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Summary: It's been three months since Tea's "nightmare" ended. But the worst is yet to come: Bakura has gathered up five of the seven Millennium Items, and Marik still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Tea and the gang are once again cast into unwavering fear; however, they're not about to give up a fight they can't afford to lose.

SetoxTea (some MokubaxSerenity and MaixJoey)

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Bad Dreams

By: Chi Yagami


Chapter One – The Plan

Ishizu Ishtar walked home slowly. She was tired, exhausted, and ready to crash in a nice, warm bed. She had been working diligently at the museum for these past few weeks, and she really needed a break.

The Domino Museum had recently been swarmed with tourists eager to see the new Roman artifacts, and Ishizu had been working overtime to clean up after the children's Roman festivities (the children would get to dress up as gladiators and pretend to have fights, causing a lot of rips in costumes and trash getting thrown everywhere).

She hadn't had time to find a new janitor; her old one was still a bit psychotic, and Ishizu doubted Marik would really want to help her out anyway.

She could feel a shift in the wind, and the Egyptian woman could've sworn she saw a shadow lagging behind her. However, when she turned around, there was no one there. She tried to shrug it off, but she couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy, especially when the she heard footsteps.

Of course, nobody was out this late. Ishizu cursed herself for not leaving work sooner, and she quickened her pace. The follower began to walk faster, too. She broke out into a run, and as she entered the neighborhood where she, Odeon, and Marik (even though he wasn't there anymore), she heard her stalker give a sinister laugh.

She stumbled over a large tree branch that had settled into the sidewalk. She felt herself being pushed down onto the ground, and then her hands were grabbed and held behind her back. He was crouching over her, a smirk of victory on his pale face.

Ishizu gasped when she realized whom the attacker was. His brown eyes and white hair were dead giveaways.

"Ryou! How… What… Why are you doing this?" she screamed, hoping someone would hear her.

"Hehehe… Poor, defenseless Ishizu. This was too easy."

She mentally slapped herself for thinking it was ever Ryou. It was his other demented half, Bakura.

"I'm not defenseless! I have my Millennium… Wait, where's my Necklace?!"

She felt her neck, but it was bare. Her Millennium Necklace was gone. Bakura was now sitting on top of her, his weight preventing her from escaping.

"Looking for this?" Bakura asked slyly, swinging the Millennium Items by its chain like a pendulum. Ishizu growled.

"You… you monster! Give that back!"

He laughed and gave her another one of his ever-famous smirks.

"I think not."

She gasped as she saw him pull out the Millennium Rod. The eye in the center began to glow, and Ishizu could feel herself slipping away into darkness.

Her pupils dilated, and Bakura smiled.

He now had five of the Millennium Items: the Ring, Eye, Rod, Scale, and Necklace. Shortly after he'd stolen the Rod, Bakura had sought out Shadi and demanded that he give him the Scale and Key or else.

Shadi had refused, and Bakura had tried to attack him. But with a ratio of two to three Items, the tombrobber had had the advantage. Shadi had escaped with only a bad cut in his right leg, but it was at the cost of the Millennium Scale. Bakura had managed to distract Shadi for just enough time to snatch the Scale.

The thief placed the Necklace in his pocket and threw the unconscious woman over his shoulder; he wasn't quite finished with her…


Students scattered out of Domino High School, thoughts of summer vacation filling all of their brains. Well, ALMOST all of their brains.

"Before we decide on summer plans, can we order a pizza?"

"Joey Wheeler," Mai asked, bopping the unsuspecting boy over the head with her purse, "is there ever a time when you don't think about food?"

"Well, if he isn't thinking about the food, then he's probably eating it."

Joey tried to hit Tristan on the head, but Serenity and Mai held him back. Yugi smiled as he watched his four friends continue to bicker (well, most of the bickering took place between Mai and Joey), but he could feel he could feel Yami tensing up.

'What's wrong, Yami?'

'I'm not sure… I just have a bad feeling about something…'

The small boy's thoughts were interrupted, however, when he heard a pair of giggles coming from the bike rack. Tea and Kaiba were laughing and pointing at the principal's car that had been egged while Tea unhooked her bike.

"So, I'll catch up with you later?" she asked the CEO as she mounted her bike.

