Title: Love On A Rotten Day


Me no own. You no sue.


Riku is new in town and wants to fit in. He meets the popular group and for initiation, they tell him he has to sleep with Sora and get it on tape so they can show it around school. Riku agrees to seduce the innocent brunet, not expecting the whirlwind romance that comes with it.

Pairings: Riku/Sora, Leon/Cloud

Author's Note:
I got this idea from… Somewhere in my mind. There are a couple of people I probably should thank, but I'm too lazy to do it. Also, don't you just love the country I just recently became a citizen of? Give it up for the US of A!

Alternate Universe. Romance. Humor. Boys making out. Also, when the time comes, let your dirty minds wander because the lemon is no longer available.

Okay, really none since technically this is AU and you guys HAD to have played the game to know who these people are. Unless, like me, you never finished the game but are writing fanfics anyway...

Would be nice. I'll give you a cookie.

Hell Hole. I mean, high school.

Date Begun:
October 10, 2004

Date Posted:
October 10, 2004

Date Edited:
December 16, 2007

Chapter 1:
In Which A Challenge Is Given

It was a dark and stormy night and Riku Masaki was absolutely miserable. He hated rain. It always seemed to fall at the most inappropriate times, like when he was outside in skin tight clothes or when something in his life was going horribly, irrevocably wrong.

Today was no different. Riku peered out the window of his mother's little black Acura to see that it was, indeed, raining as they drove over the bridge separating his hometown of Destiny Isles from Radiant Garden. The move had been entirely his Mom's idea and she was eager to start a new life. Riku, on the other hand, was not. He wanted to go back home and do what he was good at: be better at everybody else.

But, nooo, his mother just had to get a job transfer and move him out to the city. Riku was sure this wouldn't be happening if his deadbeat father hadn't taken off for parts unknown three years ago, an equally dark an stormy night. His Dad had pretty much fallen off the face of the earth after that—no divorce papers or alimony papers were forth coming. He'd never find them now…

Riku's eyes narrowed as he saw a figure in the distance. Someone was out in this kind of weather? The streets were practically empty since everyone with sense was either in a car or in their homes, so who was the freak that was… was… dancing?

Of course,
Riku thought with a smirk. Some stupid kid was out dancing in the raining. What was this, an old movie re-run? If he rolled down his window, would he hear them singing a cheerful song about how wonderful it was to contract pneumonia by singing in the rain without an umbrella or a raincoat? Was this entire town insane?

As though embarrassed (or psychic), the figure stopped dancing as the car drove passed. A flash of lightning illuminated a pair of captivating blue eyes before the lightning was gone, the car had passed, and the person resumed their dance.

Riku slumped down in his seat again, oddly unsettled. He caught his mother's eye through the rearview mirror and tried not to groan. Here it comes…

"Now, Riku, honey," said Ayumi Masaki with a note of concern. Riku knew better, though. He could hear the evil in her voice, the words that went unsaid. "I know you're not happy about this move, but—"

"It's fine," he said flatly. By which he really meant, I will get you for this.

"Oh, but honey…" she continued, by which she really meant, You can't do a thing. Surrender now, puny child, for I am all powerful.

"It's alright, Mom." You just wait until mother's day, bitch.

"If you say so…" Bring it on.

Riku rolled his eyes and stared resolutely out the window again, wondering how long it'd take them to get to this new house. He started school on Monday and he wasn't looking forward to it. On Destiny Islands, he'd dominated the student body, his exotic looks and charming personality endearing him to upper- and underclassmen alike. Who knew if he'd enjoy those same privileges here? He wasn't sure he could handle fading away into the mainstream. Being The New Kid would give him a certain level of popularity, but how long would it be before he was forgotten? How long before the fickle crowd abandoned him just like his father had?

Absolutely not. He wouldn't stand for it.

Riku swore to himself then and there that he would make a name for himself at his new school. No matter what it took, he would come out on top. Somehow.

"Achoo!" Sora winkled his little pink nose, groaning from the growing fuzziness in his head. Man, he hated being sick. He closed his locker door, meeting the concerned face of his best friend, Kairi. He immediately looked sheepish. "Uh… hey."

"Sora, you bum! You were out in the rain again, weren't you?" Kairi asked, pressing her forehead against his to check for a fever. Sora shifted uncomfortably and pulled away with a nervous laugh. He thought of denying it, but another sneeze more or less sealed his fate. Kairi raised an eyebrow at him.

