Around The Campfire


LiL Pippin Padfoot

Disclaimer: I wish I owned the Fellowship. I wish I owned the Fellowship. Dang, it didn't work... FYI: Refer to My "Brothers" story about Boromir's story.

Summery: On their first night on the quest, Gandalf suggest maybe they should get to know each other. So they do, by sharing embarrassing stories. No flames please, unless you feel the need. I know, normally I beg for them.

They had been walking. And walking, and walking, and walking, and this was just one day. Finally when they had got to rest, Gandalf suggest that, why don't we get to know each other a bit better. And maybe they should do that by telling an embarrassing moment.

"Why don't you go first, Peregrin," said Gandalf "I'm sure you have plenty of embarrassing moments to pick from."

Pippin cringed

"Me? I have no embarrassing moments."

Merry laughed. "Do you not remember the incident when Farmer Maggot dragged you through Tookland by your ear because you stole a bag of mushrooms? Or the time when you set a trap for your sister Pearl and it backfired? Or the time when..."

They all laughed.

"I guess I forgot." Said Pippin blushing.

"That's not that bad," said the man from Gondor, Boromir. "Once I dared my brother to ride this huge horse, the horse reared up and tossed my brother into the mud; he was fine, but in the end we were both covered in mud, and we had to walk all threw Minas Tirith being dragged by our father in front of the ambassador from Rohan. That was embarrassing."

Pippin laughed "That sounds like what I was like."

"Except," said Merry "You got away with it most of the time because you're the youngest."

"What about you, Merry, I don't see you telling anyone about the time that you were so drunk one night, that you fell asleep in the same stall as the Mayor's old Pony, and everyone in Buckland was searching for you, the future ruler of Buckland, and we found you napping right next to the old nag."

"Frodo! What about the time that you were so afraid of Farmer Maggot's dogs, that every time a dog barked you just about cried, thinking they were after you."

"Mr. Frodo didn't cry. He just sort of cowered."

"Well, what is this? My own kin and servant against me! Well Sam what about the time that you fell into a puddle all because your eyes were glued on a certain Rose."

By this time, the entire Fellowship was laughing at the hobbit's stories of each other.

"You're not the only ones that were foolish." Said Legolas the elf from Mirkwood "I remember when a certain friend of mine was so very sure that he could..." But he was cut off when Aragorn clapped his hand over his mouth.

"Tell them," he said "And I tell them about the time you Elladan and Elrohir went hunting without father's permission."


They both shook hands.

"Not fair!" cried Pippin

"What do you mean not fair?" asked Legolas

"We and Boromir here told you something embarrassing about us, so you must do the same."

The hobbits and Boromir nodded their heads in agreement.

"You too Gimli."

"Well who do you want to go first, Pippin?" asked Merry

"Hmm, I believe Aragorn; he sounds like he has a few good ones." Pippin ordered.

Legolas chuckled. "Aragorn, go ahead, tell them about one of your many embarrassing moments."

Aragorn scowled but began to talk. "You may have known that I grew up in Rivendell, amongst elves. Elves are unbelievably graceful, and can fairly fly to the top of the tree. Well, I thought 'Why can't I, I'm a kid like them?' so I tried to climb the biggest tree in Rivendell."

Aragorn stopped. "I don't want to say anymore."

"Well, I don't mind finishing for you." Said Legolas with a smile "He did pretty well, until he got to the top, and realized how far he'd climbed. Now, Aragorn was terrified. He was up in the tree screaming and yelling, mind you he was only 12, he was waving his arms and making a big fuss, we shouted to him to quit moving, but he didn't. He fell out of the tree."

"But wouldn't he get hurt?" asked Pippin

"Well, something broke his fall." Replied Legolas with a smile

"Legolas, you can end the story now. That was plenty embarrassing."

"He fell on Lord Elrond!"

Everyone started to laugh.

"LEGOLAS! Now, I get to tell them an embarrassing story about the young prince of Mirkwood." Aragorn said smugly

At this Legolas's eyes grew large. "You wouldn't dare."

Aragorn just smiled.

"You see Legolas now, but when he was a younger, say 12, he wasn't as skilled in hunting as he is now."

Legolas buried his face in his hands.

"No, no, no, no. Please. Anything but that one. Please."

"He and Elladan and Elrohir thought they were old enough to go hunting by themselves. They snuck out of Rivendell, and went into the forest. As smart as they thought they were, they didn't know that elves always were on the borders of Rivendell. They all quietly snuck around most of them. Now, Glorifindol had seen them leave, and followed them, all of them being young princes, to make sure they didn't get themselves hurt. They heard a rustle behind them, and Legolas turned and shot an arrow at the sound. You can guess what the sound was."

"Do you mean the Glorifindol that saved me?" inquired Frodo (book verse ppl)

Legolas let out a moan. "The very same one. He yelled so loud, my father said he knew I was in trouble."

"What happened to Glorifindol?" inquired Merry

"He was fine, it just nicked him, he very surprised. I don't know how, but managed to drag all of us back to Lord Elrond by our ears."

"I never heard that part Legolas, I always wondered why yours and my brother's ears looked funny." Remarked Aragorn

Legolas just shook his head.

"I believe it is your turn then Master Dwarf."

Gimli smiled.

"I don't if I can beat your story. But I can try." Aragorn laughed at this remark.

"Once when I was lad, I too thought I was old enough to do something I wasn't. My father, Gloin, told me to stay out of the deeper caves. Of course, that only made me want to go more. One day I went down there to some of the deepest mines. I leaned of the edge, and looked down at labyrinths of stone, thousands of holes leading in all different directions. I leaned so far over that I fell, but that wasn't the worst. I knew that if I called for my father, I would be in trouble. So there I was, stuck there. I sat there for a few hours, thinking they would find me, or look for me. Then I got desperate. And I started to yell and scream, I'm sure like you Aragorn. (at this Legolas smiled and Aragorn blushed) Well, My father all of a sudden just walked out of tunnels, scared me senseless. It turns out, that everyone was connected to a tunnel. I was punished. And everyone in the Lonely Mountain heard me yelling."

"I bet they'll never forget that." Said Pippin

"Pippin! Be polite." Chided Frodo

"Well, they won't." Pippin mumbled

"Aye, you're right lad, they didn't forget. I still am teased about it."

"Well," said Gandalf "It is getting late and I believe we have another day of walking ahead of us, so I believe sleep is in order."

"Just one more question Gandalf." Pleaded Pippin

"What Peregrin?"

"Did you ever do anything embarrassing?"


The End