Summary: Our very own guy characters were ranting on about how troublesome women are when suddenly they bumped into a fortune teller who curses them with a spell. Their curse: Turning into women! Story takes place 10 years after the chunnin exams.

Chapter 1- A fortune teller?!

Shikamaru, Chouji, and Asuma were sitting at a bar, complaining and muttering things.

"God this tastes horrible..." Muttered Shikamaru, glaring at his sake.

"Than don't drink it..." Said Chouji, stuffing himself on Buffalo wings.

"Might as well drink, maybe I'll forget about Ino's rampage..." Mumbled Shika, Asuma nodded.

"What are you guys complaining about?" Asked a voice, the trio turned and saw Kiba and Shino.

"Ino went on a major moody rampage...Does that sound right?" Said Chouji.

"Yeah! I know how you feel! Kurenai Sensei went mad this morning...." Grunted Kiba.

"Women are troublesome..." Stated Shika sighing, Asuma and Chouji gave a nod in agreement.

"Yeah, Sakura had her period today!!!" Shouted Naruto's voice, the guys turned.

"Whoa, Do I feel sorry for you..." Muttered Asuma.

"We don't talk to Ino if she has her period..." Said Chouji.

"I skip practice when she has her period, I put warning signs on my calendar..." Stated Shikamaru, showing them his pocket sized calendar, Sasuke frowned.

"I didn't even know they made barfing face stickers..." Said Sasuke in awe.

"Hey guys!" Said a voice, everyone turned and saw Jiraiya and Iruka walking into the bar.

"What are you guys talking about?" Asked Iruka, taking a seat next to Shino.

"How pissed girls get..." Said Kiba.

"I remember when Tsunade kicked my ass every time I called her a flat chested bitch when I was 12..." Said Jiraiya, Naruto glared at him.

"You still get your ass kicked you pervert hermit..." Stated Naruto.

"What about you Iruka? Any women trouble?" Asked Kakashi.

"All the rest of the female staff members can get pretty angry..." Said Iruka.

"Are we the only losers who have women trouble?!" Shouted Kiba.

"NO!!!" Said every guy in the bar, getting slaps from their girlfriends and wives.

"Tenten gets scary when she yells..." Stated Lee.

"SO? Temari kicked us out of our apartment!" Shouted Kankurou.

"Hey guys! Join the club!" Shouted Naruto. Gai, Neji, Gaara, Kankurou and Lee took a seat at the table.

"So troublesome..." Mumbled Shikamaru.


The guys eventually left the bar, still complaining about girls until a person stopped them, the guys turned around and saw a fortune teller.

"I could not help but hear your troublesome thoughts and opinions..." Said the fortune teller in a mysterious accent.

"Got that right..." Muttered Kiba.

"I might be able to help you understand women better...." Said the Fortune Teller's mysterious voice.

"Yeah? How?" Asked Lee, the fortune teller pulled out a handful of small bottles, each had a strange glowing liquid inside, the fortune teller gave each guy a bottle.

"Drink it please..." Said the fortune teller, the guys looked at each other, than shrugged, they than swallowed the liquid, at first they didn't feel anything, than they felt dizzy, they fainted on the floor.

"You will become women, and you will stay women until you understand them..." Said the fortune teller.

::The Next Day::

Naruto woke up and clutched his head, he found himself in his bedroom.

What the fuck? I feel like someone dropped a piano on my head...

Naruto walked into the bathroom and yawned he flicked on the switch and rubbed his eyes, he looked in the mirror and gave a very high pitched girly scream...

End of Chapter

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