Authors notes: Okay here it is. My Inuyasha-Evil Dead-Onimusha cross over, of which I have come to call the best fanfic ever. For those of you who have never heard of Evil Dead or Onimusha don't worry I will recap the movies (Evil Dead) and the games (Onimusha and Evil Dead). Disclaimer: I don't own Evil Dead, Inuyasha or Onimush, so please don't sue me. Enjoy the story and please review. One minor note, this story is up in the Inuyasha section too as "WAR OF THE DEAD."

(Evil Dead recap) In 1983 Prof. Raymond Knobby unearthed an ancient Sumerian text; The "Necronomicon Exmortis" roughly translated The "Book of the Dead." Knobby took the Book home to United States and took it to his cabin in the woods outside Dearborn Michigan. There he accidentally opened a door way into another world and released Ancient Kandarian Demons, the Deadites. They killed Knobby and his wife. Soon after Ashley J. Williams, "Ash," took his girl friend up to the Knobby cabin, which he thought was abandoned. He accidentally awoke the demons. One possessed his girlfriend forcing him to kill her and dismember her corps to keep her from reviving. Then it came for him. It took control of his hand but he cut his hand off with a chainsaw before it could spread. Ash then recited a passage from the Neconomicon that would open a rift in time and space that would dispel the demons. And it worked to well. Ash was pulled in with them. Ash then found himself in 1300s England where he teamed up with King Arthur. And was sent to retrieve the Necronomicon from an unholy cemetery. But when he took the book from the cemetery he misspoke the magic words he was told to recite, there by awaking the army of the dead. After a fierce battle between the deadites and king Arthur's army, the deadites were defeated. Ash was sent back to his own time by the wizard and returned to Dearborn. In 20 years later the Dearborn T.V. station accidentally played a recording that was made by professor Knobby, it was the recording of the spell that released the deadites into the woods. The portal was reopened and the deadites invaded Dearborn. After having to kill his favorite bartender Ash made his way to the T.V. station and teamed up with prof. Eldrige and a TV show host named Trisha. They discovered that the demons could be controlled using an artifact called the Kandarian summoning stone. The found the stone in the local museum. However Prof. Eldrige had other plans he went back in time to take control the world with the help of the deadites. Ash followed Eldirge through several historic events. But Ash eventually caught up with Eldrige and killed him. Ash then returned to a post apocalyptic Dearborn. After fighting through an entire army of deadites single handedly he found out that Trisha had taken control of the deadites as well. He was forced to destroy her, by feeding her dynamite.

Chapter 1. (This picks up in the ending video of the Game EVIL DEAD)

Ash stood feeling very self-satisfied after telling the whole story to his host. "So anyway Trisha blew up and the rest is history," he said. "I retrieved the Kandarian summoning stone and recited the incantation that would send me back to my own time. The trouble is I sort of messed up the words, well it wouldn't be the first time. So I guess the stone and me will be running along back to Dearborn now. That's what east of here right?" he asked.

The confused Japanese noble looked at him utterly confused and dismayed. "What the hell is he saying?" the noble asked his assistant in Japanese.

Also speaking Japanese the assistant said, "I don't know but he hasn't shut up in three hours."

The noble then turned his attention to the stone he held in his hands. "This stone has amazing power perhaps we could use it to fight the nobles in Kyoto," said the noble still in Japanese (when ever the noble or his assistants talk its in Japanese).

"Yes master but what about this one," said the assistant motioning to Ash.

"So then the squirrel says hey you do what you want with your nuts pal but I'm eating mine," said Ash to the two samurai guarding him, in attempt to lighten the mood but failed miserably.

"I grow tiresome of the noise he makes feed him to the lions I wish to listen to him scream while I drink my tea," he said and gave Ash a wicked smile.

Ash smiled back but was growing suspicious. "What's he saying?" he asked the samurai to his right with no response.

"His suffering will be legendary may it last forever," said the noble's assistant. "Guards," he said. The samurai knew exactly what he meant and grabbed hold of Ash's arms.

This appalled Ash. "Hey crouching Tiger hidden Jackass take it easy," he said and shoved them aside. Before he could say anything else the door of the Castle chamber they were in flew open from behind them. A strange figure swooped passed Ash and the samurai guarding him and into one of the samurai guarding the noble. The samurai screamed. 'Not this again.' Ash thought to himself. He knew what was going on.

The noble stood in shock as he watched one of his own warriors strangle his assistant to death. "I'll swallow your soul!" said the possessed samurai.