"Of course; I'll call you," he replied, kissing her forehead. Then Seto Kaiba got into his limo and drove away.

Tea sighed and began to ride off the school grounds.


She jerked her head around, only to smash unknowingly into a tree.

"AIEE!" she cried as her stomach was thrust forward into the handlebars. She and the bike crumpled to the ground, and an elfish boy ran to her rescue.

"Tea," Yugi asked worriedly, "are you okay?"

The brunette tried to sit up properly, but her hand flew to her stomach as she felt the pain from where she hit the bike. Tea grumbled as Yugi draped her arm over his shoulder and hoisted her up.

"Thanks… Yugi, but really, I'm… fine," she said between groans. "I can take care of myself."

She pushed Yugi away and propped her bike right side up.

"Great," she mumbled, "now I've got a broken chain too."

She walked her bike down the street, heading for the park while a worried Yugi stared after her.

"I hope she's okay…"

'Don't worry too much Yugi.'

'But, Yami, she looked like she was in a lot of pain…'

'She'll be fine; trust me. Right now, we must focus on bigger issues.'

'Bigger issues? Like what?'

'I sense that something is about to happen, and it's not a good sense…'


A figure loomed up in the tree branches, watching Tea take her bike home. She was clutching her stomach and breathing heavily.

"Hmm… Wonder what kind of accident she got in…? It makes no difference… although it does rouse a long-forgotten plan in my brain…"

The figure waited until Tea was out of sight and then jumped down from the leaves. He collected himself, and then began his long walk towards the outskirts of Domino.

He was heading towards the Domino Asylum, a place hardly anyone knew about. The city didn't like to admit that it had a bunch of psychotic perverts running around, and they liked to keep the "Happy House" under wraps.

He entered the 7-foot tall building with ease; visitors had to register at the front desk. He smirked; the secretary was familiar with his face.

"Hello, Ryou. Did you have a nice day?" she asked him.

Bakura smirked even wider; it was so easy to manipulate people into thinking he was his pitiful hikari.

"I suppose so," he said in his best British accent, putting on a smile. "May I visit him?"

The secretary nodded. Bakura caught the elevator to the 4th floor. He walked down the hallways that were painted white and had pictures of smiling children on them. He despised those photos.

Room 4A – 13 was a fairly large room, at least to say, it was big enough for a bed, dresser and shelves.

Bakura opened the door and stepped inside. His acquaintance was lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"Well, I see you haven't gotten further in your sessions," Bakura growled. If their plan (or rather, deal) was going to work, he had to at least get out of this prison. Sessions supposedly helped the patients get over their illness, but Bakura highly doubted it… If a person did well in their sessions with their psychiatrist, they would eventually be released back into the public.

"I know… but that stupid wench keeps asking me all these annoying questions. It's always 'Marik, how do you feel now?' or 'Marik, what were you feeling when you did this?' or—"

"Cut the crap; I don't need to hear it," the tombrobber interrupted harshly. "Now, let's go over the plan once more."

"Why?" the blonde Egyptian asked in an annoyed tone.

"Apparently your feeble brain can't handle the stress of playing a shrink," Bakura replied. Marik sighed and sat up.

"Anyway, the plan… First, you've got to manipulate this psychiatrist woman into thinking you're becoming a goodie-goodie and have given up on Tea. When you finally get out of here—whenever that may be—we will began Attack Beta."

"What's Plan Alpha?" Marik interrupted.

"I don't know and I don't really give a care…"

"Why are we using duel monsters as plan symbols?" Marik asked randomly. "I mean, I don't exactly like my plans to be named after the porcupine pharaoh's deck."

"URGH!" Bakura growled, trying to strangle his "friend".

"Sssaaaaarrrrry," he said sarcastically, and the albino gave him a death glare.

"If you must know, Plan Alpha is getting you out of here, and Alpha and Beta aren't JUST magnet warriors in Yami's deck; they're part of the Greek alphabet," he said through gritted teeth. "May I continue?"

Marik nodded. He had to use the albino to get what he wanted…

"I will pose as Ryou and slowly break down Tea's defenses, finding out her weaknesses and such—"

"We already know her weaknesses," Marik stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh you do, do you? Well, I'm not talking just her friends… Oh no, I plan on getting way deeper than that. There must be something under this fake Tea we see…"

"Whatever," Marik grumbled.

