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Summary: It's been three months since Tea's "nightmare" ended. But the worst is yet to come: Bakura has gathered up five of the seven Millennium Items, and Marik still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Tea and the gang are once again cast into unwavering fear; however, they're not about to give up a fight they can't afford to lose.

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This fic is dedicated to DarkShadowFlame, whose original fanfiction inspired this one.

Bad Dreams

By: Chi Yagami

Chapter Five – Gone Fishin'

Serenity continued to follow her friends to the restaurant. She'd calmed down a bit but was still kind of shaken up. Why had she heard that voice when no one else had? And whose voice was it? Whoever they were, they planned on doing something to Marik. Wasn't that psycho still in jail or whatever? She shivered; Serenity didn't want him taking over her mind again. She wondered just where the Rod was at that moment.

"Tea?" she asked.


"Marik's still in his, umm, psychiatric ward, right?" Serenity inquired slowly. The other three stopped and turned around. Mokuba looked confused as to why she was brining this up, Tea seemed kind of scared, and Ryou was fidgeting.

"I-I think so," she stammered. "Why do you ask?"

"Uhh… just wondering…"


'Ryou' glanced back at the young redhead as they kept walking. How dare she? Could she possibly be tapping into his mind? Were they linked somehow by the Rod? Marik had taken over her mind before, and she had claimed she could hear his thoughts. Could she now hear his? He'd have to keep a closer watch on Wheeler Jr.

They continued walking, and Mokuba was wondering where in the world this restaurant could be. They were nearing the edge of the city, not exactly the safest place to be at this time of night. However, none of them noticed that a very dim light from behind them was gradually getting brighter.

"So, Ryou, how is it between you and your father?" Tea asked quietly.

Bakura shrugged. He had no clue where the hell his hikari's father was, and he really didn't care either. Underneath his shirt, the Millennium Ring began to glow softly.

"Something is behind us," he said, stopping. The others turned around to see a large delivery truck moving towards them.

"It's just a car," Serenity replied, brushing it off. Bakura wasn't so careless; he knew that the truck was coming for them.

"I suggest we move."


"It is after us…"

"Don't be silly," Tea answered, although her words were drowned by the screeching of tires. The truck halted next to them. The window rolled down, and a man's head popped out.

"Well, well, well, look what we have here: some of Yugi's lackeys."

The tombrobber growled; no way in hell did he serve that porcupine!

"Get 'em," a voice commanded from the driver's seat. Two men in black got out of the vehicle. Bakura stepped protectively in front of Tea and gripped his Ring.

"Get lost before I send you to the Shadow Realm," she heard Ryou say in a voice that was not his own. Was it Bakura?

"Not that Heart of the Cards crap again," a familiar voice said. Tea gasped and Bakura grumbled. Yes, much to Tea and Mokuba's dislike, Bandit Keith had stepped out of the truck. "Now what do we have here… ah, Miss Friendship, a white rat, Kaiba Jr., and a little slice of cheesecake I haven't seen before. Nothing we can't handle, right boys?"

Bakura was about to send them all to Hell when Bandit Keith flung out his revolver. "One move and you die, albino freak. Load 'em into the truck."

One man tucked Mokuba under his arm and raised the back door. After throwing the boy inside, he snatched up Tea as well. Bakura yanked Serenity over to him by her wrist. He couldn't have her tapping into his mind again. He pulled out the Rod and—

"Ryou!" Tea shouted.

—sent her mind to the Shadow Realm. Then he ran off before Keith's men could capture him too. 'I can't risk anything else. I'll have to let Tea go. I'd rather face Marik's wrath than go where they're headed. No way would anyone catch ME there! Wait… this could actually work to my advantage, yes… if Marik tries to rescue Tea, I could hit two birds with one stone! …Or even three, if I can get little Yugi to come…!'

"Uhh boss, what about this unconscious one?" the tall guy asked, kicking Serenity, who was slumped over on the pavement.

"Just leave her. We've got to get these two to the boat before the storm comes in."

"Right-o," he replied, closing the door on the scared prisoners and getting back into the car.

"Tea, what's gonna happen to Serenity? She's just lying there! And what did Ryou do to her?"

"I don't know… but I can tell you that he was definitely not Ryou. That was Bakura, and what he's doing with multiple Millennium Items, well it can't be good… We've got to get out of here!" She stood up and banged against the walls. "Let us out, you creeps! There's psycho on the loose!"

'Well, several psychos including them… Oh why couldn't I see that Ryou was merely Bakura in disguise? Now poor Serenity is helpless in the middle of nowhere! Joey's going to kill me! At least, if I survive these bozos and Bakura… what does he want with me anyway? And where are Mokuba and I going? Oh Seto, ever since you broke up with me, things have started to crumble!'

The front door to the Kaiba mansion burst open. Marik looked up, amused by the tombrobber's sudden entry.

"Well, where have you been?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. Bakura panted before answering.

"Tea got kidnapped… I sent Wheeler to the Shadow Realm… and Bandit Keith is back," he told Marik slowly. The blonde's eyes doubled in size.


"Think about it, this could play to your advantage."


"You could go save Tea from Keith… and they'll already be at the harbor. You could simply sail away with her forever," Bakura suggested. Marik frowned; this all sounded well rehearsed. But then why was Bakura so worried?

"Hmm… can you stay here with Kaiba?"

"I suppose so… he's not much of a threat right now. You'd better hurry. They plan on shipping Tea and the brat off right away."


"Mokuba Kaiba. He was captured before I could get my hands on him."

"Very well then. If anything goes wrong," Marik warned, "you'll be sorry." He slammed the door, leaving the thief alone to carry out his evil schemes.

Bakura found a phone in the living room. He swapped places with Ryou and stuffed his head with a reasonable explanation of why he was at Kaiba's house and that he was about to call Yugi and the others for backup.

"Hello? Yugi speaking."

"Yugi, it's Ryou. I need help! Tea and Mokuba are in trouble!"

At once Yugi's voice changed, and Bakura knew it was the pharaoh now.

"What happened, Ryou?" he asked.

"Tea, Mokuba, Serenity, and I were going to dinner when we got stopped by Bandit Keith! They kidnapped Tea and Mokuba, and then I got knocked out. I came to Kaiba's house looking for help, but the doors were open and I can't find any of the servants. Something fishy is going on. I don't even remember what happened to Serenity."

'WHY THE HELL DID HE SAY THAT? Now the pharaoh will be suspicious!'

"It's okay Ryou, do you know where they were going?"

"I think they said something about the dock… I'm about to go there myself. Can you alert Joey and Tristan? I'm sure Joey will want to know about Serenity. I don't know how to reach Kaiba, but I doubt he'd get here in time anyway."

"Thanks, Ryou. I'll meet you at the dock."


"Well now that I've manipulated the pharaoh, time to reawaken a certain CEO…"

Tea glanced around. They were at the Domino harbor. She and Mokuba were to join a group of people being shipped off to China!

"Bandit Keith, you will pay for this! My brother will—"

"Your brother will what? He's not even on this side of the planet so I wouldn't be talking. Time for you and Princess Friendship to see some sites."

He began to push them towards a highly crowded boat, full of people (mostly duelist Bandit Keith hated). Tea spotted Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood.

"Say farewell to your city, dopes." He gagged both of them.

"I don't think so."

Bandit Keith whirled around, only to be knocked in the stomach by something heavy. He blacked out and hit the sidewalk with a THUD.

"Tea, are you alright?"

Well, that's it for this chapter! Who has come to Tea's rescue? Is it Marik, or perhaps Yami? Find out next time! Sayonara.