Even though Ash didn't understand the language he knew all to well what that meant. He quickly knocked out the two samurai and took a sword from one of them. Him and the deadite samurai made eye contact. The deadite sneered at him. At this Ash only smirked and said, "Come get some." The deadite charged him. Ash quickly jumped to the side and slashed the deadites head oft as it came by. Ash had expected more from a samurai but then it wasn't the samurai anymore it was the deadite, just because it had the body didn't mean it had the abilities. Ash looked at his samurai sword with admiration. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship he said with a smirk. Ash knew it was time to leave. Where there is one deadite there is bound to be another and another and another. He ran passed the petrified noble and grabbed his sawed off double barrel shotgun and his chainsaw of which he would attach to his right arm in place of his hand. He had fifty shotgun rounds left in his pack, ten sticks of dynamite, five Molotov cocktails, and a pistol with twenty rounds. He also had his S-mart ID badge in the top pocket of his torn denim shirt.

He heard screams coming from outside the castle. It was time for him and the boom stick, his nickname for his shotgun, to spend some quality time. He pushed the door open to see just how bad the situation was. I was bad. He looked down from the long staircase and saw people running around in dismay being attacked by deadites, hundreds of them. Ash had seen way to many innocent people die just to let even more of them die. He had no idea where he was but he had to help these people or else they would be live meat. Ash headed down the stairway at a dead run. At the foot of the steps he saw a woman and a small child, probably her son, were about to be devoured by a deadite with half his face missing. "Hey ugly, I got something that will clear that right up," he shouted at the demon. It turned around only to have what was left of its face sliced in half. Just then five deadites dressed in ninja clothing charged at Ash. He placed his extended chainsaw arm behind his back waiting for just the right moment then spun himself around three times. As each demon came within range of the spinning death coil, they were splattered into several bloody pieces. Ash smiled at his work. "I love my chainsaw. Garneted to break the ice of a relation ship. The women and children being attacked ran quickly to safety while Ash continued to fight of the deadites with his chainsaw-arm.

Ash continued to run down the street towards the end of town that led to the woods. A deadite charged him from the front. "Hey nice face let me fix it for you," he said as he flipped out his shotgun and fired a round right into its face completely obliterating its skull. He had just reached the wood's edge when he looked back down the road behind him. There were at last a hundred of them he knew this wasn't the job for hand-to-hand combat. Ash reached into his pack and felt around for something, anything that kills mass numbers. His hand felt a glass bottle he found it. He pulled out the glass bottle filled with alcohol, lit the fuse and threw it as hard as he could. It hit the front of the column of deadites. The first thirty of them burst into a blazing inferno like a blast furnace producing living burning swords. More and more kept coming. Ash continued to incinerate the column of deadites, dozens at a time. Their agonizing screams were a crescendo of agony and pleasure. He reached back and realized that he was out of cocktails, however there were only ten deadites left and he had twenty-nine shotgun shells left, 'time for target practice,' he thought to himself. The deadites paused when they were ten feet away from him. He motioned them forward with his head, "lets go!" he grunted. The deadites charged.

Samonoske was not impressed he had come to this city to rest and regain his strength for the bitter battle that he would soon take part in against Nobunaga and the Genma, demons summoned by the warlord to take over Japan. When he heard screams coming from outside the window of his room at the inn. He looked out to see people running and screaming. He than noticed that they were being chased and attacked by these bizarre looking creatures, they looked like humans only deformed. Samonoske knew they couldn't be the Genma because they were not entirely skeletal, but whoever they were they had to be stopped he quickly put on his armor, pulled out his sword. It wasn't a magic blade like some of the others he had owned but it was his favorite weapon it was fast agile and lethal. He ran out of the in and slashed two of these creatures in half in as many seconds. Red blood splattered all over his armor. His armor was originally read but he thought it was sickening to be covered with another creature's blood, he didn't even know what these creatures were. He noticed two demonic souls leaving the bodies of their dismembered hosts just as the Genma did. Samonoske quickly activated the Gauntlet on his right hand and absorbed the demon souls they both flew into it much faster then the Genma though. He turned and noticed a large wave of demons coming towards him. Samonoske knew his sword wasn't powerful enough to take them all. He quickly summoned the only magic blade he still had. The Shippu appeared in his hands. The Shippu is the name of his double-bladed naginta with the power of the wind, a naginta is a long weapon that looks like a spear but a spear has a pointed blade at the tip a naginta has an edged blade at the tip. Samonoske readied himself for the attack he was about to perform. He waited until they were ten feet away then leaped into the air and began spinning with the Shippu rotating with him like a deadly propeller. He spun until he became a deadly slashing tornado obliterating anything it touched. All the demons could do was stare in horror as they were engulfed and torn to pieces.

