Even though little L.T. was only three months old he was so much like his father he was attracted to bright colors like most babies but it seemed that these bright colors had to be on some one. If Kate was wearing a red dress he would try and grab the material to pull it towards him, however if she were wearing a black dress he would leave her alone. Kate found this odd at first but dismissed it as just the way he was, later she used it as a tool to think that maybe a bit of Tony had fallen into their son. She would sit for hours thinking about this as she watched over him rocking in his crib or kicking at the air, only when she had company did she not think about her lost love and the symbolism of him in her son.

L.T. was a nickname of sorts derived from his name of Leroy Anthony, she had named him after his father and the man he would know as a type of father. Even though Gibbs wasn't a part of her life he still helped her in anything she needed and aided in the care of L.T. She had even once said that if it wasn't for him she probably never would have made it through the pregnancy. During the whole 9 months she had been dealing not only with the pains of pregnancy but also with her grief now it was a year...and she was still toiling with her grief though each day L.T. showed her that she had something to live for in him something to fight for.

"Hey little man! What are doing up?" she spoke softly as she saw him move around in his crib. He cooed a bit in response as she picked him up his hands immediatly tugging at her hair. His blue eyes locked on hers for a moment before he focused on tugging.

"Hey now...that hurts!" she laughed as the doorbell rang. "Bet that's your uncle Gibbs..." she grinned as she slowly made her way to the door, her hands fell on the handle but as she did so L.T. started screaming.

"Hey, ssshhh its okay nothings wrong with the old grouch you know he loves you..." L.T. kicked and pulled until she kissed the top of his head and held him tight next to her body. "See now your alright nothings going to hurt my little man." she grinned before opening the door. She was met by the cold blue eyes of her once and future boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs, to her he was always to remain a man of questions and no answers though he was mysterious he was also very loving in his own ways.

"Did I scare him?"

"No, at least I don't think so...you know how he is sometimes.." she laughed as L.T. reached out to grab Gibbs' shirt collar.

"Hey now whats that all about?"

"He is just a baby Gibbs give him a break." she laughed again as she turned and walked to the sofa gently easing herself as well as L.T. onto it.

"Right..." he mumbled as he moved to sit adjacent to her, "Kate we need to talk about...Tony."

"..." Kate said nothing at first but her eyes said it all as she lowered them to watch L.T. smack toys together, "Gibbs..."

"I know you don't really want to talk about it but Kate its time that you let him go, that you and L.T. put his soul to rest."

"Gibbs I'm not ready to let him go, especially now that L.T. is here if I let him go now how will his son ever know how great his father was?"

"By each of us, and the rest of the team. Ducky, Abby, and McGee all said that if you need anything from any of them they would be glad to help. And my friend, you need help as a group we could help you raise L.T. and from us he would know his father."

Kate fell into silence in her own grief she hadn't thought of the only friends she truly had, nor the family that she left behind. Her voice cracked abit as she spoke in a quiet yet wispy voice. "Gibbs, I'm so sorry..."

"For what Kate? For grieving the loss of your loved one? You don't have to appologize for your grief thats like saying that Tony meant nothing to you and I know for a fact that he did just by how much pain his death has caused you. Remember what I told you so long ago when you started NCIS?"

"Yes...never appologize for anything you do."

"Right, and you shouldn't for that shows that you can't accept that life may have a different plan for you than you have for yourself."

"Gibbs...thanks." she moved to get up and planted a soft kiss on his cheek before sitting down again.

"Hey don't worry about it." he spoke as she did so his eyes on L.T. the whole time. "You know if he gets your brain and his father's looks, he is going to be a good young man."

"Yeah...I just hope he doesn't get his father's sense of girls!" she laughed as she gently tickled L.T.'s toes.

The End...for now...maybe a sequel...maybe a crossover...I don't know...if you would like to see something more come of this write it in your reviews thank you.