Kohaku: Hi, there! I am here with a chibi fic this time 'round!

Sakura: We knew it was going to be something like this….don't tell me that we are in it, are we?

Kohaku: ….You aren't….but I am.

Sakura: YES! Party!

Marik: You do know that Kohaku-chan replaced you in here stories with Kaoko?

Kaoko: -smirk-

Sakura: -frown- MINE! -hugs Kohaku close-

Marik: 0.0 Are you SURE you didn't make this YURI?!

Kohaku: I'm sure….I'm REALLY sure.

Sakura: -is still hugging Kohaku close- She just got a new episode from the new Yu-Gi-Oh season in dub….don't kill her because she watches it, love her because she watches it!

Marik and Kohaku: 0.0 -huddle together in a corner-

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh does not belong to me. It belongs to Kazuki Takahashi…. No money is being made off this story.

Chibis & Candy

Chapter 1: At The Candy Store

Created: 08/10/04

Authoress: Kohaku Sakura Ishtar


1: At the candy store


It was an ordinary day in Domino City….except at the Ishtars. Mostly, people knew that they weren't an ordinary family you didn't want to be around. Usually they were fighting or killing each other, or….shudder, making out in places unknown.

Today was one of those days. Except Ishizu was yelling at Marik, because he had made a big mess in the kitchen, and left before cleaning. Ishizu was furious, as you could tell. But of course, she didn't dare threaten him, for she knew what would happen….or might happen to her.

Malik and Kohaku were getting ready to go to the Candy Store called SleepyCat Sweets, and of course, Marik was going with them as well, because he knew something bad was going to happen with them alone together. He knew they were best friends and siblings, but still…

He didn't think he'd even get to the store with Ishizu yelling at him all day. It seemed to never stop. Days were usually like this at the Ishtar residence, ever since Odeon passed away, but still… things were as normal as ever.

"Marik, Ishizu, we're leaving now!"Malik exclaimed happily, standing next to his neesan. He always called Kohaku that, because he was not as close to her as Ishizu was.

"All right you three, but be careful!"Ishizu yelled, but they were all ready long gone. Ishizu sighed, glad that she was able to have some peace and quiet for once.

But when she turned to look at the living room (the mess Marik made in the kitchen was clean)…



It seemed that Ishizu's screams could be heard from miles away, but Marik only grinned, not paying attention to them if he did hear them. If he did, he was doing a good job pretending NOT to hear them.

Malik and Kohaku were going through all of the candy the store had to offer…even free samples. Marik knew he was going to have to carry both of them home. Carrying Malik wasn't bad…but Kohaku…er… that was different story.

Sooner or later, they left the store. Malik had 1/3 of the store's candy in his hands, but Kohaku had more than 1/2 of the store's candy.

Marik sighed. "You know, you're going to get a stomach ache…"

"So!"they both exclaimed happily, giggling.

"I am never going here with you two again…"Marik sighed, shaking his head.

Later on, just as they reached home, a glow went over the entire city, enveloping the city in a glow of white light. Everyone fell asleep on the sidewalk they were walking on.

In fact, the whole street fell asleep in certain places.


Ishizu was the first person to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and went to look out the window. Her eyes widened. She saw 2 four year olds on the ground lying beside Marik. The four year olds were obviously Kohaku and Malik, because when they woke up, which was then, they began diving into the candy.

Ishizu ran outside as quickly as possible, and shook Marik awake gently.

"Urg… Ishizu, what time is it?"

"Time to have a talk with Bakura."

Marik blinked, then looked beside him. His eyes widened. Everyone else was awake now, cars were zooming by and everything, and Malik was just about to go on the road if Marik hadn't stopped him. Ishizu's heart would have exploded if Malik had successfully walked onto the road.

"Malik, never do that again. You could get killed,"Marik stated firmly, looking at Malik, who was looking up at him, smiling.

"Okay, Mawik,"he then proceeded to cuddle up with Marik, resting his head on Marik's chest. Even Ishizu couldn't resist the urge to squeal in the site of cuteness.

"I guess we DO have to have a talk with Bakura."

"Mm Hmm. I suspect he is behind this… but…"


"What if he isn't?"


Bakura had just woken up. He looked around the apartment, exepcting to see Ryou or someone there, but no one. He started calling out to Ryou.

"Ryou! Ryou, are you here?!"he yelled.

"'Ami! 'Ami! 'elp me!"the little chibi cried. Bakura had raced up to Ryou's room, only to find a bundle of blankets on Ryou's bed, and something squirming in them, trying to escape. He walked over to the bed cautiously, expecting a trap, but when he pulled the covers off gently, he saw a four year old Ryou, looking up at him with big fearful green eyes, filled with tears.

Oh my Ra, when did this happen? Bakura picked up Ryou and placed his head on Bakura's chest, letting the chibi cry his heart out.

"'Ami! 'Ami! I was twapped!"Ryou sobbed. "I was scawed…"

Bakura stroked Ryou's white hair. "Don't worry, you're all right now. I think it's time I talk to…"

"TOMB ROBBER!"that had to be Ishizu and Marik. 'I wonder why they are here so…'but when he opened the door, he saw Marik and Ishizu, giving him extremely powerful glares, and Marik was holding a four year old Malik, and Ishizu was holding a four year old Kohaku.

"Okay! Before we jump to conclusions — "

"Look, you even cursed your own hikari!"Ishizu exclaimed.

"No! 'Ami didn' do it!"Ryou exclaimed, looking up from Bakura's shirt, just to glare at the people who accused Bakura of doing something.

"He didn't…?"

"That's right, dammit!"he shifted his hold on Ryou, who was still glaring at the two. "I would never ever curse my own hikari, so like I said, before you jump to conclusions — "


They all turned around to see Yami, a VERY angry Yami carrying a VERY small Yugi who was looking up at the others with big purple eyes. Joey, Tristan and Tea were there too.


Chibi Kohaku: Wowee! :) Long chappie!

Marik: -.-U Whatever…. -goes back to watching chibi Malik whacking Bakura over the head with the Millennium Rod, grinning-

Sakura: :) Go Malik! -cheers-

Chibi Kohaku: You go, little bro'!

Malik: :) -insert bigger grin here-

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Malik: WAHHHHHH! -cries-

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