Xeuber village was a peaceful place that had been lucky enough to be saved from the "miasma", a village that was located at the edge of a continent. It happened suddenly, that the strange substance known as miasma plagued the air of the world. Acting as a sort of radiation, it drained those caught within it of their life force, and killed them. However, certain crystals then appeared which cancelled the effects of the miasma within a certain radius. The bigger the crystal, the larger the radius, thus why villages, towns and cities were built around the largest of the crystals and everyone was able to live safely, though they depended on the crystals for survival.

Unfortunately, the crystals gradually lost this power. Every year, they had to be purified and regenerated by a substance called "myrrh." This myrrh could only be collected from trees called "myrrh trees." These trees were very rare, and only produced a single drop of myrrh every two years. This made it hard for the beings that lived within the world to survive unless a balanced was reached. This lead to the creation of "crystal caravans."

Crystal caravans consisted of selected travelers from every village or town in the world. They set out from their homes with a single caravan, two steeds, and whoever accompanied them to find the myrrh trees. This tradition would happen every year, for if it did not, the survival of the world would slowly become a problem. Every town would die off if ever there were a problem within the balance. For many years it worked, but to some, the gathering of myrrh became a competition for survival. People believed that gradually, the balance would shift to one side. But no one could be sure.

This is the story of one caravan, lead by an unlikely group.