For Seto Kaiba and his friends, it was an ordinary day at Domino High. But for one young girl, it was a day that would change her life. This is the story of Silvain Star.

Chapter 1

The New Girl

"Hey, Kaiba, I heard there's a new student coming today," Yugi Moto said to his friend Seto.

"Really? I hadn't heard," Seto said, bored.

"Class, I'd like to introduce you to our new student," the teacher said.

"Hi! I'm Silvain!" the girl said cheerily.

"Seto? Something wrong?" Yugi asked.

"Wow," Seto said, blushing, not taking his eyes off Silvain.

"Hi. Seto Kaiba, right? I'm Silvain," the brown-haired teenage girl said, walking over.

"h-hi," Seto said, blushing harder; now he was looking straight down.

Hm. He's embarrassed. He looks even better in person than on tv, Silvain thought. If I pull this off right, I could get an awesome boyfriend.

"what about us? You must've heard of me; I came in second at Duelist Kingdom," Joey Wheeler said.


"Joey Wheeler," Joey replied.

"Nope, never heard of you. But I think I recognize you," Silvain said, pointing to Yugi. "Aren't you Yugi Moto, the Duelist Kingdom Champ?"

"yep, that's me," Yugi said.

"I thought so," Silvain said. "That makes two famous duelists at this school."

"yeah and the creator and champ of Dungeon Dice Monsters went here for awhile, too. I think he moved away, but he said he might come back."

"Wow. I bet reporters swarm around this place," Silvain said.

"We haven't seen them here yet," Tristan said.

"Huh. Maybe I should get my cousin Jason up here. He's a reporter," Silvain said. "Do you want to be interviewed, Seto?"

All through the conversation, Seto had been daydreaming. When he heard his name, he snapped back to reality.

"Huh?" he said.

"I said, do you want to be interviewed? My cousin's a reporter," Silvain repeated.

"I guess," Seto replied. "I'm not out enough to be interviewed much, so…"

"Great! What about you, Yugi?" Silvain asked.

"Might as well, I mean, it can't be too bad," Yugi said.