"Anyway, I will eventually ask her out—"


"She's not yours yet, dumbo. I will PRETEND to like her—I'm positive she thinks Ryou's cute—and take her on a date. Then I will dump her, and you can come to her rescue," Bakura finished.

"You forgot one major problem: Seto Kaiba."

"Yes… well… He's just going to have a little unfortunate accident, now won't he…?" Bakura said slyly. "A little trip to the Shadow Realm should work, don't you think?"

"I guess… And let me guess: Ryou's supposed to help her get over Kaiba?"


"You really think she's going to by all that sap?" Marik asked doubtfully. The tombrobber shrugged.

"It doesn't really matter; I'm going to find out her greatest weaknesses, and Kaiba's always a good blackmail tool…"

"I for one, don't think it's going to work."

"Oh it will, trust me. I've foreseen it…"

Bakura smiled mischievously at Marik, the thought finally dawning on him.

"You stole the Necklace from my sister!?" he asked.

He nodded.

"And if you don't keep your end of the bargin, Marik, I'll never return your sister."

"WHAT??!! FINE!! I QUIT!!! I can get out of here on my own! And as soon as I've got Tea, I'll come after you!"

"Oh really?" Bakura asked, already knowing the answer. "You, with no Millennium Items, are going to come after me? I have five, Marik; remember that."

Marik shot him a dirty look.

"Besides, without your sister, you can't escape this prison. Remember, because you're a minor, once you're released from here, you must live with a legal citizen, like your sister."

"I could always live with Odeon!"

"You think I forgot about him? He fell under my control long ago. He's been passing me information about you and your sister for the past month! Now, either you go along with MY plan, or I take over your mind."

'I know your weaknesses, too, Marik.'

Marik gave in. He didn't like being the one with the opposite end of the Rod pointing at him. Now he knew how Tea, Yugi, and the others must have felt… not like he cared though.

The door opened suddenly, startling both boys. It was Ms. Kyutima, Marik's psychiatrist.

"Marik!" she said in an all-too-cheery voice, giving him a little wave. "Oh, I see you have a friend! But now it's time for just US, Marik. Wave good-bye to your little friend!"

'I'm not going ANYWHERE, Lady.'

The glowing of the Rod could be seen through Bakura's back pocket, and the lady fell silent.

"You're going to let me join Marik's session today," he commanded. She nodded, her lifeless eyes never blinking. He finally released her from the mind-control, although he could tap into her mind whenever he wanted. She led them down the hallway and through her office door.

Bakura blinked. The room was so… pink.

"You like it?" she asked in her cheery voice. She started gathering up pillows and throwing them on the floor. Bakura did not like this woman.

'She will be one of the first to go after I've dominated this pathetic country.'

After they were all seated (much to Bakura's disliking), Ms. Kyutima began asking Marik the normal questions.

"So, Marik, what have you been thinking about lately?"

"Tea— I mean… tea-rannosaurus rexes… and… Rex Raptor?"

Bakura sighed inwardly. Who in their right mind would ever think about REX RAPTOR?! Well, maybe that demented humanized bug, Weevil…

"Okay… What have you been dreaming about?"

Bakura elbowed him and gave him a look that said, "Say something intelligent for once!"

"Hehehe… Uh… Duel Monsters mostly… and my sister," Marik replied as innocently as he could. He didn't dare mention his dreams about Tea to them… Those were far too personal to share with anyone… well, maybe Tea.

'This session's going rather nicely; I hope I get a raise,' thought Ms. Kyutima.

"And why do you suppose you're having these dreams?"


"I miss my sister and playing duel monsters…"

And so the session continued, the shrink asking and Marik answering as politely as he could. But Bakura couldn't stand anymore of this. He pulled out the Millennium Rod and took over her mind.

"Now listen here, woman: you will grant Marik his freedom and take care of any necessary paperwork, GOT IT?!"

She nodded. Bakura dragged Marik out of the home by the arm.

"I was wondering when you were going to do that," Marik muttered.

"That woman got too annoying."

I know. I hope she gets run over by a car."

"She will."

"Really? Did you know that because you've taken over her mind and you're going to make her lie down in the middle of the freeway? Or because you foresaw it through the Millennium Necklace?"



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