Once he managed to dose the whirlwind he absorbed the demon souls with his gauntlet. Samonoske decided it best to head for the woods, he knew more would be coming and he didn't stand a chance. It defied his every instanced as a samurai but he knew it was the only way. On his way he heard a strange banging sound and went to investigate, fortunately following the noise took him to the woods edge but he noticed a man. He was a strange looking man, wearing torn clothing and was using a strange weapon with which he appeared to be destroying these demons with by only pointing it at them all of while he was shouting strange words, mocks from the sound of them. The look on his face was that of a samurai when told that he is to enter a massive battle against tremendous odds, gung-ho, thrilled, and excited. He had defeated the last of the demons and looked very pleased with himself. Suddenly two more demons ran up be hind him and knocked him to the ground. They were about to pounce on him and devour him. Samonoske quickly raised the Shippu, ran towards them and with two mighty slashes he split both demons in half. He then turned to study his new companion.

Ash was still in a daze from the blow to the back of the head he had just taken. He thought they finally had him but then this samurai guy showed up and turned everything upside-down. He knew this guy was definitely a samurai; the armor and sword had clued him in. He stood up and greeted the warrior. "How are you doing their soldier? Having a regular free-day are we?" he asked but was only answered by a confused stare. The samurai looked as if he were thinking for a moment and then touched this weird glove thing on his right hand. It began to glove and the light engulfed the samurai and him for a few seconds then disappeared. "Hey what was that all about buddy?" asked Ash.

"Don't worry was not an attack," said the samurai.

"Oh that's good now... wait a minute I can understand you now. You can understand me?" said Ash.

"Yes, its because of my gauntlet. I am using the power of the Oni clan to translate both our languages and anyone else we may encounter.

"Cool, so who exactly are you? Judging by the armor your either a samurai or a big fan of Tom Cruise," said Ash.

"I am Samonoske Akiehe. I am a samurai of the Oni clan. I have been sent by my uncle to defeat Nobunaga and the demonic forces of the Genma," said Samonoske.

"Well hello mister fancy pants," said Ash. "Let me tell you something hear as long as these things are around you ain't leading but two things, Jack and shit, and Jack left town when these deadites arrived," said Ash.

"Deadites? Is that what these foul creatures are called?" asked Samonoske.

"Bingo baby, and judging by the vortexes there's plenty more where they came from," said Ash motioning to the spiraling portals whirling out of the sky and down upon the city.

"I see. But who are you anyway? Are you a foreigner?" asked Samonoske.

"Most likely unless this is some kind of crazy medieval fair in Michigan," said Ash.

"Michigan? Is that your native country?" asked Samonoske.

"Okay lets not get into this just yet, right now we have to find a safe place to hid and fast or else we're dead meat. No in fact make that live meat," said Ash.

"They say the people of the mountains are skilled at warding off demons. Perhaps we should take refuge amongst them for now," said Samonoske

"Well it sounds a lot better than here, lets go," said Ash.

"Right follow me," said Samonoske.

Ash had no clue of what to make of this. He knew he was probably off on another whistle stop history tour. But one thing was for sure he had to find someplace safe then find out exactly where he was and when he was.

Samonoske was also totally confused. He didn't quite no what to make of his foreign friend, but he appeared to be a man of good nature and strong will. All he could do now was get them both to safety and find out as much as he could about his new companion.

A man wearing a black cloak walked through the castle. Splattered and dismembered bodies littered the floor, bodies of the demons and defenders of the castle alike. He walked into the main chamber where the noble would receive his council. The room was filled with at least fifty of these demons, all of them thirsty for blood but as this cloaked man approached they all backed down and crouched like warriors before they're master. He stopped and looked down upon the table where sat a strange stone that was filled with demonic energy he placed his hands upon it as if it were the most beautiful thing in the world. Suddenly the massive door behind them opened and another force of demons came through. They were not like these demons; they were dressed in samurai and ninja clothing. All of them were skeletal figures and some even had up to four legs. Although they seemed hostile they didn't attack. The demons that surrounded the cloaked man seemed uneasy but not entirely hostile towards the new arrivals, they knew they both came from the same origin. Then the skeletal demons parted and they're master came through the doorway. He wore the clothing of an emperor but his face was the twisted form of a demon influence.

"You are the one they call Naraku are you not?" asked the imperial figure.

"I am," said the cloaked man.

"Then you know what that stone is capable of," stated the emperor.

"What dose it mean to you?" asked Naraku.

"Another ally. Should our forces combine with the power of that stone we would be unstoppable. Not only could we complete the shikkon jewel," he said referring to the glowing item in Naraku's cloak. "But then conquer this country and one day the world."

"Your proposal is tempting I will admit," stated Naraku.

"I will grant you anything you wish," said the emperor.

"What is your name nobleman?" asked Naraku.

"I Oda Nobunaga, the rightful ruler of Japan," said the emperor.

"Very well then but you must first help me with me current goal," said Naraku.

"And what would that be?" asked Nobunaga.

"Help me Destroy the half-breed Inuyasha," said Naraku.