and my things and hurry up to my unit where I would rearrange everything to make space for Randy. Or I could flip through the classifieds to try and find a bigger appartment--to make space for Randy. Or I would toss out some clothes from my closet and clear out a bathroom shelf--to make sapce for Randy's things. But if I wasn't his type--my breath got caught in my throat.

"Alex, did I ever tell you that your mom has really good taste in men? No? Well remind me to tell you about that, and all the other things your dad loves about your mom. And no, daddy doesn't have a type. He just loves your mom, that's all. Types be damned."

Did he say the "L" word? Twice? I thought I was going to cry. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was definitely going to rearrange not just my furniture, but my life as well--to make room for Randy. And I was ecstatic about it.

Yeah, I thought I heard it but I couldn't make sure because Randy had leaned closer and kissed me, and it was definitely a long and slow kiss, one that could beat the three-second kiss Dawn and John had on the beach. But all told, I would probably not be able to prove how long that kiss was because the sole witness, who was sitting in the backseat and had a full view of everything, was fast asleep.


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