"Heh, heh, yeah… I couldn't help it! You know how much I love the rain!"

"Haven't you ever heard of a raincoat? Or an umbrella? Geez, Sora!" Kairi lectured him the entire way down the hallway to their first class, then shook her head and sighed. Just when Sora thought he was in the clear, her eyes lit up with excitement. "Oh! Did you hear about the new student?"

"New student?"

"Yeah, a guy. A really hot guy. Silky silver hair, intense green eyes, a sexy smirk, and a body to die for!" Kairi swooned. Sora thought she sounded much like the narrator in a romance novel. "Oh, I just want to eat him up!"

"Eww, Kairi. Please keep your sick fantasies to yourself!"

Kairi punched him in the arm. "Hilarious. Seriously, you should do stand up."

The two entered their math class, taking their seats by the window. Kairi, ever the overachiever, immediately began to take out her books while Sora, ever the underachiever, leaned back in his seat and stared at the ceiling.

They hadn't had a new student in awhile, not since Cloud Strife had come just last year. Sora had tried to make friends with Cloud, but the popular kids had assimilated him within the day and Cloud hadn't looked twice at him since. It was no great loss—Cloud was about as cheerful as fresh road kill and smiled about as often—but Sora couldn't help but wonder if it was worth seeking this new kid out or if he was a high school social climber as well.

He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice when someone sauntered into the classroom until their teacher, Cid Highwind, announced, "Hey, class, we've got ourselves a new student. State your name and business, pal."

Kairi looked up and Sora stopped goofing off long enough to listen to this. As soon as his eyes landed on the silver-haired boy in the front of the room, they widened. Those were the same green eyes that he'd seen peering out of the car last night, before the lightning had obscured his vision and the car had passed him by.

As if that wasn't enough of a shock, Kairi had been right. He did have silky silver hair, intense green eyes, a sexy smirk, and a body to die for. It took all Sora had not to start drooling—at least, he hoped he wasn't drooling.

"I'm Riku Masaki," the boy was saying when Sora stopped eye-raping him long enough to listen. "I'm sixteen years old and just moved here from the islands. That's pretty much it."

"Don't got any interests you wanna share with us?" Cid prompted.

"I didn't have much time to cultivate a life before I got here—unless professional space occupier counts as an interest?"

The class laughed and Riku's smirk widened. Kairi was laughing especially loud, deliberately drawing Riku's attention over to them, and Sora was forced to stare out the window and toy with his pencil to avoid those eyes.

What if Riku recognized him and mentioned his little habit to the class? Sora gave up on trying to make friends with him. Riku was cool, exactly the kind of guy the popular jerks would snatch up like the last cookie at a four year old's birthday party. Riku probably hadn't seen him last night anyway.

Cid snorted. "Whatever you say, kid. Take a seat right back there next to Leon and we'll get started. Leon, raise your hand."

Well, that just confirmed it. Riku was a lost cause. Sora felt a powerful wave of disappointment and wondered why until Riku passed him, his hand brushing Sora's in the lightest of accidental touches, and Sora's cheeks flamed. God, he was easy.

He glanced over at Kairi, who raised her eyebrows as if to say, Told you so.

Sora could do nothing more than nod.

Leon was about as friendly as fresh road kill and he smiled about as often. However, he was wearing leather pants with buckles and more belts than was really necessary, plus a white shirt under a leather jacket, which made him look like the only scholar in a gang of motorcycle-loving high school dropouts.

Riku had enough sense not to say much other than, "Hi," and "Can I look on with you?" Leon also looked like he wasn't a fan of unnecessary conversation.

It wasn't until about half-way through class, when Mr. Highwind had gone to get something from the teacher's lounge, that Leon finally spoke to him.

"Got plans for lunch?"

Riku thought the answer to that was more than a little obvious since this was his first class and Leon was the first person he'd spoken to, but he simply said, "Nope."

"Sit with us."

"Who's 'us'?"

"Cloud, Selphie, Yuffie, Wakka, and Tidus. My friends," Leon said as though it should be obvious. "If they like you, maybe you'll have yourself a permanent seat."

Riku nodded and didn't ask anymore questions. They lapsed into a semi-awkward silence during which Riku glanced around the classroom until his eyes found the redhead who'd laughed like a hyena at his little joke. He hid a smirk. He'd only been up there for two minutes and he'd already garnered an admirer. He was doing better than he had on the Islands.

