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Chapter 12:

Harry trudged up the stairs into the Room of Requirement. He needed some time to think about what Hagrid had said...

He was a teenager, sure. But he needed someone to guide him through the courses of life. Like ... a father, except his own one was, well, dead. He snorted at his corny thoughts – come on, no-one's going to understand him, after all, isn't he the dude that defeated Lord Voldemort - the 'Chosen' One.He looked around the room for something to relieve him suddenly a mini pensive appeared in the corner of the room. The walked over to it and looked into it. The water and air-like substance was circling slowly inside.

Ahh pensives and their I-know-everything attitude, thought Harry, thoroughly annoyed that he didn't know how to put his thoughts into the pensive. He grumbled and then raised his wand, focusing on Ginny and then touched his head and then let his feelings flow. In an amount of seconds a silvery substance was on his wand, in a way telling him to put it into the pensive. And he did. The silvery substance flowed gracefully into the pensive and swirled around until Ginny face appeared on the top then it swirled again to a light pink silverfish mixture.

Harry reached out to touch it … curious of what his own thoughts would be like from the outside. His fingers met the pinkish substance and a pulling sensation around him made sure he knew he was going in.

Hermione went off to find Malfoy … she knew that she should know better but curiosity … let's just say it was too tempting.

Why though? Why would she want to go to Malfoy to check if he's actually in love with her or not? Hermione shook her head... strange, strange thoughts that come into your head at a tender age of 17. She then stopped and realised that it was Saturday and Malfoy could be anywhere in this big strange place called Hogwarts. Hermione snorted at her bad sense of humour, sooner or later she might turn into Trelawny – she shuddered at the thought.

After a few twists and a look at Harry's map that was strangely on his bed, opened, she found Malfoy sitting at the edge of the Forbidden Forest reading Hogwarts – A History. She walked over him and tried to find a good line – and horribly failed.


"Okay Ron, you know you can do it, deep breaths, in... and out... it's just a girl... " Ron muttered to himself. It wasn't everyday you walk up to your crush (forbidden) and go 'Hey darling! How's it going!'. Damn hormones making him fall for her, how did he know it was real love or just an infatuation? Merlin he even knew her habits and where will she be at this time of the day... the astronomy tower.

Ron thought back to the time when he first noticed her as someone decent instead of 'pug-faced Parkinslut'. It all started in a Potions lesson late last year (yes everything starts at a Potions lesson) when he was paired up with Pansy for an assignment. Yes, Snape being the 'evil one' chose that Harry got paired up with Malfoy, Hermione got paired up with Blaise Zabini and he got paired up with 'Parkinslut'.


"It's nearly the end of the year and so you are partnered with someone with somewhat the same intelligence as you, I want the first person I read out to go to the table of the second person I read out," Snape's thin lips curved up slightly seeing the crestfallen faces on the Gryffindor's faces, paused and then walked to his desk and reached out for a list of the pairings.

"Potter … Malfoy," his sticky voice sounded through the silent dungeon. Harry groaned and muttered something about 'Dementors' and 'strapping Snape up for a kiss' and took his bag and books next to Malfoy. Both sent daggers to each other.

"Granger … Zabini," Hermione was expressionless and patted Ron's back as she walked towards Zabini… he was the nicest Slytherin that existed.

He knew that he would be next to be called out. He just hoped that he wouldn't be paired out with Crabbe or Goyle – he could just see the expression on Fred and Georges face.

"Weasley … Parkinson," Immediately there were screeches across the room by Pansy on how she would not work with a loser/weasel. She stood up and openly swore at Ron and Snape. Snape ignored her and continued with the list. Ron, being 'more mature' as Hermione put it, trudged over next to Pansy, who was still calling Snape names, rolled his eyes and laid his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her seat, then silenciod her.

Ron, happy with his accomplishment grinned gleefully at Snape as his expression looked as if he sucked a lemon. Parkinson glared at him as he immobilised her when Snape turned his back and opened her book to the right page. Ron lifted her hand and placed a quill in her hand and set it over the textbook for notes. Pansy pouted and furrowed her eyebrows at Ron as he de-immobilise her and ran off to get the ingredients.

Ron's hands tinged in a weird sensation as he left to get the ingredients, Pansy somehow has an effect on him – making him softer and happier.

That was the start of his infatuation for Pansy.

,.-'(End of Flashback)'-.,

Pansy and Ron got along fine after that lesson; telling each other jokes and making Snape seem more yellow than ever. He knew that Hermione knew about it, Harry seems just a bit preoccupied at times. What Ron felt for Pansy went onto, acquaintances to friends and friends to; well… he's going to find out today.

Pansy was leaning on the balcony picking a sunflower muttering 'he loves me, he loves me not'. Ron crept over and tapped her shoulder causing her to turn around. Both blushed – well for Ron, it's his ears. Ron glanced at her hands and they were redder than ever. A grin came over his face as she stood up.

"What?" She said, her voice quivering a bit when she saw him draw his wand.

"This," Ron said softy and conjured a perfect red rose and handed it to Pansy. A small smile crept over her face as she looked up at him and hugged him.

"I think, I'm in love with you Pansy," said Ron nervously patting Pansy.

"Well, I'm sure I love you Ron," Said Pansy.

From then on, Prince Ron and Princess Pansy were labelled as a 'couple'

"Yes Granger? Come to beg for another kiss, I know I'm very good, my past flings told me so," said Malfoy arrogantly.

Hermione was lost for words when she saw his hands.

Blood red.


Oh no.

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