Rating--PG. I don't think there's anything that would even bring this to a 13.

Summary--Hmm, can't really say much here. It's S4-ish, but as I haven't seen all of S4, there may be a few inaccuracies (but no spoilers for anything past S4 premier). All of the crew are featured, but it centers on Telemachus and Beka (not a romance).

I'll say... alliances are broken and the strangest of bedfellows are fighting side by side. The powder keg that the Known Worlds has become will explode with the Andromeda Ascendant at its center.

Pairing--Some 'ships are hinted, but no one ends with anyone... it's all very mysterious and ambiguous. Or I just can't properly end things.


"I know that it is unnecessary to ask you once more if you're sure that you know your role..."

"But you can't help it." A man chuckled. "Don't trouble yourself anymore than you must. I know my task, and I know where my loyalties lie."

The first speaker might have mused on this for the seconds that passed before he spoke again. "Good. I have another request to make of you before you begin your mission. We have planned to hurt as few people as possible, but there is one in particular I would like you to watch over. You will be much nearer than I, though I do what I can when I am able."

This man's voice fell, and he sounded as if he were speaking now to himself. "Everyday I know that my efforts are futile, but I continue to search each rumor that I hear."

His companion nodded. He knew the person of whom the first man spoke. "I understand. I will send you word of my progress when I can."

"I would wish you luck, my friend..."

"...but you don't believe in it. I'd be offended except I don't either."


Thanks again for the aquarium! Many people say all kritta fish are alike, but these have definite personalities, just as you said. I can spend hours watching their social behaviors and always find myself surprised by something new I observe. One in particular— a bit yellower than the rest with the most vivid blue stripes I've ever seen in a kritta, you remember?—has caught my eye. I am taking care of them with as much tender care as you prescribed, but I can tell that they know they are with someone else now! I hope your move was smooth and your new position at the Allia zoo provides you the research opportunities you were hoping for.


A/N: All right, I know it was short, but don't worry! The next bits will be longer and, for now, regularly added! I will even upload the first real chapter with this.