Next to her, the spiky-haired brunet who'd looked away from him was listening intently to something the redhead was saying with a small smile on his face. He was kind of cute, but he and the redhead were probably a couple or something and he'd probably be pissed when he realized that his girlfriend wanted in Riku's pants.

It had happened.

"Where'd you say you come from again?" asked Leon, almost making Riku jump. It took him a moment to register and then answer the question. "I was born and raised here, so if you need a guide around town…"

"I'm good, thanks," Riku said, digging through his bag for a moment before he found his map. He unfolded it on his desk and showed it to Leon. All the clubs, good restaurants, arcades, and malls were circled. "I hit all these places over the weekend to make sure I wouldn't get lost."

Leon, almost despite himself, seemed impressed. "I'd suggest you put that away. It makes you look like a loser."

Riku grinned at the pause that preceded the insult and put his map back in his bag. Cid returned, putting an end to all conversations, but the silences between him and Leon weren't awkward after that.

Riku was more than a little nervous as he made his way across the lunchroom, tray in hand. Leon and his friends were sitting at the table by the window, chatting animatedly to one another. He'd been a little late to lunch because his history teacher had decided to give him a general knowledge test to make sure he was in the right class. It had been such a waste of time and Riku officially hated her because of it. Arriving late when going to sit with a crowd of people for the first time was almost as bad as arriving early and twice as awkward.

Predictably, all conversation stopped when he nodded to Leon and took a seat. He kept his face carefully blank as he put ketchup on his fries, waiting for them to make the first move.

"Do… we know you?" the dark-haired girl asked, looking around the table in confusion.

He shrugged. "I'm new. My name's Riku."

"Hi there! I'm Selphie and this is my boyfriend Tidus!" said the other, bouncier brunette, clinging to the dirty-blond boy's arm. "And this is Yuffie and Cloud and Leon and Wakka!"

Tidus blushed and looked over at Leon while discreetly trying to pry Selphie off his arm. "Is he yours?"

"He's cool. Not exactly our kind yet, but cool," Leon's voice was quiet, but everybody somehow heard it anyway.

Riku popped a fry in his mouth, chewed it slowly, then swallowed before he attempted to speak. "So, what does a guy have to do to join your group?"

The other blond boy, Cloud, stopped staring at Leon long enough to answer the question. "We give you a task and you do it. After that, you're in."

"What's the task?"

"Hmm…" the tanned, redheaded boy called Wakka looked around the cafeteria, deep in thought. Suddenly, he smirked. "I got an idea, ya."

He whispered something into Yuffie's ear. She smirked, then spoke softly to Selphie, who giggled and told Tidus, who passed the message on to Cloud with a smirk that seemed far more malicious than the others', and Cloud told Leon. It was just like dominos.

"Okay, kid, here's your job," Leon said after a moment. "There's a boy."

"A… boy?" Riku echoed, losing a bit of his confidence. How had they known he wasn't straight? Or were they just assuming things because he was, after all, prettier than any girl at the table.

"Calm down, kid. I'm not straight and neither is Cloud and Tidus is bisexual. But that's not the point. There's a boy. His name's Sora Harada."

Riku blinked. He didn't remember meeting anybody named 'Sora' all day.

"He's the spiky-haired brunet who was sitting next to the laughing girl in math class." Leon clarified.


"So, Sora. We don't too much like him. Tidus asked him out once and he turned him down, even though the whole school knows he's gay and Tidus is, well, Tidus."


"What we want you to do is… get him to sleep with you," Leon glanced at the others briefly before continuing. "Then get it all on tape so we can show it around the school and take him down once and for all."

Riku's eyes widened. That sounded cruel and, if not illegal, morally reprehensible. Riku himself had no problem being seen naked on tape by tons of people because, hey, he looked pretty damn good naked, but still… they weren't considering Sora's feelings at all. Plus…

"Is he a virgin?"

"Who cares?" Cloud snapped. "Are you going to do it or not? If not, then get up and get lost, newbie."

Riku flinched. There was no way he was going to turn back now. He'd made a promise to himself, hadn't he? If this was what he had to do to get in with the popular crowd, then he would do it.

"I'll have Sora in bed within the month!" he announced arrogantly, finishing his soda and smashing the can in his hand. Selphie clapped and cheered while everyone else looked unimpressed. Riku winked at her, then stood, searching for the cafeteria for his prey. Sora was sitting by the door, talking to the redhead girl again and waving his arms wildly.

Riku smirked. Operation: Sora began at dawn. He had a few stops to make first.