Dinozzo tossed in bed as he awoke from his dreams, they had been plaguing him for a long time though he did not remember how long it truly had been. Sighing he sat up remembering how real it felt...how real it always felt. Shaking as stress he stood and walked into the bathroom 'God...I don't even have to be up for three more hours...' he thought as he quickly peeled off the old muscle tee and gym shorts and throwing them of to the side. Getting into the shower he sighed again, the hot water felt good on his sore body but the water didn't wash away his uneasiness.

The reoccuring dreams had been getting to him in the worse ways, his health had gone down hill recently. Without getting alot of sleep his body always ached at times he had to miss work because he was in too much pain to move out of the bed. Today he felt like he would be putting lives in danger, but with Mcgee on vacation he had no choice but to work. He sighed as he turned off the water and pulled the curtains back, stepping onto the cold linolieum floor a chill went up his spine, "Damn, why do I have to fell like something is always after me?" His rhetorical question fell on the deaf ears of the apartment. Looking about he realized how alone he really was in this world that he lived.