I Remember Ami: A Collection
Story One: With My Dying Breath (Revised)

By: Callisto Callispi
Rating: G
Publish Date: February 13, 2001

Author's Note: From now on, this will be my collection for all of my Ami/Zoisite one-shot fictions. :) I hope that you will enjoy reading my pieces as I have writing them. Also, keep in mind that Sailor Moon doesn't belong to me, never have and never will.


As I plummet down to the ground, flashes of my past life flicker through my mind. With a bone-craking thump, I land on the rocky bottom. The sharp rocks rip through my skin, crushing my muscles.

Oh, my sweet Ami, fate is so cruel, for when I am about to die, I suddenly break free of that witch, Beyrl's, spell after an entrapment of over a thousand years. Those years have been hell, but remembering our beautiful and precious love before I die instead of hateful memeories that Beyrl has planted in me is well worth all the pain and torture.

Yes, it's all coming back to me now. Even though in little portions at a time, I can almost feel the strong bond that had once tied us together, tugging at my weary soul.

Now, as I lay on the rocky surface, I close my eyes and silently wait for death. But that doesn't prevent me from remembering all the joyous times we had once spent together long time ago: laughing together; our secret picnics out by the sea when you and I would love each other; me playing with your hair while you peacefully slept on my chest; me kissing your delicate forehead right before my last battle with Beyrl.

But what hurts me, Ami, is that in your eyes I had been a monster. A traitor. I now realize that I have hurt Endymion very much by betraying his trust and joining Metallia's forces. But the thing that pains me most, the thing that is slowly ripping my heart and soul to shreds as I think about it is that I have betrayed your love. OUR love. I have betrayed you. You, Ami, my beloved.

I would give up anything, even my soul, to spend a couple of moments with you, caressing your lovely blue hair; touching your face, lips, and eyes; kissing you, your cheeks, your lips, your lovely neck. You don't know how much I yearn for those few moments. But I now know that will never happen. Not in this world.

I hope that, maybe, someday, even if it takes centuries, that you will remember my love for you, my undying passion for you. We have both lived to see each other for another time, even though as enemies, after your death and mine thousands of years ago. Even death has not kept us apart. Ami, I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Try to remember that you are my only real treasure and the reason that I have lived all these years to finally die peacefully after long days of emptiness. Because of you, my heart is not hollow and instead, is filled with loving memoirs so I can die a happy man, realizing that I had once loved and cherished.

Please forgive me Ami, the jewel of my heart, for my unruly sins that have stabbed your heart and pained you in the most inhuman way, for I will wait patiently until the day that you will join me in death and live the rest of eternity together, happy and peacefully.

I reopen my eyes to try to catch a glimpse of you before I go. Nothing. A solitary tear makes its way down my cheek. As I feel death slowly creeping upon me, I try to regain and gather some of my left over strength to say my last words.

I slowly close my eyes and whisper, with my dying breath, "I love you Ami."

That did it. I had used up what little energy I had left to whisper those few little words. Though uttering those words might seem easy to other people, to me, whispering those few words felt like the greatest achievement in my life. I have made my last vow. I had promised you my undying love those many years ago on the moon. I intend to keep it as that. I only wish you could have heard it.

But know that I will wait for you Ami. And we WILL spend eternity together in perfect harmony. I finally leave Earth with one last thought:

Forever, my love...