A storm to remember

Day after tomorrow/Stargate SG-1 crossover

Chapter one: All iced up

Jack stared, slightly amused as Sam Carter happily smiled at him from the closing elevator doors.

"Have fun seeing Mark!" He yelled out as the doors came together, and the numbers began to dwindle upwards. Twiddling his thumbs, a smile planted on his face, he walked the cold SGC corridors, wondering what he should make with his week of downtime.

The snow outside was several meters thick, Minnesota was out of the equation, the lake would be frozen solid.

Sam Carter frowned as pushed her way through the throng of people at the airport. Her brother Mark had decided to take his family on a holiday to New York, and invited Sam along.. People were crying, huddled in groups, others sleeping in chairs, pale and covered in snow from outside. Her frown deepening, she made her way to the service desk and brought her ticket, stopping to ask the cashier what was wrong.

"The storm has destroyed many peoples homes, here we have a temporary shelter for the unfortunate."

Nodding, Sam made her way to the plane, sitting in a window seat as a younger man sat beside her with two of his friends. The plane took off, flying toward New York City.

Deciding to visit Daniel, Jack walked toward the archaeologists lab, stopping at the sight of a hundred SGC workers gathered around the door.

"For crying out loud!" Jack cried out as someone crushed his foot.

"Sorry sir."

Lieutenant Hailey smiled nervously, squeezing past him and disappearing. Turning back to the mystery at hand, Jack managed to push enough people aside to see the television screen on Daniel's desk, everyone watching it in silence. He stopped when he recognized the picture of New York City, covered in ice.

Heart pumping, suddenly feeling very aware of the chill in the corridors, Jack walked, and stood beside a silent Teal'c and Daniel Jackson.

"...today began, what could only be called, a cataclysmic change in the Earth as we know it. As you can see, this morning, New York City was overcome with ice and snow, the numbers of dead rising as time goes on. By noon, we, America, had lost contact with Australia, and all research posts on the south pole. People are being told to stay indoors, the storm, which has so far destroyed New Jersey and surrounding areas, is predicted only to get worse."

"What...What the hell is going on?" Jack asked, eyes roaming the tearful faces of people around him.

"New York!" Daniel cried out, "It's being destroyed by ice!"

Jack felt his heart sink. Pulling himself from his shocked gaze, he ran to the telephone, dialing Carter's mobile number with haste.

The mobile phone, sitting in Samantha Carter's hand, never rang as sat and watched in the ice grow on her brothers hotel room window.

Her phone never rang as she ran from the wall of water covering the streets.

Her phone never rang, as she waded into the only place she could get shelter.

The New York Library.

Her phone never rang as she watched the three friends, who had sat beside her the plane, take control of the situation.

Her phone never rang.